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Paul is Dead
In the Fall of 1969 a rumor swept around the world alleging that Paul McCartney, singer and bassist for the Beatles, was dead. In fact, that he had died three years ago on November 9, 1966 in a fiery car crash while heading home from the EMI recording studios. Supposedly the surviving band members, fearful of the effect his death might have on their careers, secretly replaced him with a double named William Campbell (an orphan who had won a Paul McCartney lookalike contest in Edinburgh). However, they also planted clues in their later albums to let fans know the truth, that Paul was dead.

Beatles fans, who came to be known as "cluesters," spent countless hours searching for clues hidden in the albums, eventually locating hundreds of them. Numerous articles appeared in magazines pondering the likelihood of Paul's Death. John Chancellor even discussed the issue on the NBC evening news, concluding that "All we can report with certainty is that Paul McCartney is either dead or alive." McCartney only inflamed the rumor by refusing to appear in public to deny it. Finally photographers for LIFE Magazine tracked the singer down to his Mull of Kintyre country house where he was on vacation and took a photo of him which it ran on its cover, thereby throwing some cold water on the rumor. But not killing it entirely. To this day a few diehard cluesters still persist in their belief that McCartney died in 1966. It is the most persistent and elaborate false death rumor in history.

How the Rumor Got Started

On January 7, 1967 McCartney's Mini Cooper really did crash, and as a result a few newspapers did report he had died. However, McCartney wasn't in the car when it crashed. He was safe at a party in Sussex. The man driving the car (who didn't die either) was Mohammed Hadjij, who allegedly was using the car to transport drugs up to the partyers in Sussex. After this incident, a few scattered rumors of Paul's death and replacement by a double were reportedly overheard at London parties.

But it was two years later, in the American midwest, that the rumor really took hold. Researcher Andru Reeve has traced this midwest origin of the rumor to a song titled "Saint Paul" that received heavy airplay in the midwest in May 1969. The song, penned by Detroit-based Terry Knight, spoke of Paul being in heaven. Knight might have been speaking metaphorically about the imminent breakup of the Beatles, but the lyrics must have suggested the idea of McCartney's death to some fans. Whatever the case, the idea was planted, and the rumor began to spread around college campuses.

The first appearance of the rumor in print occurred on September 17, 1969, in Tim Harper's article for the Drake Times-Delphic (the student newspaper of Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa) titled "Is Beatle Paul McCartney Dead?" But this article didn't receive much attention at the time. Instead, the real beginning of the Paul-Is-Dead rumor, as a pop-culture phenomenon, dates to October 12, the day Detroit DJ Russ Gibb took a call on-air from Eastern Michigan University student Tom Zarski. Zarski laid out the whole rumor for Gibb and, as proof of its truth, urged him to play "Revolution Number Nine" from the Beatles' White Album backwards. Gibb obliged and, much to his surprise, could distinctly hear the words "Turn me on, dead man" being spoken repeatedly. Gibb was astounded by what he heard. This was the spark that ignited the fire.

Fred LaBour, a student journalist at the University of Michigan, heard Gibb's broadcast and wrote up an article for the Michigan Daily outlining the theory and detailing many of the most sensational clues. The article electrified readers, and was soon reprinted in numerous university papers throughout the country. LaBour's article, more than anything else, spread the rumor to a national audience.

The rest was history. The mainstream media, now fully aware of the rumor, latched onto it with a fervor. Planeloads of journalists were dispatched to England to find Paul. For three weeks the musician's supposed death was one of the main topics of conversation in America. It wasn't until LIFE printed the picture of McCartney on the cover of its November 7 issue that the excitement began to die down.

A Few of the Clues

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

1) The foreground scene on the front cover shows a floral arrangement, as if for a funeral. The white flowers on the bottom right either form a left-handed bass guitar (Paul's instrument), or they spell out Paul.

