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June 2007
Best of the Forum – 29nd June 07
Posted by Boo on Fri Jun 29, 2007
Ok, I'm out of here on holiday, so most likely there shan't be forum roundup posts for the next couple of weeks. They'll be picked up when I get back. Alien Abduction Caught On Film In Dickinson, North Dakota (Emidawg) A video has come to light of an alleged alien abduction. Well, when I say ‘come to light’, I mean more that the gentleman involved has sent said film to the director of HBCC UFO Research. Highlights of the video are said to include a ‘spiraling thing’ and ‘entities’ which remove his blankets. I’m looking forward to the forthcoming release of…
Posted by Cranky Media Guy on Fri Jun 29, 2007
Yes, I realize that for most of you, explaining that "reality" shows are, shall we say, directed, if not outright scripted is as much of a revelation aas saying the Earth revolves around the Sun, but one doesn't often get a look at the actual casting process behind finding some of the people who appear on a "reality show".
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Paris Hilton
Posted by Cranky Media Guy on Thu Jun 28, 2007
Like with the iPhone (story below), I sincerely doubt I have to tell you who Paris Hilton is. I'm not sure, however, any of us could say what exactly it is she does for a living. Well, I've read that she charges Big Bucks to appear at people's parties, but what do you write on your tax forms in the box that says "Occupation" if that's what you do? The "hoax" I'm referring to here, though, is her alleged conversion to--what? Christianity? Zoroastrianism? Scientology? Whatever sect she's aligning herself with now, she's turned over a new leaf after her stint in Oz. Sure, in the Olden Days, a person might have to rot on Devil's Island for…
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iPhone Mania
Posted by Cranky Media Guy on Thu Jun 28, 2007
I'd be shocked if you didn't know what the iPhone is or that it's going to be in stores this Friday, the 29th, at 6 PM local time. Apple's publicity machine has been working overtime to promote what some are calling the "Jesus Phone." The iPhone may be over-hyped, but I wouldn't call it a hoax. The guy who is first in line for one at Apple's flagship NYC store, however, might be classified as a hoaxer. Greg Packer is what you might call a media whore. He's been quoted in the press as a "man on the street" over a hundred times since 1995, according to his Wikipedia entry (by the way, why…
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“The Secret”
Posted by Cranky Media Guy on Tue Jun 26, 2007
Yes, it's another questionable literary enterprise. You've probably heard of "The Secret," a self-help book/cultural phenomenon. As with any such thing, it's Oprah-approved. "The Secret" claims to reveal a Secret of the Universe, which is (SPOILER ALERT!) that you can have whatever you want, if you just think about it REALLY HARD. OK, that's a wee bit flip, but that really is the gist of the "secret." Well, you also have to be a good person and you can't wish for bad stuff, but other than that, if you want it, you can and WILL get it. It's all based on the "Law of Attraction," which author Laura Byrne says…
Elizabeth Albanese
Posted by Boo on Mon Jun 25, 2007
The Press Club of Dallas has been a much-respected institution for years, offering the annual Katie awards to journalists for high quality work. Recently, though, the organisation’s reputation has been dealt a crippling blow, with the news that their recent president, Elizabeth Albanese, has been falsifying the award results for at least the past two years. Albanese became involved with the Katies in 2003, the year she first won prizes, and has been reportedly tampering with the results every year since. For the 2003 awards, unlike following years, a list of judges for the awards was provided. However, it appears that Albanese…
JT LeRoy, phantom author (Updated!)
Posted by Cranky Media Guy on Mon Jun 25, 2007
This is a weird one. A book allegedly written by a young man, JT LeRoy, made a sensation recently. JT was a truck stop hooker, got involved with drugs, was possibly transgendered and generally had a pretty screwed-up life. The book was billed as non-fiction, supposedly the true story of JT's life. Naturally, it sold very well. Oprah loved it, the movie director Gus VanSant and other Hollywood types were interested in it. Then the JT LeRoy saga started coming apart. Funny story, turns out there is no such person as JT LeRoy. Even funnier, also turns out that more than one person, some of them female, portrayed JT at book signings and other…
Posted by Cranky Media Guy on Sun Jun 24, 2007
OK, with Alex on his way to Africa, the substitute teacher is officially in charge. That doesn't mean you can throw spitballs or run in the hallway, though. I'll have some stuff up in a little bit. I'm still figuring out how all this works. Behave.
