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Marzipan Babies
Status: Not Marzipan
I'm a big fan of Marzipan. In fact, I've made several pilgrimages to Lübeck, home of Niederegger, makers of the best marzipan in the world (in my opinion). So I was intrigued by these pictures of tiny babies supposedly made out of marzipan. I don't see why one couldn't make lifelike dolls out of marzipan, but that's not the case with these dolls. They're actually made by the artist Camille Allen out of polymer clay or resin, and they're not edible. Still, in the past it was apparently possible to buy jelly babies, as well as chocolate babies. So why not marzipan babies? (via Strong Chemistry)

image image image
Categories: Birth/Babies, Food
Posted by Alex on Wed Oct 12, 2005
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It's amazing that people could be so ignorant to think that Camille is the only one out there making OOAKs (One Of A Kind clay babies)! I think it's just awful how she has the duped the world and suckered them into thinking she is something special and she is some great innovator as if she is the only OOAK Artist in the world! Go to a search for OOAK Baby and you will find MANY artists that are just as talented if not BETTER than her and don't expect to get paid thousands of dollars for one sculpt! Personally I am sick of hearing about Camille and her 'Marzinpan' babies. I own an extensive collection of OOAK clay babies by so many different talented Artists and have NO desire to own one of Camille's over-rated and over priced babies!
Posted by Don't Be Fooled  in  CA  on  Mon Dec 31, 2007  at  01:49 PM
Bravo to the other Artists who are now Speaking out!!!
Although these babies are Sweet but why give this one Artist all the credit???
As most of us others who create with polymer clay (these babies pictured are NOT Marzipan)!!we are the first to say we surfed Ebay saw the Sweet Babies there by OTHER Artists and wanted to create them as well..We don't take all the credit as the Only one.But Great Marketing Plan!!
She is NOT the Only one and Not the first or last to create these babies go to Ebay look up OOAK Babies.Just because of the Marzipan talk this has made her a fortune..I am sorry i think there are just as cute babies out there Selling Cheaper but same Quality! Plus you can buy them dressed if you choose and poseable.
Posted by Bout Time!  in  NOT MARZIPAN!  on  Mon Dec 31, 2007  at  04:47 PM
Oh God. Too cute! But ugh how can one think of eating them. Oh Nooooooooo!
Posted by Madhurita Ghose  in  India  on  Sat Jan 05, 2008  at  12:31 AM
hey i just was wondering how u make these or getthem or w.e i am making a cakefor mysisters baby shower and she showed me these and i thought i could tryto make one of them at least to put on the cake ....
Posted by Kyrsten  in  Ontario  on  Mon Feb 11, 2008  at  09:24 PM

How disappointing.
Posted by Mandy  on  Thu Feb 28, 2008  at  06:09 PM
my quetion to you? do you sell these sugar babies and if so where can i buy some. i really think that they are adorable and i told my husband that i would like some of these babies to keep, not eat them. they are so cute to eat. please let me know where i can buy some. thank you.
Posted by DEBRA  on  Sun Mar 30, 2008  at  04:47 PM
Made by camille allen in the link below
Posted by Emillw  in  UK  on  Sat Aug 02, 2008  at  02:36 AM
gulp hi i think these babies are cute and i would not be able to eat them who could
have you seen the pictures of some reborn babies just type it in in google and it will come up i want one they look real.
Posted by kelly  in  manchester  on  Sat Oct 25, 2008  at  11:39 AM
Wow. I never knew there were so many illiterate people on the internet (YouTube comments aside). And of course they're the ones who wanna by see' lil' bebbehs!! You've got to have something to scream over outside Planned Parenthood.
Posted by Kiki  on  Mon Aug 03, 2009  at  05:38 AM
hope this helps everyone......there is a website callled ehow that gives detailed instructions on how to make marzipan babies.....going to try to make one for a baby shower cake.
Posted by katthy  on  Sat Nov 14, 2009  at  03:28 PM
HELLO PEOPLE >>>> these are NOT marzipan babies, and therefore NOT EDIBLE!!! This means you CAN'T EAT THEM.
Posted by Denise  in  Michigan  on  Sat Dec 05, 2009  at  10:56 PM
hello my name is sarah and i would like to know where i would be able to purchase 1 of these babies from please
Posted by sarah bevan  in  plymouth uk  on  Sat Apr 03, 2010  at  09:59 AM
email me to purchase marzipan babies
Posted by j barnes  in  uk  on  Tue Jul 13, 2010  at  12:42 AM
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