Gestations - the Pregnant Women’s Bar

Gestations promises it will be the "premiere bar for pregnant women to drink without being judged" when it opens on October 25 in New York City. It's Facebook page has some flashy graphics, and there really is a storefront at the advertised location (on the corner of Avenue A and East 5th St.) that bears a Gestations sign. (Or, at least, someone has decorated the windows of an empty storefront with Gestations decals.)

However, it's hard to believe any bar would seriously target pregnant women as their demographic of choice. (The idea alone is getting people riled up. See the comments on the bar's Facebook page.)

The current leading theories are that this is either going to be some kind of juice bar. (Although points out that the company appears to have filed for a liquor license.) Or it's all an elaborate marketing stunt for a bar-finding app called BARTRENDr.

The latter theory makes a lot of sense because all the promo material mentions BARTRENDr. Though it's a strange concept for a marketing stunt, if it is one.


Posted on Mon Sep 29, 2014


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