2) "Beatles" is spelled out in red flowers on the cover. But there's an extra letter, an "o" that is mysteriously placed at the end of the name. Perhaps the band was sending a secret message: Be At Leso. Leso was the name of a Greek Island that they had supposedly bought. Were they inviting fans who had figured out the mystery to join them there?

3) A toy Aston Martin convertible can be seen on the lap of a rag doll on the right-hand side of the cover. Paul supposedly died in an Aston Martin.

4) If you use a mirror to bisect the phrase "LONELY HEARTS" that appears on the drum, the phrase "I ONE IX HE ◊ DIE" can be seen. If "I ONE" is 11, and "IX" is the roman numeral 9, then this might be decoded to mean "11 9 HE DIE" (i.e. November 9, He Die).

5) A hand is held up behind Paul's head, a raised hand being a mystical symbol of death. (In some religions, it actually is.) A hand raised behind Paul's head is a recurring clue in many photos of the band.

6) On the back cover Paul is wearing an arm patch that says "OPD," which is British police jargon for "Officially Pronounced Dead." (The patch actually reads "OPP," which stands for Ontario Provincial Police. Paul was given the patch while on tour in Canada.)

Magical Mystery Tour

7) If you look at the starry letters of the Beatles name in a mirror, or upside down, they supposedly form a phone number. If you call this number, someone will answer and provide another clue. Or perhaps William Campbell himself will answer. This clue inspired an urban legend alleging that a student dialed the secret phone number and reached someone who quizzed him about Beatles trivia. The student answered all the questions correctly and was then told he had won a trip to Pepperland. He subsequently received a letter instructing him to lick the stamp on the envelope. When he did so, he experienced an LSD trip. While under the influence of the LSD, he jumped out of his dorm room to his death.

8) Paul is wearing a walrus suit on the cover. This is significant because Walrus means Corpse in Greek. (Actually, it doesn't.)

9) The song "I am the Walrus" is supposedly about Paul's death. The lyrics "Stupid bloody tuesday" refer to the last time Paul was seen alive. And the eggman refers to Humpty Dumpty, who cracked his head open, as did Paul.

10) At the end of Strawberry Fields, the voice of John Lennon can be heard saying "I buried Paul." (John does say something at the end of the song, but it's not "I buried Paul." He says "cranberry sauce.")

The White Album

11) One of the images on the poster inside the album shows Paul soaking in a tub of water. Many people have commented that it kind of looks like Paul's decapitated head floating in blood.

12) The song "Glass Onion" contains the lyric "looking through a glass onion." The DJ Russ Gibb claims that "glass onion" was old british slang for the handle of a casket, because in the nineteenth century caskets had round glass handles that looked like glass onions. Paul is looking through a glass onion because he's in a casket.

13) If you play the song "Revolution 9" backwards, you will hear the words "Turn me on, dead man" being spoken. (It's true, you will... or, at least, you'll hear a phrase that sounds a lot like "Turn me on, dead man.")

Abbey Road

14) On the cover John, Ringo, Paul, and George are walking across a zebra crossing. Fans argue that this represents a funeral procession. John (in white) is the priest, Ringo (in black) is the undertaker, Paul (barefoot... because people are supposedly buried barefoot in Italy) is the corpse, and George (in jeans) is the gravedigger. It's also believed to be significant that Paul is out of step with the others, and that he's holding a cigarette in his right hand (because the original Paul was left-handed). Finally, it's said that this picture was taken at the site where Paul crashed his car on November 8, and that the Beatles are shown walking out of a cemetery which is located on the left side of the street. (In reality, there's no cemetery there.)

15) Also on the cover, a white volkswagen can be seen parked in the background. Its license plate reads "28 IF." This could mean that Paul would have been 28 if he were alive. (He actually would have been 27.) This Volkswagen was tracked down years later and sold at auction in 1986 for over $4000.

Was It a Rumor or a Deliberate Hoax?

Most people can agree that Paul McCartney didn't actually die in 1966, but the question remains: was the rumor of his death a deliberate hoax? Were some clues purposefully placed in the albums? Was an elaborate hoax engineered either by Capitol Records or by the Beatles themselves?

