Virgin Sarah Seeks Help Losing It

image Jane Magazine is getting a lot of publicity from a feature they're running about Sarah, who's supposedly a 29-year-old virgin who wants to lose her virginity by her 30th birthday. And, of course, she's appealed to Jane Magazine readers to help her find the guy for that special moment. Sure, she could be for real, but it all seems highly doubtful. After all, we pretty much have to take her word for it that she is what she claims to be. (Though maybe she'll offer a fake virginity certificate as evidence.) Right away the stunt reminded me of, the 1998 hoax involving a so-called "internet deflowering". Personally, I wouldn't choose any of the guys Jane Magazine has selected for her. Instead, I'd select Marc of I think they'd be perfect for each other. (Marc's website is no longer up, but you can still see it via the Wayback Machine.)

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Posted on Thu Aug 24, 2006


Having seen the video of Sarah: it looks fake to me. Too much an act.
Posted by LaMa  on  Fri Aug 25, 2006  at  01:23 AM
Jane have run a 'pranks' column for years, I wouldn't be surprised if this is one of them. They are very catty for a woman's magazine, I've been known to laugh out loud reading their articles (and even captions) before.
Posted by katey  on  Fri Aug 25, 2006  at  06:36 AM
This has hoax written all over it....she
Posted by nitedrive  on  Fri Aug 25, 2006  at  10:19 AM
If there's one thing you can count on here, its people trying hard to believe what is completely unbelieveable, and trying hard not to believe what is completely believable.

Usually, it is the same people. 😊
Posted by coit  on  Fri Aug 25, 2006  at  01:09 PM
surely having a mass campaign to help you loose your virginity kinda hurts the romance of hte event doesnt it?
Posted by joodd  on  Fri Aug 25, 2006  at  04:33 PM
To my eyes, she has a physical resemblance to Ann Coulter. So maybe she isn't as normal as she appears.
Posted by Phred22  on  Sat Aug 26, 2006  at  10:27 AM
Cannot comment upon this directly, am unable to access the video.

But a lot of people who are not totally physically revolting to others have retained their virginity for a long time due to many other factors, so it is in the realm of possibility.

Nevertheless, one does require more proof that is seen to be available in this case.
Posted by DFStuckey  on  Sun Aug 27, 2006  at  12:48 AM
Why - she could also ask me to help her with that BIG pronblem of hers. Where can fill up the application form. LOL great story !
Posted by Jimmy Flirten  on  Sun Aug 27, 2006  at  02:09 PM
well,people just love the fake virgin stories don
Posted by nitedrive  on  Mon Aug 28, 2006  at  03:29 AM
I can't view the video either, but as a man, I'd be more than happy to give her 30 seconds of my time.
Posted by Sounds Hokey To Me  on  Mon Sep 17, 2007  at  04:57 PM
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