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August 2006
Katie Loses Weight
Posted by The Curator on Thu Aug 31, 2006
Katie Couric recently shed about twenty pounds, thanks to a magic mouse diet (i.e. the click of a mouse did the reducing for her). A CBS magazine distributed a photo of her in which she looked dramatically slimmed down. But the original photo reveals her slightly more plump, actual self. Of course, magazines doctor the photos of celebrities all the time to make them look better. I suppose the only reason this instance is attracting attention is because she's now a news anchor. But regardless, I always find it entertaining to see before and after photos like this. (Thanks, Joe)
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The Betjeman Letter
Posted by The Curator on Thu Aug 31, 2006
British papers have been reporting details of a literary hoax. The characters involved aren't that well known (at least to me), but the punchline is kind of amusing. Two years ago A.N. Wilson, biographer of poet laureate Sir John Betjeman, found a love letter written by the poet. Or, at least, he thought he had. Turns out the letter must have been deliberately planted to embarrass him because a journalist found a coded message inside of it. The Guardian reports: The telltale sign that the letter is a joke is that the capital letters at the start of each…
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Quick Links: Pregnant Man, etc.
Posted by The Curator on Wed Aug 30, 2006
Beijing Fake Smile Campaign Beijing residents are being urged to practice their best fake smiles, in preparation for the 2008 Olympics: "We hope Beijing residents will join in the smile campaign to turn the city into a city of smile," Liu Jian, one of the committee members, was quoted as saying on Monday. What happens to those who refuse to smile? Clown Crushed To Death, Audience Applauds No reason to doubt this story isn't true, but it does seem like a real-life version of the Hippo Eats Dwarf tale (minus the dwarf and hippo), particularly the way the audience thinks the accident is all part of the act:…
Posted by Boo on Wed Aug 30, 2006
Infants-Blood is a website that claims: "Our uncompromising approach to quality means we offer simply the best infant's blood on the market today. Independent lab analysis proves it. And your taste buds will know the difference! " They offer products in a number of categories - Bath & Beauty, Health & Nutrition, Premium Blood and Virgin's Blood. It's pretty obviously a joke website. There are some wonderful quotes on it, including: If Virgin's Blood provides us such wonderful benefits, what can we…
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Mysterious Creature Washed Up on Beach
Posted by Boo on Mon Aug 28, 2006
I received links to two different pages featuring a series of pictures showing what is described as a 'monster' and an 'unknown creature'. On one of the sites, this description is given: This creature was found by Russian soldiers on Sakhalin shoreline. Sakhalin area is situated near to Japan, it’s the most eastern part of Russia, almost 5000 miles to East from Moscow (Russia is huge). People don’t know who is it. According to the bones and teeth - it is not…
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Virgin Mary on Turtle
Posted by Boo on Mon Aug 28, 2006
I'm posting a lot of these lately. I guess it's Religious Icon season or something. Shirley McVane believes her two-year-old turtle is developing an image of the Virgin Mary on its belly. "I told some of my friends, you know, 'I got a turtle,' and I said it has the image of the Virgin Mary on it, and I said it's getting plainer and plainer, and they said 'Yeah, Shirley, you're 81 years old. You think we believe that?' I said it's…
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Quick Links: Stupid Criminals, etc.