Both Capitol Records and the Beatles definitely had a financial motive to devise such a scheme. The Paul-Is-Dead rumor led to massive sales of all the Beatles' albums. People were actually buying multiple copies of the albums in order to play them backwards to listen for hidden messages. But Capitol denies having started the rumor, and it does seem farfetched to think that record executives would have been imaginative enough to dream up and pull off such a hoax. Although it is undeniable that once the rumor took hold, Capitol didn't do much to discourage it.

More suspicion is usually focused on the Beatles themselves because they had the creativity to pull off such a thing, and were well-known for their mischievous sense of humor. And intriguingly, one piece of evidence does link the Beatles to the start of the rumor. The Terry Knight song "Saint Paul" that got the whole ball rolling was published by none other than MacLen Music, McCartney and Lennon's publishing company created in 1963 to publish their own music. Why would MacLen publish this one non-Lennon/McCartney work? All of Knight's other songs were published by Storybook Music. Perhaps it's because Lennon or McCartney suggested that Knight write it. Andru Reeve writes:

"The enigma of a virtually-unknown musician's original song being published by the Beatles may be a greater mystery than the "Paul-Is-Dead" rumor itself. Would its inclusion in the Beatles' catalog (and its recent and mysterious disappearance) have something to do with Terry Knight's visit to Apple in early 1969? Was the song instigated by none other than Paul McCartney himself?"

However, even if one of the Beatles did prompt Knight to write Saint Paul, it's hard to imagine they could have predicted this song would in turn have inspired the most widely circulated death-hoax rumor in history.

Actually, if there is one hoaxer at the heart of this mystery, it's the college student Fred LaBour. His article in the Michigan Daily was the main vehicle for the dissemination of the rumor. But he freely admits that he invented many parts of the rumor, such as the claim that a Scottish orphan named William Campbell replaced McCartney. LaBour stated in an interview: "I made the guy up. It was originally going to be 'Glenn Campbell,' with two Ns and then I said 'that's too close, nobody'll buy that,' so I made it William Campbell."

One final question remains. If McCartney didn't die on November 9, 1966, what was he doing on that day? It turns out that he was on vacation with his girlfriend Jane Asher. From November 6 through the 19th they were travelling through France and Kenya. But November 9 is a significant Beatles date for another reason. It was the day that John Lennon first met Yoko Ono. So metaphorically it could be seen as the date that the Beatles, as a group, began to die.

Paul is Dead Haiku (Submitted by Hoax Museum visitors)
So many fake clues
The three, the hand, the flowers
Paul is so not dead
(by Kathleen)
Paul is a dead man
You can see it everywhere
Why don't they beleive?
(by Jacob)
They were four, now three
Untimely death, who can say
Turn me on dead man.
(by mcmickey)

Links and References
  • Andru J. Reeve. Turn Me On, Dead Man: The Beatles and the "Paul-Is-Dead" Hoax. AuthorHouse. 2004.
  • R. Gary Patterson. The Walrus Was Paul: The Great Beatle Death Clues. Simon & Schuster. 1996.
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R. Gary Patterson, one of the authors cited in this article, was my high school English teacher
Posted by loafo  in  US  on  Sun Dec 18, 2011  at  04:43 PM
You completely missed out on the white album clue at the end of "Im so tired". When you reverse it you can actually hear john say "paul is dead, miss him, miss him." That's easily the biggest clue ever.
Posted by Jake  in  ontario  on  Sun Jan 08, 2012  at  10:37 PM
The "Paul is dead" thing is still alive on the Internet; below is a link to a WFMU "Beware of the Blog" post which mentions the 80 minute "The Apple is Rotten" collage film of Iamaphony. In this version, the Paul replacement is an immortal android possibly brought to life by Aleistar Crowley or using his magick, and that an Illuminati-style group is behind it all.
Posted by mr. mike  in  So-Cal.  on  Fri Apr 20, 2012  at  04:03 PM
Erm... if the Pepper cover really does say "11 9 he die", then he should've died on September 11th. The Beatles were English, not Colonial. They'd write November 9th, 1966 the logical way, as 9-11-1966, not 11-9-1966, the inside-out way. Not even Lennon would make that silly a mistake.
Posted by Richard Bos  in  the Netherlands  on  Wed Jun 12, 2013  at  07:12 AM
what if it wernt a mistake. what if he put 11 9 he die and not the british way so he could reach out to more people
Posted by shay  in  arizona  on  Sat Sep 28, 2013  at  09:43 PM
What about the song "A Day in the Life" - He blew his mind out in a car, he didn't notice that the lights had changed.
Posted by Daniel  in  Israel  on  Wed Oct 30, 2013  at  06:40 AM
Richard Bos, you are SO right! Only in America do we (for some strange reason) number the month before the date!

