Kangaroo Testicle Hoax

The organizers of the world testicle-cooking championship in Serbia were all prepared for the arrival of Nigel Bevan, Australia's leading kangaroo testicle cook. They even had a supply of kangaroo testicles on hand, ready for him to cook up into a delicious dish. But Bevan never showed up. It's hard to tell from the text of the article, but it seems to imply that Nigel Bevan, master kangaroo testicle chef, is real enough, but that some prankster was pretending to be him. However, a google search turns up no references to a testicle cook named Nigel Bevan (except for the references made in this article itself).


Posted on Wed Sep 07, 2005


Posted by Vince  on  Wed Sep 07, 2005  at  08:31 PM
i live in australia and have never heard of the guy. I'm sure if he existed he would be a big celb here.
Posted by trotsky  in  Australia  on  Wed Sep 07, 2005  at  09:58 PM
How ever - it's a legitimate bussiness (preparing and eating those things) so why wouldnt there be such cook...Some sort of testiclecooking Nigela Lawson grin
Posted by JK  on  Thu Sep 08, 2005  at  12:58 AM
I always feel so jumpy after eating Kangaroo's testicles....
Posted by LaMa  in  Europe  on  Thu Sep 08, 2005  at  02:30 AM
Maybe the Catholic Priests got him!
Posted by Jorge  on  Thu Sep 08, 2005  at  11:00 AM
The story has now turned up in the media around Australia, they just call him an Auzzie hoaxer. Noone seems bothered enough to find out if this guy actually exists.
Posted by trotsky  on  Thu Sep 08, 2005  at  04:59 PM
I'll stick to vegetarianism.
Posted by Reynard Muldrake  on  Thu Sep 08, 2005  at  10:21 PM
Personally, I prefer Koala nuts...
Posted by T.S. Tickle  on  Fri Sep 09, 2005  at  01:01 AM
world testicle cooking championship


Ljubomir Erovic
general menager
Posted by Lj. Erovic  in  serbia  on  Mon Sep 12, 2005  at  08:11 AM
In this country a nigel is a bit of a dumb person, and a bevan is dumb, rough, and into cars. A perfect hoax name for said cuisine. I just wonder where they got all the testicles.
Posted by xymonau  in  Australia  on  Fri Sep 16, 2005  at  07:26 PM
Posted by Lj. Erovic  in  Serbia  on  Sat May 27, 2006  at  06:09 AM
Posted by Ero  in  ser  on  Fri Apr 27, 2007  at  07:05 AM
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