Belarussian Shore Muddler

In Sweden, its native land, the Belarussian Shore Muddler is known as the "Vitrysk Strandmuddlare." It is found in the region of Zscicvzoskaija. The creature is remarkable because it appears to combine the head of a baby pig, the tail of a squirrel, and the feet of a water fowl.

The shore-muddler first came to the attention of the general public when it was displayed in the Göteborg Museum of Natural History on April 1, 1963. It has been displayed every April 1st since then.

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Posted by J  on  Sun Nov 26, 2006  at  12:20 PM
The name "white russian shore muudler" is wrong.
It should be "Belarussian shore muddler".
The original swedish name is "Vitrysk strandmuddlare" and while "vit" means white and "rysk" means russian, "vitrysk" means belarussian.
(bela = white in latin)
By the way here are some links!
High resolution photos in b/w and colour.
And here is a short video.
Posted by Erik  on  Sat May 04, 2013  at  11:30 AM