Back when the news first came on that Paul was, supposedly, dead, I didn't know what to think! I was only 15. Since then, I've studied about it quite a bit and I think it's absurd that anyone thinks that there has been a man who has worn extensive make-up to make him look like Paul, has played and sung like him, written songs, etc..
Posted by Noelani  in  usa  on  Sun Nov 03, 2013  at  01:50 AM
There were so many dozens more clues too, so it obviousy, was a great hoax engineered by Paul & John.
Paul gave interviews years later & was asked about this, & he always denied that he'd been behind the hoax, but come on now - we just don't believe your denial Paul.
Posted by Bobo  in  U.S.  on  Wed Nov 13, 2013  at  09:35 AM
I spent 10 hours doing research on the possible death of McCartney. At 9 hours, I wasn't convinced, but by hour number 10, I was. What convinced me the most was the forensic analysis of Paul and his replacement. The eyes (Paul had brown eyes and William 'Billy' Shears Campbell has green eyes), the nose, the ears, the hair color and texture, the alignment of facial features, the height difference, etc. Also, Paul's voice was different. I've never heard the new guy sing "Yesterday" but would expect it to sound a bit off. Everyone should listen carefully to each song in Sgt. Pepper's and especially to "A Day in the Life". Thirty five seconds after the song ends, you can hear a strange repeated sound which says, "Never could see any other way" or something similar. The date, 9 Nov, on Sgt. Pepper's is made by using a mirror. That is the only way you can write 9 Nov based on the reflected words. On Letterman, Billy slipped and agreed he is an imposter. Look at his face when he realized he slipped and then the relief when Letterman did not pick up on the mistake. No one should make a judgment without doing the research.
Posted by Mike  in  U.S.  on  Wed Nov 13, 2013  at  11:39 AM
How about the most obvious one - from Glass Onion: " Here's another clue for you all: The walrus is Paul" - by that point even the Beatles themselves wanted to join the fun.
Posted by Aubrey  in  USA  on  Wed Nov 13, 2013  at  11:57 AM
Isn't it simply that McCartney had a very serious car accident and then underwent, what we would now consider fairly primitive plastic surgery to rebuild his face. All we are looking at is continued maintenance over the last few decades, which explains why his features alter, especially his earlobes where the skin would be continually reattached following 'skin lifts'. ...And also why he now resembles someone's aunt with a purple rinse.
Remember the car accident Mark Hamill had between Star Wars, and Empire... Look at how much he changed.
Posted by Simon  in  Melbourne  on  Sun Nov 17, 2013  at  12:22 AM
Yeah, but how do you explain the height difference? I mean, that is a really good point that bec of the accident he had plastic surgeries and would want more sales for their albums to make such a rumor since they don't want to tour anymore. But, the height difference? Really? AND I SWEAR TO GOD, i found paul really really handsome, until now, well, Faul, but there was something off about his face in A Fool On The Hill, he wasn't smiling with his teeth much and it just didn't seem right. I don't know
Posted by Ardiana  in  Philippines  on  Tue Nov 19, 2013  at  11:52 AM
And the fifth angel sounded and i saw a star fall from heaven. this is in refrence to satan coming to earth in revalation 9-11.nov means 9 sept means 7 comining from heaven 9-11.when you add 1+1+0+9+1+9+6+6=33 and this points to the masons and when you add 0+9+1+1+2+0+0+1=14 now you just added together eight digits. now add the last two 1+4 and now you have the fifth angel number 5 sounding her trump.Numbers are very important to the illuminatti.satin is boastfull of his plans
Posted by Daniel  in  bloomfield,nm usa  on  Thu Dec 05, 2013  at  03:54 PM
Unfortunately, none of this debunks strange idea there are clues or Paul died (separate q's).

