Holy Grail Found in Da Vinci’s Last Supper

Status: True (in my opinion)
Here's a bit of a mystery. I received an email from someone called Prastil who wrote, "Check this hoax out: DaVinciGrail.com." The site he directed me to claims that the holy grail has finally been discovered in Da Vinci's painting of the Last Supper. For centuries people have wondered why Da Vinci omitted the grail from his painting, given that the grail is one of the central elements of the Last Supper story. Its absence has spawned a variety of theories, such as the one elaborated in Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code, that the holy grail was Mary Magdalene's uterus (and that the figure to the left of Jesus in the painting is Mary Magdalene). But DaVinciGrail.com claims that Da Vinci actually did include the grail in his painting, if you look hard enough. He concealed it as a symbol on the wall above the head of St. Bartholomew, the disciple at the extreme left. (I highlighted the cup in the image below).

It may seem a bit farfetched that after centuries someone discovered a detail in the Last Supper that no one had ever seen before, but as far as I can tell, that's the case. The man who noticed the grail in the painting was Gary Phillips, a Michigan computer programmer (and cryptologist). He was aided in his discovery by the fact that the painting was recently cleaned, revealing details previously concealed by dirt and grime. Of course, Phillips could be seeing a shape that was not intentionally placed there by Da Vinci, but once you see the cup, it seems so obvious that it's hard to believe it wasn't placed there on purpose. The legitimacy of Phillips's claim to have discovered this hidden detail is noted on a number of sites, such as About.com's Art History blog.

Now here's where things get strange. Phillips has nothing to do with DaVinciGrail.com. Instead, Phillips maintains a separate site called Realm of Twelve. DaVinciGrail.com is registered to (drumroll, please) Prastil, the same guy who emailed me telling me that the site was a hoax. Why did Prastil claim his site was a hoax? Was he trying to get me to write about his site, not thinking that I would check the domain registration? I have no idea (and I wrote about it anyway). But Phillips's discovery of the grail hidden as a symbol on the wall in The Last Supper seems real enough to me... unless there's some part of the story that I'm not clued in to. (Very possible.)


Posted on Tue Sep 27, 2005


Kasem Ahman...what is your point? I looked at your link...cased closed. It's there...and more. It's a painting within a painting.
Posted by Don  in  Grand Rapids, Michigan  on  Tue Jul 31, 2007  at  05:28 PM
Is it ever going to be possible to really know the true intentions of any long dead artist? The pattern pointed out is interesting though... It does seem to have a pattern to it... Interestingly, part of that pattern is a crescent shape which is an old symbol for the grail, but a crescent is a shape found in so many other obejects, so as I said before, how can we ever really know?
Posted by Mark  in  Toronto, Canada  on  Wed Aug 01, 2007  at  12:11 PM
It is possible to know the intentions of an artist who died so long ago, so long as the artist had the skill to preserve his or her complete story. Leonardo did more than paint religious art. He was a skilled scientist (specializing in mechanics and optics), physician, visual artist, mathemetician, and philosopher among other things. I'm not convinced (nor is it important at this stage) that Leonardo believed in the details of the alternate story he portrayed in The Last Supper, but we can be certain he wanted to provide a more complete perspective of Christianity than the church did at that time (and perhaps still does).

My point is that Leonardo was absolutely clever enough to give us *his* complete story. Let's keep in mind the size of this particular painting, and that Leonardo did not have computer imaging tools available to him to encode his story. He is truly genius, and I am greatful for what he has done.

