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Do you want to be a gigolo?
Malaysian men promised that, for a fee, they can become well-paid gigolos. It's the old dream job scam. One sucker "was told to meet a client at a city hotel. He waited for hours until he spotted a Western women who seemed to be searching for someone. 'I thought she was my client so I approached her and introduced myself. To my surprise, instead of receiving words of welcome, I got cursed and insulted,' he told the daily."

Dumb Robber #1
Forgets to bring bag for money as he robs bank. Consequently ends up dropping most of the money during the getaway.

Dumb Robber #2
Man attempts to hold up bank. Finds out the building he's in is not a bank. He thought it was because of the presence of an ATM machine.

Lost Candy Bars
If you're a fan of Lost, you might want to try some Apollo Candy Bars, being distributed at events across the country. The Apollo Candy Company is a subsidiary of The Hanso Group, which should be familiar to Lost fans. I should add Apollo Candy to my list of Lost-related hoax websites.

Church ponders possible balloon hoax
On July 23 the Gibbsville Reformed Church in Wisconsin released 600 balloons into the air. Attached to the balloons were tags saying, "When you find me, please send a note to my church." The Church soon received word from Indiana and Kentucky of found balloons. Then a tag was returned to them from China. The pastor is suspicious: "We're thinking it may be just somebody's idea of a joke, which puts us in a little bit of a bad spot. Just the fact that it wasn't signed was somewhat suspicious. There's probably some good sermon (material) in here somehow."

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Posted on Mon Aug 28, 2006


Taint no joke - it's a murkle!
Posted by outeast  on  Mon Aug 28, 2006  at  04:54 AM
> Do you want to be a gigolo?
Hmmm, was the newspaper in which the ad appeared in mentioned? Then again, I hardly get my news off the papers nowadays.

> Lost Candy Bars
Hmmm, It's part of the "The Lost Experience" game I keep hearing about. Then again, I'm not into Lost either.

It's interesting to note, tho, that "Apollo" is also a very real confectionary here in Malaysia.
Posted by RAMChYLD  on  Mon Aug 28, 2006  at  05:04 AM
ATM machine? Oh Alex...


Posted by Charybdis  on  Mon Aug 28, 2006  at  08:29 AM
At 8 a.m. this morning I went to the ATM machine, but I forgot my PIN number. I tried my ssn number, but I was SOL. . . .er. . .luck.
Posted by JoeDaJuggler  on  Mon Aug 28, 2006  at  12:15 PM
i typed in the numbers, and got a location in the central african republic.
Posted by poodlescoot  on  Mon Aug 28, 2006  at  12:21 PM
Giggalo story

"I even drank lots of essence of chicken,"

Wow, does that help in anyway? Or do you just get chicken breath?
Posted by N E O  on  Mon Aug 28, 2006  at  03:00 PM
"ATM machine? Oh Alex..."

Sure, it's a machine for making Anti-Tank Mines. They're the latest fad in bank security. Much better than the more usual caltrops.

And the "Dumb Robber #1" link doesn't seem to want to work for me. Is it my computer messing up again, or is the link doing odd things?
Posted by Accipiter  on  Mon Aug 28, 2006  at  11:47 PM
Seems to be your computer playing up again, Acci. 😊
Posted by Smerk  on  Tue Aug 29, 2006  at  12:39 AM
Hmmmmm, just a thought. Did any of the wild life that came in contact with or was harmed by one of the 600 balloons send a message back to the church?
Posted by Lynn Jenkins  on  Tue Nov 28, 2006  at  04:52 PM
hi, i m 24-years-old, muscular, 5ft 5 in. and to become gigolo.
Posted by tony francis  on  Fri Apr 27, 2007  at  03:38 PM
Hmmmmm,if I get those balloons I will definetly send it to the church.
Posted by Rajib  on  Fri Apr 24, 2009  at  01:54 AM
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