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The Origin of April Fool’s Day? -- April Fool's Day, 1983
Joseph Boskin, a History professor at Boston University, was interviewed by Associated Press writer Fred Bayles about the history and meaning of April Fool's Day. During the interview, Boskin stated that April Fool's Day originated during the Roman Empire when a group of fools and jesters boasted to Emperor Constantine that any one of them could rule the kingdom as well as or better than the Emperor himself. Amused, Constantine gave them a chance to prove this boast by appointing Kugel, the King of the Fools, emperor for a day. Kugel immediately decreed that only the absurd would be allowed in the kingdom on that day. The custom stuck, and therefore the tradition of April Fools was born.

Bayles's interview with Boskin appeared in newspapers throughout the country. But what Bayles hadn't realized was that the story about the origin of April Fool's Day wasn't true. Boskin had made it up as a joke.

Several weeks later, Boskin confessed to his hoax. Kugel was, in reality, a kind of Jewish casserole, not the King of the Fools. He also admitted that he didn't actually know how April Fool's Day began.

April Fool Categories: History and Archaeology, United States, 1983.
everyone knows it come from the pagan new year!
Posted by Isaac  in  Over there  on  Sat Apr 02, 2005  at  10:16 PM
It looks like Prof. Boskin got an offer he couldn't refuse from a homicidal albino monk of Opus Dei... Next they'll force someone to claim that the early Church martyrs in the centuries before Constantine didn't worship Mary Magdalene after all. wink
Posted by Rex  on  Wed Apr 04, 2007  at  12:05 PM
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