My speculation is that the Peter symbol in the painting is nothing more than to direct the viewer to the symmetry of the ceiling. Once symmetry is realized, we need to ask why, and as noted recently the image folds onto itself. The grail no longer rests on St. Bartholomew -- it rests on the purported knight templar -- or at least a man fully furnished with armor. There is probably more to the story, not in this painting alone, but in a series of Leonardo's religious art (including Madonna of the Rocks, et al).
Posted by gary phillips  in  Michigan  on  Wed Aug 01, 2007  at  09:37 PM
Don there is no holy grail in the wall can u even see the wall do u even know which wall it is? there no grail in the wall if u really saw my link u could have seen it alright???
Posted by Kasem  on  Thu Aug 02, 2007  at  05:29 PM
Gary has a VERY valid point. Leonardo had problems with the "church" and DID incorporate HIS view of history in this painting. Many people need to get out of the "box" and READ history and what has been uncovered. Those that choose to be "Blinded" by the binders of what is now called the Bible will never understand the Jewish religion, culture or what they sought to accomplish. This includes Yeshua,and his brother James. And if you never knew that Jesus HAD a brother, and his brother was the head of the Church of Jerusalem until he was murdered...you need to educate yourself. Search out the Truth..and the Truth will set you free. At First you will be troubled, even angry...but then you can find peace.
Posted by Don  in  Grand Rapids, Michigan  on  Thu Aug 02, 2007  at  06:30 PM
Kasem...click on THIS link and you can see it clearly. Don
Posted by Don  in  Grand Rapids, Michigan  on  Fri Aug 03, 2007  at  04:38 PM
I'm sorry Kasem. That link won't work. Go to wickpedia and type in Leonardo Da Vinci. Scroll down to "The Last Supper" jpg.
Posted by Don  in  Grand Rapids, Michigan  on  Fri Aug 03, 2007  at  04:55 PM
The Last Supper is a wedding party. I have the proof for it. It is so simple! smile
Posted by Paul Lunetta  in  San Francisco  on  Sat Aug 04, 2007  at  06:18 PM
ok paul wheres your proof of the wedding party
Posted by catherine higgs  in  northern california  on  Mon Aug 06, 2007  at  12:52 AM
How interesting here's the real mystery some people can't see the very obvious depiction of a woman sitting at Christ's right hand side yet can plainly see a chalice obscurely painted (if it was) in the wall of the background hmmm...very curious. hmmm
Posted by Colleen  in  West  on  Sun Aug 12, 2007  at  11:50 PM
The holy Grail is turly Mary Magdalene as you can see there is no grail and the grail is said to be to the right of Jesus and as you can see that the only things right of Jesus is his eating materials and of course Mary Magdalene if you look real hard you will notice a v shape between Mary and Jesus some believe that this v stands for the feminine power you will also notice some other things small that might also have a meaning to them
Posted by bri  on  Sat Sep 22, 2007  at  03:59 PM
Just read all of the posts and by the dates I see I'm well and truly late to the party but thought I needed to point out a little fact that no one has mentioned yet. Is it not the case that 1 of Jesus's followers should be missing?? did Judas not leave the supper before it started so as to betray Jesus ? if this is the case then there is indeed 1 too manny people at the table? seated to the right of christ is the one that he loved, non other than his wife Mary Magdelene, the chalace is her womb and she is carrying his baby?

Notice how the Bible make few references to Mary? infact before he is killed I recall that she is only mentioned as a prostitute who is being stoned "Let he who is without sin cast the first rock" why is she not mentioned again until he is nailed to the cross? and at this why is she mentioned at all? surely she would have had no reason to be mentioned unless she was in fact part of jesus's group of followers? you decide!

also to Cathy Im not sure of your claims as I do not see this machine by Mary's arm but you have sparked my interest in this box/tunnel that i can clearly see above jesus please give more details on what your thoughts are on this finding and while your at it take a look at the other doorway or what ever it is just beneeth the table below the guy in blue to the left of jesus under the stool?
Posted by Tony  in  Ireland  on  Sun Oct 07, 2007  at  09:52 PM
Don't mean to rain on anyones parade, but the idea that the image above Bartholomew being the grail is hardly new, and is common knowledge amongst those who know the painting. It was noticed before Mr. Phillips was even born(unless he's over 150 years old).
Sorry if I burst your bubbles, but figured I should say something before Mr. Phillips embarrassed himself.
Posted by Some Guy  in  Somewhere, World  on  Mon Oct 08, 2007  at  07:22 PM
I don't think you're raining on anyone's parade! Let's just say that I "rediscovered" the grail symbol and went public with it. Why, in these past 150 years, has those who have known about it kept their silence? Could you point us to a publication that details the symbol as a grail? I know many of us have been looking. Regardless, I don't find it at all embarrassing to say I discovered the symbol, nor do I find it embarrassing for others who email me to report that they too have independently made the same discovery.