4 provably planted items called clues, no matter why. The 4: text reference, 1967 February Beatles Monthly (ostensibly=disclaimer), 2 "OPD" clues, 1967 (made from an OPP patch) -- one well known, where P. becomes D. on slight cylinder (upper arm, impossible) & 1 nearly unknown (fully frontal OPD), both from versions of Sgt P gatefold on album -- & 1995 (after 1969 brouhaha) "Free as a Bird" video: death head Paul, as if leafy reflection, on back of 1960s police van. (Camera pans on stationary window, reflection, van, but no blur on reflection, optically impossible to be natural). & The other thematic clues = grisly, clever, sad.

Clue date, even if didn't die = Sept 11 (1966) not Nov 9. Clue date comes from the front of the Sgt Pepper album, on the drumskin (use a mirror image 1/2way thru central text "Lonely Hearts"). Reads "I ONE IX ^ HE DIE" or 11 9 He die, which would mean 11th day, 9th month He die, for UK, Canada, etc. numbered dating. When USA got the rumour (late 1969), the US assumed 11th month, 9th day. -- & On 1-year anniv., Mag Myst Tour movie started filming, w/ lots of PID clue & on 2nd anniv., John Lennon recorded "Glass Onion", which pleaded (or seemed to) to "listen to me" & stated there were clues & Walrus image meant Paul in the clues.

Alibis & circumstance & reason:
Didn't play instruments on film (played air guitar, so to speak) for 1.5 years after Sept. 1966: leaves room for right-hander to learn good left-handed bass for public appearances. If Paulie died by accident or murder, cover-up would include intelligence circles and loyalty to helping the band continue without noticeable interruption. It would be too long to discuss people around the issue here, such as family, friends, etc., but not impossible.

For anyone who doesn't see a difference in pre-/post-Sept. 1966 Paul images, arguments from forensic imaging aren't likely to *feel* like arguments, but: Careful assessment of the distance between eyes, to forehead width, to chin distance, to under-nose distance, etc., show radically different enough measurements, to be another person. Also, the ears differ, in ways incommensurable with mere foreshortening (perspective) difference. He also wore false ears at least 9 times, in film&video; (not an absolute proof like the others here, but is required if surgery and natural ear difference were being covered up). Voice prints suggest (professional: Dr. Henry Truby, and amateur: modern computer programs) the voices differ between 1966/after in songs, but no-one has done a study of morphing they did, or what or how that would affect the voice print harmonics, or done a study of the speaking voices.

Further sources: some pages at and the page (being rewritten at present, but more complete in one page)
Posted by Clare Kuehn  in  Toronto, ON, Canada  on  Tue Dec 17, 2013  at  08:59 PM
Paul is Paul.

Lee Harvey Oswald alone killed JFK.

Bush did not know about 9/11 in advance.

The world is wonderfully fascinating enough, you don’t have to resort to make believe.
Posted by Dick Starky  in  USA  on  Thu Dec 19, 2013  at  11:28 AM
I think it's not "I buried Paul" but it's more likely "I'm very small".
It's also in a portion of the mix, buried in reverb where heard on headphones would give that impression both to the performer and the listener.
Posted by Rob Holland  in  nevada city, california USA  on  Wed Jan 29, 2014  at  11:50 PM
Summer-camp counselor gave me the deluxe lecture on this in 1974, was like a ghost story to us kids

Sgt Peppers, Day in the life:
"He blew his mind out in car he hadn't noticed that the lights had changed, a crowd of people stood and stared , they'd seen his face before but nobody was really sure if he was from the House of Lords."
Paul had been recently Knighted, was told to me.

