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Moore’s Beach Monster

In the summer of 1925, the carcass of a large ocean creature washed up onto Moore's Beach in the California town of Santa Cruz. The creature had a strange duck-like head and what looked like a long neck. Interest in the carcass grew when it was examined on the beach by one E.L. Wallace, who described himself as the president of the Natural History Society of British Columbia, and he declared that it was the remains of a plesiosaur — a species long extinct. more…

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Giant Eel

A pair of videos that seemed to show a giant "human sized eel" in New Zealand's Manawatu River went viral in the past week. It caught the attention of a viral video show, Right This Minute, who contacted the two young men (brothers Tim and Ray Hamilton) who filmed the footage and asked them for the right to air it on TV. At which point, Tim and Ray confessed that the footage was fake. They had filmed the eel in a bathtub and then composited that footage with shots of the river and Ray throwing bread at the imaginary eel.

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Bigfoot Believers Keep Believing — The Yakima Herald reports that Bigfoot believers in Washington State are keeping the faith, despite much discouraging news recently. (Such as that recent Oxford University study of suspected Bigfoot hairs, that found that all the hairs came from racoons, horses, bears, etc.) The believers note that even if all suspected Bigfoot hair samples are found to come from other (known) species, that doesn't mean Bigfoot doesn't exist. It just means that those particular hairs weren't from a Bigfoot.
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What Sasquatch Sounds Like — This recording of an apparent Sasquatch vocalization was made recently by a member of the British Columbia Sasquatch Organization at an "undisclosed location." Honestly, I didn't think that Sasquatch would have such a high-pitched cry.

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Seeking Yeti — Sir David Attenborough is feeling the lure of the yeti. He says he wouldn't mind searching for it as his next project. If he does take off after it, I definitely hope he finds it.
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Gnome sighting in Pennsylvania —
Author Keith Sniadach set up a camera in the woods behind his summer cabin in western Pennsylvania, programming the camera to take photos when it detected heat or motion. And recently he found something unusual in the photos it took — a creature that appears to be a "gnome, troll or brownie of some sort."

When I first saw the headline for this story on Cryptozoology News I thought it was meant to be a joke. But no. I think Sniadach genuinely wants people to believe that he photographed a gnome. As in, not a garden gnome statue that you might buy from a garden supply store, but a living, breathing gnome. He's provided more details about his gnome photos to Linda Howe of earthfiles.com.

Could it be that someone (perhaps Sniadach himself) simply put a gnome statue where it would be photographed by the camera? For whatever it's worth, Sniadach says, "I believe this creature is a real one and not a hoax."

Sniadach also says that he frequently hears Bigfoots screaming in the woods behind his cabin. So that place seems to be quite a hotspot for paranormal activity.
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Bigfoot Likes Pizza — Michigan resident Anthony Padilla thinks that Bigfoot has been wandering around his property and eating his food. Specifically, his pizza. And after Bigfoot eats the pizza, he poops. Padilla has collected the scat and he wants the police to test it for DNA. The police have demurred.

Padilla is apparently staking his claim to a $10 million prize being offered by Spike TV for coming up with "irrefutable proof" of the existence of Bigfoot. Actually, it's not clear to me whether Spike TV is offering the prize to anyone, or only to the group of competitors on its forthcoming "10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty" TV show. If it's the latter, Padilla is wasting his time.
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