According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization ( http://portal.unesco.org/culture/en/ev.php-URL_ID=28298&URL_DO=DO_TOPIC&URL_SECTION=201.html ), the restoration began in 1979 (which puts us back to around 28 years ago). I am of the understanding that the symbol was completely covered up before that time -- say not even 30 years, let alone 150. I say this because if this symbol has already been known, it wasn't because it was seen first-hand in the painting.

I kindly ask that you show how this symbol was previously known to be a grail so that perhaps we can delve deeper into Leonardo's intent. Equally intriguing would be who has known -- and what else can they show us?!

kind regards,
Posted by gary phillips  in  Michigan  on  Mon Oct 08, 2007  at  09:06 PM
A couple of things, first I read that the quality of marerials in this painting were so poor that it had a tendancy to dereriorate rapidly and because of that it has been touched up repeatedly over the years. Secondly it was common practice to paint over existing paintings which sometimes will have the effect of ghostly type images in the paintings. When I look at the painting I can see several images that faintly resemble other things.
Posted by swtcl  in  usa  on  Mon Oct 08, 2007  at  10:38 PM
tony in ireland please do what i say and you will be shocked and amazed. i dont know how to send a image or believe me i would . i can tell you how to get there tho. go to yahoo and type in rudolph gatenbrink then when you see all the choices pick the upnaut project. when you get there choose the upnaut story themn it gives you a bunch of choices pick the 1993 one then scroll down and you will see the same exact white square with the 2 black dots . then i would like to hear what you think . it is too exact to be just coincidence. after you see that then ill tell you what else it resembles and then youll really be shocked . catherine
Posted by catherine higgs  in  northern california  on  Fri Oct 26, 2007  at  04:57 AM
Yes it is defintly there in the unrestored version there are many factors that are not in the restored for one yes the cup of christ is in there an a few of his desciples are also not included in the restored version they were changed but its not noticable unless u compare the original to the restored
Posted by Bain  in  saginaw mi  on  Sun Jan 13, 2008  at  06:44 PM
someone left the grail shaped beacon on again
Posted by XTOOLX462  in  KENTUCKY  on  Fri Jan 18, 2008  at  08:42 PM
ok now can someone tell me what why the newly discovered door in the great pyramid is in the painting of the last supper. wish i could tell rudolph gatenbrink. the scary part is if you look real close with a magnifing glass you can see the robot climbing up the shaft. whats up with that i think that no one need look any further for how to make a time machine its right bin front of our faces art is a time machine. how we use it i dont know yet. ta ta, catherine
Posted by catherine  in  northern ca  on  Mon Feb 18, 2008  at  08:00 PM
Actually this was already a theory. If you zoom in on the painting (there's a high-def version online), you will see that it is actually geometric shapes. Is it meant to be a grail? no idea. Just thought i'd meantion
Posted by Josh  on  Fri Feb 22, 2008  at  06:42 PM
Hi their i was woundering dose the holy grail have a lid on top of it about and the cup about 20 to 30cm high and on the lid that covers the cup there are 4stars and stones on it and is it a goldy type with what looks like dride up wine or blood the cup looks like a gold colour, Oh and another that i found hidden looks redwood thats on a like a candle holder with stones that look like coloured purls also u can take off the cup off the candle holder. etc that's about 8cm high. And also another one that is blue pink red You know the colour that changes in the heat and a also sivle cup. Also a wood cup. And also At night if u go out side and look into the room that there in it lokks like pretty radiation.
Oh and i was wounder wheather u will tell me why my left are(side) is bigger than my right And i hear an anoging ringing noise from them.????
Posted by Brett josepeh James  in  Bathurst NSW (Blue Mountains)  on  Wed Feb 27, 2008  at  02:23 AM
As far as the grail on the wall as shown in the full picture, please look at a high resolution image of the actual painting.

