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M3 Zebra Crossing    (April Fool's Day - 2000)

Early morning commuters travelling on the northern carriageway of the M3 near Farnborough, Hampshire encountered a pedestrian zebra crossing painted across the busy highway. The perpetrator of the prank was unknown. A police spokesman speculated that the prank, "must have been done very early in the morning when there was little or no traffic on the motorway." Maintenance workers were quickly summoned to remove the crossing, which was apparently not too difficult to do since the pranksters had used emulsion paint rather than gloss. The police noted that, surprisingly, they had received no calls from the public about the crossing.

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I don't think this is original - I remember a story of Lancast University students doing the same thing to the M6.
Posted by MikeM  on  Thu Jun 10, 2004  at  09:38 AM
Might not be original, but it is actually pretty funny! 😛
Posted by Genasai  on  Wed Dec 05, 2007  at  11:08 PM
this prank was obviously going 2 b good it's in the top 100!! but i see what you mean by it not being original...
Posted by camoqueen  on  Wed Apr 02, 2008  at  05:52 PM
The idea was hatched about ten years before we did it, so not sure if someone got there first. The following year we painted a yellow box junction in the same place, but the police decided not to promote it to the media this time. Took five of us ten minutes at about 3am. We even practiced how quickly we could do it a few weeks before in Rushmoor Arena. April 1 was a Saturday, so it made all the Sunday papers. Page two of the Sunday Sport and the back page of the Times! We were so proud.
Posted by MissVx  on  Thu Mar 31, 2011  at  03:53 PM