The Oops List

Check out this directory of pictures involving accidents and screw-ups of every kind imaginable. It would be easy to spend an hour or two browsing through them all. But I think a few of them are of doubtful reality. For instance, this one of the California Highway Patrol is an obvious joke. And I can't imagine how this container ended up inside the engine. There's also this photo of a bird that collided with a plane. I believe it's real, but it's still a pretty odd picture.


Posted on Thu Apr 21, 2005


The link above to the directory home page works, but when I try the three above links that go straight to the pictures, I get a little message saying, "Don't steal my bandwidth!". Is this a problem with the links, or is my computer having personal problems again?
Posted by Accipiter  on  Thu Apr 21, 2005  at  04:53 PM
Is just the site blocking foreign referers, so people can't link the images directly or embed them in their pages. However, the site seems to allow a complete lack of referer, so just try "copy target" (or shortcut, or link, or whatever) and paste it into the navigation bar manually.
Posted by Splarka  on  Thu Apr 21, 2005  at  05:10 PM
Strange. When I originally tested the links they worked. Now I get the 'bandwidth stealing' message when I click on the first image link, but not the second two.
Posted by The Curator  in  San Diego  on  Thu Apr 21, 2005  at  10:56 PM
Which jpg was the California Highway Patrol? ❓
Posted by andychrist  on  Fri Apr 22, 2005  at  06:17 AM
Speed Enforcement 2, andy.
Posted by Boo  on  Fri Apr 22, 2005  at  06:34 AM
Thanks Boo.
Posted by andychrist  on  Fri Apr 22, 2005  at  08:47 AM
There seems to be a disproportionate number of aircraft accidents in this list. Coincidence?

My favorites are the 'Women Live Longer' and the 'Lost My Job Today' series.
Posted by Captain Al  on  Fri Apr 22, 2005  at  09:15 AM
I can vouch for the real-ness of the "sub-aground" pictures. I work for a gov't contractor that builds subs... we just had an open forum about this, and how to make sure it doesn't happen again. The Navy actually has these pics on their website. It's the USS San Francisco, it ran into an uncharted underwater mountain. One sailor was killed, a bunch more were injured.
Posted by Jessica  on  Fri Apr 22, 2005  at  10:13 AM
Fun stuff. A lot of it seems to be 'classic' web-photos, real and not, such as the 'stealth fighter' picture. Some good for a laugh.
Posted by Bobcat  on  Fri Apr 22, 2005  at  04:55 PM
Just a small comment: The "Oh Shit" image is a photo of an intentional effect, often used to wow the crowds at airshows. The F-111 has its fuel dump pipe between the exhausts in the tailcone, and if fuel is dumped during full afterburner operation, it ignites.
Just for some meaningless trivia 😉
Posted by Alsy  on  Wed Apr 27, 2005  at  08:54 PM
I saw the picture of the can in the engine and as a former airline employee (12 years on the ramp) I believe it is very possible for this to happen, I have seen these cans blow across runways with the right amount of wind and if the plane was coming in to the terminal the engine could have sucked the can right in.
Posted by William Sullivan  on  Mon Oct 10, 2005  at  05:47 AM
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