The image looks nothing like a goblet or the yellow grail icon as drawn on the (ORIGINAL) painting.... Not even close. However you can see many things in clouds but that does not mean clownheads exist up there...

Also make sure that you are examining an image of the original painting... there are many versions some of which are noticeably different from the original... An image of the original here:

Posted by Andy  in  Virginia, USA  on  Wed Apr 09, 2008  at  01:19 PM
Hey, there are apparently many originals of the Last Supper. So which really is it? One person that ya might talk to might say that the original has Mary on the right side of Jesus, and then the next person that ya talk to will say that Mary is on the left side of Jesus. So which really is it? Is Mary really to be on the right or left side of Jesus in the original picture of the Last Supper? There are many differnt point of views that people have on this particular picture. Another thing, what is the point of everything that is happening in the picture? If you look, you will see that there is a man that has his pointer finger up at another person. The expression on his face does not look to pleasant, but still that may not be the whole point here. My question,... if anyone can anwser it, is what is the original picture of The Last Supper and what is the point of it? Is there really a reason to why there are people doing what they are doing? Can anyone please help me with this??
Posted by Jessica  in  Canada  on  Tue Apr 29, 2008  at  02:52 PM
The Holy Grail!! The real power of the holy grail is not the cup.The cup is POWERLESS!!!You all are missing one very,very important fact.That Jesus did not believe in man made material things,anybody can make a cup.The anwser is,The liquid that was in the cup,that made it POWERFUL!! HINT: It was not WINE!!It was a liquid. Think about it!!!
thank You!!!
Posted by positivemind  on  Sun Nov 16, 2008  at  10:22 PM
has anyone considered the fact that john is always sleeping in his paintings? and that maybe jesus and john were cut out of a larger image and that's why they fit together so perfectly. maybe Leonardo Da Vinci had a certain style of art and that's why his people always looked the same. He was self taught, maybe he based faces off of a model picture (Mona Lisa and Salai)
Posted by alanna  in  michigan  on  Fri Jan 02, 2009  at  07:11 PM
IF you could only see!!! I would tell you more,but you wouldn't believe me anyway.

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by positivemind  on  Fri Jan 02, 2009  at  08:03 PM
positivemind those with eyes will see. those who have ears wil hear. come on , at this point im sure i will believe you. then ill tell you something you wont believe. catherine
Posted by catherine higgs  in  northern ca  on  Sat Jan 03, 2009  at  10:52 PM
I know that I be talking in riddles, most of the time,but there is a reason for that,because the information that I know is so POWERFUL. That it could change the world.Who ever recieve this information will have POWER. I mean POWER.That is why, the ANCIENT incoded and hid ALL of the written texts,they didn't won't power to fall into the WRONG HANDS.Some of the texts have beeen found,but 99.99% of the people will never break the code. There is only 2-ways to break the code.(1)The Holy Spirit of God must touch you.(2)Somebody must tell you.
Posted by positivemind  on  Sun Jan 04, 2009  at  12:55 PM
ok... i see... the CUP is FAKE!

as you see... there are 12 disciples, 11 of them are boys and 1 is a girl (Mary Magdalene) the only girl in the last supper.

Jesus companion (wife or partner)

its a girl and if you edit the picture and put Mary on the shoulder of Jesus to the right it seems that they both join together in figure. and NOTE that the color that Jesus is wearing is the opposite of what Mary is wearing but like I said when joined together they form RED,BLUE,RED shirts...

NOTE: There is no cup in this painting but only glasses... so it is weird how they found out that wine is to be drunk.

btw, while Jesus was being crucified Mary was pregnant and she left for the blood of Jesus to be continued and raised. (unreliable source)

for others who wants to know just give me an e-mail at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

open for feedback/comments...

thanks! thats only my opinion!
Posted by inigo  in  philippines  on  Fri Jan 30, 2009  at  09:18 AM
what some are claiming to be the holy grail is a light fixture......you can see the same shape on the 2 columns behind the one you are talking about. look to the right side of the picture and you will see the same on those 3 columns, but they are lit up.
Posted by Tracey  in  Virginia  on  Sat Feb 07, 2009  at  01:32 PM
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