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April 2005
Outbreak of Zombie Virus
Posted by The Curator on Fri Apr 29, 2005
A fake BBC news page has been doing the rounds that describes an outbreak of 'zombism' in a small town in Cambodia: After death, this virus is able to restart the heart of it’s victim for up to two hours after the initial demise of the person where the individual behaves in extremely violent ways from what is believe to be a combination of brain damage and a chemical released into blood during “resurrection.” It's a pretty decent looking fake news page, although the url is a dead giveaway (pun intended), as is the awful grammar. The image of the ugly-looking creature comes from a photograph by artist Charlie White that was…
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Wal-Mart Cracks Down on Parody
Posted by The Curator on Fri Apr 29, 2005
Wal-Mart has threatened to sue a student who designed a parody web page that used some images from the Wal-Mart Foundation's website. The student has taken the images off his page. He's just 20 years old. What is he going to do to fight off Wal-Mart? However, I don't think he should have removed the images. He's in the right. The law gives very specific protections to parody, since parody inevitably depends upon borrowing elements of the original. I think the guy should put the images back up and counter-sue Wal-Mart for fraudulent claim of copyright. Well, he probably wouldn't get away with that. But put the back images up, at least. By removing…
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Popemobile on eBay
Posted by The Curator on Fri Apr 29, 2005
A 'popemobile' is up for sale on eBay (in Germany). It's a used car that once belonged to someone named 'Josef Kardinal Ratzinger'. The new pope hasn't lived in Germany for over twenty years, and doesn't need to drive himself around. So it's unlikely that the car was his. Nevertheless, bidding has already reached some obscene amount. But all the bids are probably hoaxes. (thanks to Casey for the link)
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The Zonkey
Posted by The Curator on Fri Apr 29, 2005
I believe that I may have a new creature to add to my tall-tale creature gallery: The Zonkey. It's a cross between a zebra and a donkey. Except it's real, so therefore it doesn't actually qualify for entry into the gallery. The zonkey's name is Alex, and he was born on Barbados. And exactly how did he get sired? Well, apparently there were only two zebras on this farm in Barbados, a male and a female. The male got sick, so the female "became friendly with a donkey". The result was Alex, the zonkey. They just had to name him Alex, didn't they. (thanks to…
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Does Email Cause IQ Loss?
Posted by The Curator on Thu Apr 28, 2005
A widely reported story last week stated that a study conducted by Hewlett Packard found that "Workers distracted by email and phone calls suffer a fall in IQ more than twice that found in marijuana smokers." Sounded like bad news for people like myself who are constantly checking email. But Mind Hacks has examined the study a little more closely and found its results aren't all they're cracked up to be. What the test actually found is that people do worse on IQ tests if they're simultaneously trying to answer email and phone calls. Which isn't surprising. But this 'IQ loss' only lasts for as long as the distractions last. In other words, you're not really…
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Tale of a Clueless Hacker
Posted by The Curator on Thu Apr 28, 2005
A story is going around about a clueless hacker who gets mad with a chat-room moderator and tries to take revenge. He asks the moderator what his IP address is. The moderator tells him it's The hacker apparently doesn't realize this number is geek-speak for home. It's the IP address of whatever computer you're currently using. Try to connect to it and you'll simply connect to your own computer. So the hacker plugs into his hack-tool and then begins to gloat as he sees the hard-drive of the computer he's connected to disappear. He doesn't realize that he's erasing his own computer: "I can see your E: drive disappearing,…
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Oscar Meyer Weiner Hearse
Posted by The Curator on Thu Apr 28, 2005
Apparently this is not a hoax. The Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile led the funeral procession for George Molchan, a former spokesman for the company who died earlier this month. He often drove it, so it seemed fitting to include it in the ceremony (thanks to Eric for the link): Molchan was laid to rest to the accompaniment of solemn prayers delivered in Slovenian by clergy from St. Michael Byzantine Catholic Church. But not before the 50 or so people at the Calumet Park Cemetery grave site broke into a chorus of the company theme song, "I'd love to a be an Oscar…
