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The Hoax Photo Test
Level 1
Test your skill at spotting photo fakery. Determine whether the photos below are hoaxes (i.e. they've been digitally manipulated) or they're real. For each image, choose either HOAX or REAL to begin scoring the test. When you're done with this level, click the "submit" button at the bottom of the page to see your score.

The complete test has five levels (50 questions).
1: Snowball the Monster Cat

2: The Magic Faucet

3: Goldfish with a Hitler Mustache

4: Road Broken

5: The Ultimate Houseboat

6: Long Exposure of Tree Struck by Lightning

7: Cow on Hood of Car

8: Basketball On An Aircraft Carrier

9: Dog Yawning

10: Fast-Food Tattoo Guy

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