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Best of the Forum – 22nd June 07
Posted by Boo on Fri Jun 22, 2007
Flowers growing from a steel pipe (NEO) A Chinese man has found what he believes to be a patch of white flowers growing from a steel pipe in his vegetable garden. Ding has consulted his neighbours, who believe the flowers are the legendary Youtan Poluo flower, which blossoms only once every 3,000 years. “No soil, no water. These flowers can bring me good luck,” he added. Forum members suspect, however, that the 'flowers' are lacewing eggs (see pictures to compare.)
Introducing Cranky Media Guy
Posted by The Curator on Thu Jun 21, 2007
On Sunday I leave for Africa. I'll be there for three weeks. I'm spending a week in Malawi, where my sister lives, and two weeks in South Africa, where members of my wife's family live. I probably won't have many chances to connect to the internet while I'm there. As it turns out, Flora is also leaving for a vacation in Wales at the same time. Which could mean a sudden absence of Curators at the MoH, and not much blog content being produced. To prevent that I've arranged for a guest blogger while Flora and I are gone. It's someone quite familiar to many people here -- none other than Cranky…
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The Courthouse Light Blob
Posted by The Curator on Thu Jun 21, 2007
Last week a security camera at a New Mexico courthouse caught an image of a mysterious blob of light seeming to float around the parking lot. This has already been posted and discussed in the forum. And for those who haven't yet seen the video, here it is: The new news about the blob is that Ben Radford of Skeptical Inquirer magazine visited the courthouse today (Wednesday) in an attempt to shed some light on the mystery. reports: Radford spent more…
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More Iraqi Urban Legends
Posted by The Curator on Thu Jun 21, 2007
I posted an entry back in 2004 about Iraqi urban legends regarding the American troops. Three years later the same urban legends still seem to be going strong over there. And a new article in Stars and Stripes lists some more: U.S. troops eat childrenU.S. servicemembers use poison-tainted bulletsAmericans peek through women’s clothing with X-ray sunglassesAmericans’ berets are dyed with bloodAmericans have a “cold pill” that they take so they do not get too hot in their gear The article notes that the belief in the legends seems to be getting worse because, now that we've driven most of the educated middle class out of the country "the remaining population is likely to be unschooled…
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Face of God in Ceiling
Posted by The Curator on Thu Jun 21, 2007
Memphis church-goers claim that the face of God has appeared in the ceiling of their church. The story of the image's first appearance is quite dramatic: Pastor Reginald Lowery of Miracle Crusade Bible Church Holiness said it all started one Friday night at his church, located near 6th and Looney. "I was preaching on 'God Knows Where We Are,' and all of a sudden a big bang hit the church," he said. With that, Lowery said, alarms all over the neighborhood started going off, including those at the…
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Heir Hunters
Posted by The Curator on Wed Jun 20, 2007
I receive a lot of email from people I've never heard of telling me that I've won a lottery, have inherited a small fortune, or have otherwise been selected to receive a large amount of cash. Just this morning, for instance, I found out that I had won the "Irish National Lottery" and that the "Ecobank/United Nations Scam Victims Compensation Fund" had decided to pay me $100,000. The money just keeps pouring in. Typically I delete these emails without a second thought, recognizing them to be the scams that they are. But it's exactly this kind of skepticism that makes life hard for those who have the job of informing people that they've inherited money from a…
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Krkonose Mountains Nuked
Posted by The Curator on Tue Jun 19, 2007
Sunday morning viewers of a Czech public television channel saw an unexpected sight during the broadcast of the weather. The screen was showing a panning scenic shot of the Krkonose Mountains in Bohemia, as the announcer delivered the weather report. Suddenly a large mushroom cloud appeared in the distance. Luckily the Krkonose Mountains hadn't been nuked. The scene was the work of a Czech art group calling itself ZTOHOVEN. They had managed to hack into one of the station's camera feeds, and replace the incoming video with their own content. Czech TV isn't very happy about the prank. They're filing criminal charges against the group. Some other pranks that ZTOHOVEN is…
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