The Walrus was Gaelic symbol of death, not Greek as said in this article.
From MMT: Glass Onion
"You know the Walrus and me man? We're as close as can be man. Well here's another clue for you all. The walrus was Paul. Looking through the bent back tulips to see how the other half lives, trying to make a dove tail joint? Looking through a Glass Onion."
The glass onion was explained to me as another gaelic/celtic term describing how the dead could see through the ground out of their graves.

Many photos with the band except paul facing backwards and also paul dressed in white with the others in black.

I'm pretty sure McCartney is alive. Friend of mine in his band currently. I've never liked Wings or any of his solo stuff and his new material is bloody terrible.

I generally agree with the poster named "Dick Starkey" above. But reserve the right on this single issue.
Posted by Jon  in  California  on  Thu Jan 30, 2014  at  09:38 PM
Or how about the back of Sargeant Pepper's, where George is pointing at the line "Wednesday morning at 5:00" ( Nov 9, 1966 was a Wednesday, and Paul supposedly died at 5am.
Posted by Les Granderson  in  California  on  Fri Jan 31, 2014  at  01:45 AM
Sir Paul is not Sir Paul. Lee Harvey Oswald is a separate case; he was being framed; he was doubled to get him in trouble at the end, & for fake backyard photos in Life (the chin is not LHO's and the body is composite).

Sir Paul bass playing comment(though musicians disagree, note the exact points raised here at a radio show Feb 2012: -- a worthwhile radio show to hear is there, too, and on the same site for Jan 2014 and Jan 2012 as well):

kjaze Feb 28, 2014 at 11:43 AM

First, I've been a bass player for over twenty years. Paul impressed me in the early days with the complexity of the bass parts that he wrote and played. Even more impressively, he hit the part harmonies while playing and rarely looking at his hands. Inexplicably, in performance videos after "Rain", Paul looks at his hands as often as a less-skilled player like myself would. During the rooftop concert, he plays nothing difficult while singing; and still looks at his hands now and then. Actually his playing then wasn't terribly interesting. I'm a fan, but I have to be honest about that.
Secondly, Ringo declares himself the last living Beatle in a article. Even the most lackadaisical Beatles historian knows that JPM co-founded The Beatles, long before Ringo joined them as "...a setup affair" [as Sir Paul made the mistake or clue of saying once about himself, which, if he's Paul, is not true]. Is Ringo just having a joke, or just letting some truth out in a deliberately casual context? I would think the latter. Especially after watching the Letterman [Sept 2009] interview. Anyone can recognize an "oh shit" moment if they care to.


To realize something MAY be going on with Paul vs Sir Paul -- start with Sir George Martin's COAT OF ARMS, 2004. Remember: it's for his family forever. If this is related to a mere hoax from a money ploy or cruelty from John (unfair to John anyway), this would be forever for his family.

Next comment will contain the coat of arms info.
Posted by Clare Kuehn  in  Canada  on  Sat Mar 01, 2014  at  07:04 AM
(The photo on this page, by the way, is Sir Paul, stretched by a lens and cropped, to make him seem more "baby faced", but it's distortion and no stretch alone achieves Paul's particular friendly "baby-cute" face shape.)

To realize something MAY be going on with Paul vs Sir Paul -- one place to start is near the end of the story of the Beatles' circle of people, with Sir George Martin's COAT OF ARMS, 2004. Remember: it's for his family forever. If this is related to a mere hoax from a money ploy or cruelty from John (unfair to John anyway), this would be forever for his family.

Sir George Martin CBE was The Beatles' producer, arranger, mentor, signed them to EMI, worked on majority of songs.

