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October 2012
Pareidolia Roundup—October 2012
Posted by The Curator on Tue Oct 16, 2012
Rust Spot Jesus Spotted by Marcy Marksberry on top of her farm's corn silo. She says, "I just kinda veered my head to it and I saw it and it was there. It was weird." [] Cloud Jesus Filmed in the sky above Egypt (by someone incapable of holding the camera steady). [] Angels Above Swiss Lake Captured by Google Street view. [] Cookie Monster Crater on Mars Or, as NASA explains, "the superposition of younger craters…
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Fake Chippendales Scam
Posted by The Curator on Mon Oct 01, 2012
Recently the "202 Market" bar in Roanoke, VA advertised that it was going to be hosting the famous Chippendales dancers. But soon it had to retract its announcement and admit that it had fallen victim to a scam. It had been deceived by a group of frauds posing as the Chippendales — Chippenfakes, you might call them. [] Apparently the Roanoke bar isn't alone in falling for this scam. Kevin Denberg, manager of the real Chippendales, warns that there are a number of fraudulent groups trying to pass themselves off as the Chippendales. The official Chippendales website even has a form that allows fans to report any fakes. What I find…
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