Hoax Museum Blog Posts: May 2005

Finger in Frozen Custard — In the wake of the Wendy's Finger Chili, we now have reports of a finger found in a pint of Kohl's Frozen Custard. But this incident appears to be real. The store that sold the custard admits it had an employee who lost a finger. That's the problem with hoaxes. You hear enough of them and you start to think everything is fake. Now this poor guy who found a finger in his custard has to convince everyone that he didn't make it up. (thanks to Heidi for the link).
Posted: Tue May 03, 2005.   Comments (8)

Cochran’s Tombstone — This photo of Johnnie Cochran's tombstone has been making the rounds: One big clue that it's fake is that it misspells Cochran's first name. Another clue that it's fake is that it's obviously a joke. But here's a photo taken by the Mars Spirit lander that I swear is absolutely real. No joke:
Posted: Tue May 03, 2005.   Comments (8)

Battery Charger — Here's a cool idea for a battery charger. What makes it great is that it's totally portable! Finally a cord-free charger.
Posted: Tue May 03, 2005.   Comments (10)

Photos of the Museum of Hoaxes — Some of you have asked about the images of the Museum that appeared in the piece on CNN. They were created by Eric Schucard of Carlsbad, CA about a month ago (he was hoping I could get USA Today to run them, but no such luck). I've uploaded them so everyone can check them out. At some point (when I'm done with the book) I'll redesign my 'About the Museum' page to incorporate them.
Posted: Tue May 03, 2005.   Comments (5)

Paula Zahn Tonight — If you watch the Paula Zahn Show on CNN tonight (monday, May 2) you'll see an interesting guest: Me! They wanted someone who could blab on about hoaxes for a couple of minutes, so I fit the part. I didn't get to speak to Paula herself. In fact, I was actually looking at the wall during the entire interview while speaking to a reporter on speakerphone. It airs 8-9pm Eastern time, and 5-6pm Pacific. I think they're going to have a segment about 2 minutes long in which they're interviewing me.
Posted: Mon May 02, 2005.   Comments (30)

Medieval Beer Test — The British Association for the Advancement of Science describes a test that medieval brewers supposedly used to measure how much alcohol was in beer: To test a fermentation mixture in a brewery, pour onto a wooden seat. Sit in this puddle wearing leather breeches, while drinking more beer. Try to stand up. If breeches stick to seat, the beer will be strong. This method was used by 13th century Ale Conners, mediaeval Customs and Excise Inspectors. The stickier the mixture, the more…
Posted: Sun May 01, 2005.   Comments (42)

Time Traveler Convention — The first ever time traveler convention is being hosted at MIT on May 7, 2005. Time travellers from all eras are invited to attend, if they haven't already. This will also be the last time travelers convention ever, since obviously only one is needed. The coordinates for this event will be: 42:21:36.025°N, 71:05:16.332°W. (via Boing Boing)
Posted: Sun May 01, 2005.   Comments (17)

Liger On Display — I know that Ligers are Napoleon Dynamite's favorite animal, but I didn't think they were real. Apparently they are. One of them is on display at a Siberian zoo. Its father was a lion. Its mother was a tiger: "This was not the result of a scientific experiment," RIA Novosti quoted zoo director Rostislav Shilo as saying at the time. "It's just that the lion and the tiger live in neighboring caves in the Novosibirsk zoo, and got used to each other. It's practically impossible in the wild."
Posted: Sun May 01, 2005.   Comments (32)

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