Quick Links: Milk-Sipping Idols, etc.

Milk-Sipping Stone Idols
Hindus in Uttar Pradesh have been enthusiastically pouring milk on stone idols, encouraged by a rumor that the idols were "sipping" the milk. Experts have dismissed the "milk-sipping" phenomenon as a hoax: "Lucknow University Geology professor M.P. Singh said: 'It is very natural for any stone idol to absorb any liquid - and the older the stone, the more it absorbs.' V.K. Singh of King George's Medical University here termed it as 'nothing other than capillary action'."

Women Strip Naked For Rain Gods
Nepal is desperate for rain, and so Nepali women are taking drastic rain. They're stripping naked and ploughing fields. They figure this should appease the gods and bring rain. Lubbock, Texas should take note.

Prayer Antenna
image Need some help getting God to listen to your prayers? Try the prayer antenna, created by artist Paul Davies. Results, I assume, are not guaranteed. (via Cynical-C)

Haunting As Grounds For Divorce
Madam Tan of Singapore claims that her husband is causing evil spirits to haunt her in order to get her to divorce him. Lawyers say she may actually have a case against him: "Whether or not the flat is haunted, if Madam Tan can prove that her husband's actions relating to the occult are threatening and intended to cause her harassment, alarm or distress, she can sue him under Section 13A of the Miscellaneous Offences Act."

Paranormal Religion

Posted on Mon Aug 21, 2006


Maybe said lady read too much of these: http://www.popular.com.sg/jsp/product/product_search.jsp?vca001=0&vas001=NAME&KEYWORD=Singapore+ghost+stories
Posted by RAMChYLD  on  Mon Aug 21, 2006  at  10:17 PM
We're having a heat wave & drought around here, too. I wonder if I could employ the Nepalese rainmaking technique without getting arrested?
Posted by Big Gary  on  Tue Aug 22, 2006  at  04:33 PM
Well, B.G., on most beaches in Texas, you can legally wear a thong in public. You could rain-dance all you wanted, there. But totally naked? I'd say, stay indoors.
Posted by stork  on  Tue Aug 22, 2006  at  07:41 PM
Dude, Alex, the Prayer Antenna is outdated man. It's so obsolete. People use the Prayer Satelite dish nowadays to talk to me. 500,000 channels!
Posted by God  on  Wed Aug 23, 2006  at  02:13 AM
Statues sipping milk? How stupid is that? More like the material is porus like a sponge and it will absord any liquid. And why would a statue need milk?
Posted by Johan  on  Wed Aug 23, 2006  at  04:26 AM
stork sez:
"... But totally naked? I'd say, stay indoors."

No dice. The air-conditioning doesn't work too well here, and I suggested to my boss (who has been complaining about our lack of rain) that we could follow the example of the Nepali women farmers (i.e. do our work in the buff), but she said once we'd seen all our co-workers naked, nobody would return to work the next day.
Posted by Big Gary  on  Wed Aug 23, 2006  at  04:48 PM
Ha Ha! I know I sure wouldn't want to see my co-workers naked. Well, there is one, maybe, but only in my dreams.
Posted by stork  on  Wed Aug 23, 2006  at  05:09 PM
i wonder if anyone's trying feeding anything else to the idols? If, for example, someone tried to feed them Pepsi Max, and the idol pulled a face and said 'Dude, that's gross! Totally disrespecting the gods here.' then I might actually beleive them.
Posted by Nona  on  Mon Mar 19, 2007  at  06:29 AM
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