The centre of his heraldic design is a car-tread which 'squashes' the 4th original 'beetle', but also includes the new bandmate.

3 beetles ("stag beetles") -- 3 remaining in 2004 as Martin pointed out, but that leaves out John, which is impossible for Martin to intend, unless it's a partial meaning
tire-track-like white design with a squished edge and tread lines (car crash implication)
5 lines (5 total Beatles & 5 lines for music notation).

If 3 beetles was for the "living Beatles" at the time 2004, which Martin tried to say, that leaves out John. Forever. No way.

it is, and it isn't.

White squash tire tread (double meaning: white car and squash).
3 REMAINING ORIGINAL Beatles & 3 Beatles when created in 2004.

And 5 marks (tire tread lines, also like musical lines, of course) for all 5.

White *(Beetle VW white: Abbey Road & other images & movies). Smush edge. (White car=what killed him and he was a Beatle?)

If they'd told, crest wouldn't have show this; could have 5 beetles.

So it's actually honour, not outrage to show such a thing & it's clever, forever recognizing and immortalizing the event, plus the multiple ways the band existed, Martin's favourite group.

It existed as 4 (3 and the place/1 manner of death for the 4th), it existed as 3 at the time of his crest and after the death, and existed as 5 in reality totally.
Posted by Clare Kuehn  in  Canada  on  Sat Mar 01, 2014  at  07:08 AM
The date can't be Nov 9. The song is deflecting the name of the day, but Harrison points to 5 o'clock, and that might be correct.

Nov. 9 in USA is Sept. 11 in UK numbered dating. The drum-skin clue would be UK dating.

Time to get the new bandmate and some initial plastic surgery in Kenya.

Note: John did an accurate drawing of Paul dead, privately. -- (See mentioned info below.)

General info on the case and a bit about the drawing: (Feb 2014 radio show -- right-click green name for show download or click to play)

Clues & John's ACCURATE DRAWING OF PAUL DEAD discussed in detail: (Jan 2014 radio show)

Context (intelligence coverup aspect) for the death of Paul and some info on the case details:

Images/ Info/ John's actual drawing with deep analysis of them and the forensics issues: (Dec 2013 page link: click at right)

Posted by Clare Kuehn  in  Canada  on  Sat Mar 01, 2014  at  07:19 AM
You guys crack me up.
Posted by Den.  in  Florida, USA  on  Sun Nov 09, 2014  at  02:53 PM
Addendum to the comment about not playing on film for 1.5 years from Sept'66, you forgot to mention the "All You Need Is Love" satellite broadcast on 25/6/67...
Posted by Nigel Langridge  in  Poole, Dorset, UK  on  Thu Jan 01, 2015  at  03:15 PM
if you listen to 'a day in the life' on sgt. peppers after john says the last line 'Id love to turn you on' you can hear Ringos voice (on each beat between the piano) say:

"paul ... died ... car ... crash ... wednesday ... night"

before the song builds to its final abrupt end.
Posted by joe  in  ny  on  Mon Mar 02, 2015  at  12:32 AM
About a year earlier there had been a rumor of a "Beatles contest" in the UK which generated many of the "clues" used in the Paul is Dead rumor. I had two friends living across the pond at that time, and one of them told me about this in the late spring of 1969. The thought was there were clues on the album covers and in the song lyrics, and if you "won" you got something, like a house on the Isle of Wight (or course). I noticed some of this material in your article.
Posted by Paul  in  Colorado, USA  on  Mon Mar 09, 2015  at  04:13 PM
all photos of mccartney and harrison until sgt.pepper showed them standing next to each other as the same height as the other.from pepper on he is 3 inches taller than is this possible that these pictures are still of paul?
Posted by marc smith  in  green acres florida  on  Mon Mar 23, 2015  at  08:25 PM
To Jon in California. Paul McCartney wasn't knighted until 1997 so your advisor was wrong.
Posted by Terry Wall  in  Bristol, UK  on  Wed Mar 25, 2015  at  09:53 AM
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