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Gestations - the Pregnant Women’s Bar
Posted by The Curator on Mon Sep 29, 2014
Gestations promises it will be the "premiere bar for pregnant women to drink without being judged" when it opens on October 25 in New York City. It's Facebook page has some flashy graphics, and there really is a storefront at the advertised location (on the corner of Avenue A and East 5th St.) that bears a Gestations sign. (Or, at least, someone has decorated the windows of an empty storefront with Gestations decals.) However, it's hard to believe any bar would seriously target pregnant women as their demographic of choice. (The…
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Pregnancy Hoax
Posted by The Curator on Wed Aug 27, 2014
Kevin and Becky Clark, who were hoping to adopt a child, were contacted by a woman claiming to be pregnant and hoping to find a couple to adopt it. For over a month the Clarks were in daily contact with the woman, planning the adoption, until she told them the baby was stillborn. But it turned out there was no baby. She had never been pregnant. What makes this unusual is that the hoaxer doesn't seem to have been looking for any money. Instead, she just craved attention. And it wasn't the first time she had done this. [Columbus Dispatch]
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Speakerphone Pregnancy Call Terrifies Teacher
Posted by The Curator on Mon Apr 14, 2014
The video of this April Fool's Day prank, played by students at Aquinas College on their Macroeconomics professor, now has over 25 millions views on YouTube, which has to make it one of the most popular April Fool pranks this year (if not the most popular). It's nice to see that a low-budget prank by amateurs still can overshadow all the April Fool marketing efforts of the advertising professionals. The premise of the prank is that a female student receives a call on her cell phone during class. The professor has a rule that if a student has failed to turn their phone off, and it rings during class, they have to answer it in front of…
The Yankee Rubber Baby
Posted by The Curator on Thu Apr 03, 2014
The Yankee Rubber Baby was, as the name suggests, an American-made rubber baby doll. Advertisements for it appeared in many newspapers and magazines throughout the 1880s. The ads claimed the device could simulate the sound of a baby screaming or cooing happily. I'm not sure how it would have done that. Though I'm guessing there must have been some kind of air bladder that you squeezed to make a noise. But the sound certainly doesn't seem to have been as lifelike as the ads suggested. From a review in Punch (Apr 23, 1881) The Rubber Baby makes a horrid squeaky noise, is easily blown out, and then goes pop,…
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Belly Ballot Baby Name Hoax
Posted by The Curator on Tue Mar 05, 2013
Belly Ballot is an internet site that helps parents name their baby by "crowdsourcing" the process. That is, it allows parents to create a shortlist of names that their friends and family can vote on. Back in January, the site announced a "Belly Branding" contest: "One lucky pregnant couple may win $5000 in exchange for letting the entire world decide their baby's name." And in mid-February it declared a winner, LA-based art teacher Natasha Hill. It posted some photos of Natasha as well as a screenshot of her facebook page. Belly Ballot told the Huffington Post that Hill was chosen from a pool of nearly…
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The Woman Who Gave Birth to a Horse
Posted by The Curator on Tue Sep 18, 2012
The Nigerian Nation reports that a woman gave birth to a horse during a service at the World Liberation Ministry in Edo State: It was gathered that the woman whose identity was not yet known started screaming during the prayer session and began to bleed from the vagina before the horse came out. The General Overseer of the church, Evangelist Silva Wealth, said he was still amazed at what came out of the woman. He told Journalists that during prayers a revelation came that there was a woman with an issue and that something was blocking her womb. Silva said as prayers intensified, the woman started screaming and bleeding started when the object…
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Mexican Woman isn’t pregnant with nonuplets
Posted by The Curator on Mon Apr 30, 2012
From Mexico, last week, came news of a multiple-birth hoax. (posted by Smerk in the forum). Thirty-two-year-old Karla Vanessa Perez of Coahuila claimed she was pregnant with nonuplets (six girls and three boys) and would give birth on May 20. This was dutifully reported by Mexico's main broadcaster Televisa as well as various newspapers. She gave welfare officials some kind of ultrasound video (not clear where she got that), so her claim wasn't entirely without evidence. But when Mexican newspapers investigated, they quickly learned she wasn't pregnant. Sounds like it was her own mother who outed her. From "Her mother, Francisca Castañeda, told El Diario de Coahuila that Perez has three children, ages…
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Don’t give me a ticket, Officer. I’m about to give birth!