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Give Me Whatever’s In The Bag
Posted by The Curator on Thu Apr 28, 2005
This comes via News of the Weird. The incident occurred in San Diego, but somehow I missed hearing about it on the local news: Urban Legend Come to Life: A San Diego Union Tribune report of a March 28 attempted robbery seems accurate, though reminiscent of reports that have been hoaxes (including one, from The Dallas Morning News, that News of the Weird fell for in 2002). A 32-year-old woman reported that a robber accosted her and her dog in an upscale San Diego neighborhood that night, demanded her money, grabbed a bag she was holding but quickly threw it down, and in frustration, tried to shoot the dog (but the gun failed to fire).…
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Twinkies Don’t Last Forever
Posted by The Curator on Wed Apr 27, 2005
This month, as I'm sure everyone is aware, is the 75th anniversary of the creation of Hostess Twinkies. To mark that anniversary it's worth linking to this article in which a Hostess marketing person tries to debunk that urban legend about how Twinkies last forever. He claims they only last 25 days. Yeah, right: "We hear that they can survive a nuclear winter. Of course, it’s all urban legend," says Hostess marketing manager Kevin Kaul. But in fact, Interstate Brands Co., Hostess’ parent company, designates a 25-day shelf life for its most famous product. Interstate has 17 bakeries nationwide; they crank out 500 million Twinkies a year.
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Mating Animal Crackers
Posted by The Curator on Wed Apr 27, 2005
Unfortunately bidding has already ended on the UNBELIEVABLE Mating Animal Crackers on eBay. And they went for only $12.00. I would have paid more than that for them. Seriously. I think they would have been a great mascot for the Museum of Hoaxes. After all, I assume they were Barnum Animal Crackers, and Barnum is like the patron saint of this site. So it would have fit. But my guess is that they've already been eaten by now. (The best part about buying them would have been that I could have listed 'Mating Animal Crackers' as a deduction on my taxes for this…
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BigBoy Graveyard
Posted by The Curator on Mon Apr 25, 2005
Detroit Funk offers photographic evidence of the existence of a BigBoy Graveyard, which is kind of like the legendary Elephant Graveyard, except for BigBoys: People all heard of it, but nobody had actually seen it with their own eyes. Well then my brotherinlaw Dave discovers the actual location - it was not an urban legend ! The BigBoy Graveyard actually existed...And its one of the saddest places in the DetroMetro area (if not the world) , its damn hard not to shed a tear there for all the fallen Boys.
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Faces In Stuff Slideshow
Posted by The Curator on Mon Apr 25, 2005
The BBC has a slideshow of various faces seen in stuff, including the recent Underpass Mary, the Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Sandwich, and the Chapati Jesus.
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Great Wall of China Visible From Space
Posted by The Curator on Mon Apr 25, 2005
Apparently the Great Wall of China is visible from space. This confirms the old myth, but reverses reports from last year stating that the wall wasn't visible. A Chinese astronaut was able to snap a picture of it as he orbited overhead in the space station. Unfortunately it's not very visible. The astronaut wasn't even sure if he had actually photographed it or not. Plus, it turns out that many man-made things are visible from space. Update: Here's a story in China Daily that contains the astronaut's photo of the Great Wall. You can't miss it because apparently the wall is bright yellow (or is it bright orange?)
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Campaign to Reelect the Prime Minister
Posted by The Curator on Mon Apr 25, 2005
A recently declassified video "shows Prime Minister Tony Blair making tough decisions in the run up to the War on Iraq and demonstrates the correctness of continued high level support for Tony Blair seeking another term in office." (Yes, the video is a joke.) But apparently the BBC is getting behind the effort to reelect Tony Blair as well. The Telegraph reports that it sent hecklers armed with microphones to stage a disruption at a rally for opposition candidate Michael Howard. The BBC claims that the staged disruption was part of a "completely legitimate programme about the history and art of political heckling"
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Gross Things Found in Food
Posted by The Curator on Sun Apr 24, 2005
This entry has been moved into the Hoaxipedia.
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