Texas Tortilla and ‘An Amazing Photograph’

image Here are two more curious auctions on eBay (people keep sending me this stuff... probably because I keep posting about it). The first is a tortilla shaped like the state of Texas (item# 5557639562). The auctioner swears that "I have not cut it, clipped it, chewed it or changed it in any way. What you see is what came out of the bag." And I've got to hand it to him. It really does look like Texas. The current bid is only $1.99.

What you're supposed to see in the other auction, however, isn't anywhere near as obvious, but the current bid on this is $3,100. It's supposed to be a photograph of 'The Face of the Lord' as seen in a cloud (item# 5557053951). The photo was taken 31 years ago. I think I can see some kind of face-like features in the cloud, but as one person has already commented on the auction, 'What if it's the devil?' I wonder if it would fetch even more money if it were a demonic photo.

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Posted on Sun Feb 13, 2005


I know the photo was supposedly taken 31 years ago, not doctored in any way, etc etc...

But the first thought in my head was 'Photoshop'.
tongue wink
Posted by Boo  in  The Land of the Haggii...  on  Mon Feb 14, 2005  at  02:58 AM
OK, this whole "God's/Jesus's/the Devil's face in something" genre of eBay auction has gotten out of hand. Time to take action, people!

Here's what we should do: post as many stupid "Face of God/Jesus/Satan" auction items as possible on eBay until the novelty wears off and therefore the price drops to the point where it isn't worth the time to put them up for bid anymore. It's apparently the only way to rid the world of these abominations. Gentlemen, start your browsers!
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Mon Feb 14, 2005  at  03:15 AM
I have seen Texas-shaped tortilla chips sold by the bag before (in Texas, of course). I suspect that's what this guy has.

Also, making tortilla chips at home isn't so hard if you've a FryDaddy. Cutting a tortilla into the shape of Texas and frying it wouldn't be much of a challange.

Lame auction.
Posted by JoeSixpack  on  Mon Feb 14, 2005  at  07:18 AM
I can't see anything but the face of a siamese cat. Which Lord is it supposed to be? Bast?
Posted by kf  on  Mon Feb 14, 2005  at  09:25 AM
Why do people always assume faces they see are God, or Jesus or Mary? How do they know it's not my late Uncle Herman trying desperately to make contact?? In fact, I think it looks suspiciously like him! It's a miracle! Through the technology of the internet, at last, I've had some contact!!!! Praise the Lord!!! big surprise
Posted by Glamcat  on  Mon Feb 14, 2005  at  11:20 AM
I have to admit I have been thinking of placing something on ebay recently with the claim that it does not in anyway resemble a diety

That or placing an item which I'd claim wasn't haunted in any way whatsoever.
Posted by Sharruma  on  Mon Feb 14, 2005  at  11:53 AM
There is a well known grocery store (in Texas) called H.E.B. whose "store brand" tortilla chips are in this shape.

I'll bet about 85% of all hoseholds in south / central Texas have these in their pantry.

Posted by garrett  on  Mon Feb 14, 2005  at  02:35 PM
That's the strangest version of a face I've ever seen, including my own.
Posted by Reynard Muldrake  on  Mon Feb 14, 2005  at  04:23 PM
...in the cloud, that is.
Posted by Reynard Muldrake  on  Mon Feb 14, 2005  at  04:24 PM
Ha! I don't see the face of God, but I do CLEARLY see the face of Godzilla, and his expression seems to say "Oh, PLEASE..."

See it? The eye is in the dark spot, the broad reptilian mouth in the light spot right below it? Praise Gamera, Mothra, and the Holy Twins!
Posted by Barghest  on  Mon Feb 14, 2005  at  09:33 PM
That tortilla guy sounds awfully defensive to me...
Posted by Katherine  on  Mon Feb 14, 2005  at  10:41 PM
Having purchased a bag of Texas shapped tortilla chips myself several times, I can verify that this chip looks exactly how those did.

As for the cloud, people look for recognizable shapes and patterns in things. Clouds especially.
Posted by Reinstag  in  Austin, TX  on  Mon Feb 14, 2005  at  11:57 PM
Katherine, which "tortilla guy" are you referring to? Not me, surely, 'cause I'm not definsive at all, and I have to insist that you stop implying that, because I'M NOT DEFENSIVE, STOP PERSECUTING ME!
Posted by JoeSixpack  on  Tue Feb 15, 2005  at  09:19 AM
You can indeed buy Texas-shaped chips (and Texas-shaped pasta, pizza, cookies, pecan pies, fruitckes, paving stones, dog tags, etc., etc.) at many stores here in the Lone Star State. $1.99 is about what you'd expect to pay for a whole bag of those chips.
Posted by Big Gary C  in  Dallas, Texas  on  Tue Feb 15, 2005  at  12:49 PM
KF is right-- the face in the clouds is a cat's face. So the Egyptians were right-- cats are divine. Praise Bast!
Posted by Big Gary C  in  Dallas, Texas  on  Tue Feb 15, 2005  at  12:51 PM
Cranky Media Guy sez:
"Here's what we should do: post as many stupid "Face of God/Jesus/Satan" auction items as possible on eBay until the novelty wears off..."

Um, isn't that what an awful lot of people are already doing?
Posted by Big Gary C  in  Dallas, Texas  on  Tue Feb 15, 2005  at  12:54 PM
So thats what Texas looks like - and I thought it was England - you know - Governor Blair's home state
Posted by midlandsea  on  Tue Feb 15, 2005  at  05:14 PM
Well, ok - Analysing the cloud

I can see a happy little doggy with a bone in it's mouth on the far right of the cloud (near the top)

I see what appears to be a group of skateboarders in the bottom left.

I see the eye of an eagle in the centre (that darkened area) complete with the nose but stopping before the beak

I see the mouth of a snake just below the eye

I see the top of a head of a neanderthal just above the eye stetching across the pic, this might be a cat as the nose is very cat like

I can see a womans face in the top left of the pic
complete with an eyebrow over her left eye, though the eye itself seems to be covered by the blacker cloud

I see a vaguely human figure with a halo around it's head (jesus) eith waterskining or surfing
just up and right of the eye

I can see the head of a wolf with an elogated snout (the gap between the big cloud and the smaller one in the the bottom right)

I see a mad axe wielding mysoganist chasing a naked woman down a busy high street with a large number of onlookers doing nothing to help

Okay only joking about the last one, but all any of this took was a little bit of imagination and perhaps a slightly sick mind.
Posted by Sharruma  on  Tue Feb 15, 2005  at  09:58 PM
I think it looks like ET in the cloud, ET phone home!
Posted by LittleSteph  on  Wed Feb 16, 2005  at  02:24 AM
This auction has finished and the one and only bid of $3100 was withdrawn by agreement.Maybe a larger part of the big sting? Is that in the rules at E-Bay to do that?

Cheers...by the way I have an apple I bit into......
Posted by madbob  in  Melbourne  on  Wed Feb 23, 2005  at  09:57 PM
It looks like a lioness to me.
Posted by Bisquik  in  Riverside, CA  on  Sat Apr 23, 2005  at  02:10 PM
Today is March 23, 2006. As fast as you can, you must:

1. Go to eBay

2. Search "Jesus on a Tortilla Chip"

3. Expect a Miracle

It's auction 9501037586and it got more than 1,000 hits in its first three days. There's a sucker born every minute!
Posted by JimBob Pollywog  on  Thu Mar 23, 2006  at  10:22 PM
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