Posted by The Curator on Wed Apr 04, 2012
Judith Anne Holland obviously thought she had a pretty foolproof alibi when she got pulled over for speeding. She told the officer she was in labour and on her way to the hospital. But when she got pulled over a second time, within the same hour, she was accompanied to the hospital, where they discovered she wasn't pregnant. Home detention for pregnancy hoax A woman who pretended to be in labour twice on the same day after she was caught speeding and driving while disqualified was yesterday sentenced to home detention when she appeared in Invercargill District Court...
Baby Yoga, or Swinging Your Kid Around Your Head
Posted by The Curator on Fri Mar 09, 2012
Infant learning and development is a field full of dubious theories, because there are so many desperate parents willing to try anything that might give their kids a slight edge-up in life. So the stage is set for Baby Yoga, aka "dynamic baby gymnastics," aka 'swinging your baby around your head.' Its practitioners claim that if you're not doing this, then you're depriving your child of an important developmental opportunity. Check out the video below which shows Elena Fokina demonstrating some Baby Yoga moves. Warning: if the sight of kids being swung energetically around might disturb you, then you probably want to skip the video. Previous videos of Baby Yoga posted on youtube have been banned…
Beyonce had her baby. Satan is on Earth.
Posted by The Curator on Mon Jan 23, 2012
On Jan. 11, TMZ posted a photo of the sign outside the Beulah Hill Baptist Church, which apparently bore a nice message inspired by the recent birth of Beyonce's baby: "BEYONCE HAD HER BABY. SATAN IS ON EARTH." According to TMZ, the pastor at that church told them that vandals had placed the message there, and that it had been taken down promptly. However, the pastor, Rev. Curtis Barbery, is denying he ever told TMZ this. He gave an interview to the Fayetteville Observer in which he insisted the sign hadn't been vandalized and that the photo was a fake. He said, “It’s…
The Chinese Octomom
Posted by The Curator on Mon Jan 02, 2012
In China, a photography studio recently posted an advertisement online displaying examples of baby photos it had taken. The problem was that the photos showed a family of eight kids, four boys and four girls, belonging to parents who had apparently paid $160,000 to have the kids delivered by surrogate mothers. However, it's illegal for Chinese hospitals to provide surrogacy procedures. Not to mention China's one-child policy. Which makes the public display of the photos a pretty brazen flouting of the law. But are the photos real, or just a publicity stunt? The AP reports:
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Beyonce Baby Bump Controversy
Posted by The Curator on Wed Oct 12, 2011
Singer Beyonce Knowles announced she was pregnant in August. But video of a recent interview with her on an Australian TV show has led to rumors that she's faking her pregnancy, because as she walked out and sat down for the interview her stomach appeared to bend and fold in a weird way. The theory is that she's wearing a prosthetic baby bump, while a surrogate mother carries the actual child. This way, Beyonce will avoid the stretch marks and discomfort of pregnancy — and she'll look fit and toned immediately after "giving birth". I think the conspiracy theorists are reaching a bit here. And Beyonce, of…
The Egg-Laying Dog of Vienna
Posted by The Curator on Mon Sep 26, 2011
Recently I read Jan Bondeson's new book, Amazing Dogs: A Cabinet of Canine Curiosities. Bondeson is one of my favorite writers because he's a master at finding incredibly obscure but truly bizarre oddities from history, and he doesn't disappoint in this book. I plan to discuss the book more in a future post, because he's collected a lot of urban legends and hoaxes concerning dogs. For instance, he reveals the story of Greyfriar's Bobby to be a hoax (LaMa has posted about this in the forum). But for now what I want to share is a story he mentions in his first chapter (page 11) about a dog that could supposedly lay eggs. He writes: …
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A Fake Pregnancy Experiment
Posted by The Curator on Thu Sep 08, 2011
Here's a slightly different spin on the old fake pregnancy prank. (Reality Rule 1.1 in Hippo Eats Dwarf is "Just because a woman looks pregnant, it doesn't mean she is." As a social experiment, the Minnesota Organization on Fetal Alcohol made one of their operatives appear to be pregnant. Then they sent her to the state fair and had her stand around in full view drinking beer. They wanted to see if anyone would say something to her about how she shouldn't drink alcohol while pregnant. They even had the woman approach strangers with her beer in hand and ask them to take photos of her drinking.…
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Birth or Not
Posted by The Curator on Tue Nov 23, 2010
The Premise: A couple claims to be allowing the internet to vote on whether or not they'll have an abortion. This has been getting a lot of attention on blogs over the past few days, and by now it's been definitively proven to be a hoax. Kevin Hoffman points out what I think is the most telling piece of evidence. The couple registered the domain name over two months before the baby was supposedly conceived. Also, the man behind the site has been identified as Pete Arnold, who is apparently a well-known right-wing troll. So, in other words, this is just another cynical
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