Posted by The Curator on Mon Aug 28, 2006
Do you want to be a gigolo? Malaysian men promised that, for a fee, they can become well-paid gigolos. It's the old dream job scam. One sucker "was told to meet a client at a city hotel. He waited for hours until he spotted a Western women who seemed to be searching for someone. 'I thought she was my client so I approached her and introduced myself. To my surprise, instead of receiving words of welcome, I got cursed and insulted,' he told the daily." Dumb Robber #1 Forgets to bring bag for money as he robs bank. Consequently ends up dropping most of the money during the…
New York Puppet Library
Posted by The Curator on Fri Aug 25, 2006
When I came across this page descriping puppet lending libraries—one in Boston and another one in New York— I thought it had to be a joke. Especially given the New York puppet library's location: inside a memorial arch. But apparently these are real. A google search brings up quite a few articles about the New York puppet library, including this one from Time Out New York Kids: A different kind of lending library makes its home in Brooklyn's Grand Army Plaza Arch. A small flock of…
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Virgin Sarah Seeks Help Losing It
Posted by The Curator on Fri Aug 25, 2006
Jane Magazine is getting a lot of publicity from a feature they're running about Sarah, who's supposedly a 29-year-old virgin who wants to lose her virginity by her 30th birthday. And, of course, she's appealed to Jane Magazine readers to help her find the guy for that special moment. Sure, she could be for real, but it all seems highly doubtful. After all, we pretty much have to take her word for it that she is what she claims to be. (Though maybe she'll offer a fake virginity certificate as evidence.) Right away the stunt reminded me of, the…
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Giant Swiss Army Knife
Posted by The Curator on Fri Aug 25, 2006
This has to be a publicity stunt, because how could anyone actually use this thing? It's a Giant Swiss Army knife, featuring 85 tools, including a flashlight, golf divot repair tool, fish scaler, cigar cutter, toothpick, and a key ring. It weighs 2 pounds, 11 ounces and measures 8.75 inches. Wenger is selling it for $1200. But you have to special order each one.
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Quick Links: Falling Cow, etc.
Posted by Boo on Thu Aug 24, 2006
Woman Avoids Falling Cow If Sally Brown hadn't moved when she did, she would have been hit by a cow that had tumbled 50ft off a cliff above her. Man Claims Penis Pump is a Bomb Madin Azad Amin really didn't want his mother to know he'd packed a sex toy for his trip to Turkey. So he told officials it was a bomb. (Thanks, Big Gary C) Cows Have Accents A group of British farmers claim that their cows moo with regional accents. (Thanks, Beverley.)
Jesus in an Ultrasound
Posted by Boo on Thu Aug 24, 2006
Following hot on the heels of the chocolate Virgin Mary (which, as many people pointed out, looked more like the Maltese Falcon) comes: Jesus as seen on an ultrasound picture. Seven months through her pregnancy, Laura Turner went for a routine ultrasound. She already knew that her son had a cleft lip, and she and her partner had been told there was a possibility of the child having Down's Syndrome. She says that she didn't notice anything particularly odd about the scan until a friend pointed it out once they got home.…
Snakes In A Theater
Posted by The Curator on Wed Aug 23, 2006
A story got out on the news wires claiming that a prankster had released two diamondback rattlesnakes in a theater during a showing of Snakes On A Plane. The source of the story appears to have been AMC spokeswoman Melanie Bell, which gave the story some credibility. But now the police are saying that the report isn't true: There is some shred of truth to the story, Phoenix police Sgt. Joel Tranter said. A 10-inch-long rattlesnake was found Friday in a hallway at AMC Desert Ridge 18, near Tatum Boulevard and Loop 101. But it likely slithered inside on its…
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Quick Links: Demon Coin, etc.
Posted by The Curator on Wed Aug 23, 2006
Demon Coin Sold A Winnipeg coin collector has sold an American penny for $170 on eBay. He claims the coin bears the image of the devil. Personally, I'm having a hard time seeing it. But at least it's not another image of the Virgin Mary.Pretend To Be An Illegal Immigrant Experience all the thrill and danger of illegally crossing the border from Mexico into the United States... without really being in any danger at all. A Mexican park is offering tourists the opportunity to pretend that they're an illegal immigrant crossing the Rio Grande: Advertising for the mock…
Flashing Bride
Posted by Boo on Tue Aug 22, 2006
I received this in my inbox from an unnamed correspondant: "I've been sent this photo by several people in the past few days. Looks too perfect to be real." (ETA: After comments, I've removed the image from the page, but you can view it here.) Well, it's certainly been posted to the BridalBloopers website, but all the information with it states is that it has been posted by a woman named Amanda Sell from Mount Vernon, WA. As to whether it's real or not, it's hard to say. The description on the website says: "If you can laugh after flashing 200 guests,…
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