High-School Pranks

High-school seniors superglue the locks on their teachers' doors. The teachers are not amused. In other senior prank news, piglets are released in a school the day of the senior barbeque.


Posted on Wed Jun 18, 2003


well its my senior year and i cant wait to get back at my school. all 4 years we have gotten in trouble for stuff that us mager stupid. so now we are going to get back and do everything that we can to piss of our teacher. bloones filled with babypowder,posters all over the walls. a fake lady on the flag poll. 2007 baby!!!

any ideas more ideas

Posted by sarah  in  bloomington  on  Fri May 04, 2007  at  06:17 AM
HELL YEAH!! pranks are awesome. i go to a little hick school with a bunch of idiots but there funny. We have done the numbered pig thing, and since most of us have tractors, all the seniors rode to school on them and it was freakin awesome. the principal didnt know what to do (cuz we have strict assigned parking spots) An idea for you guys looking for something easy to do:: get some huge bags of glitter and dump them down the hallways right before everyone comes in. It makes a HUGE mess and its funny, and unless you have cameras you cant get caught. plus its cheap!
Posted by Kelly  in  'York  on  Fri May 04, 2007  at  12:04 PM
get a lot of newspaper and crumple it up and fill up an entire room wall to wall floor to ceiling with newspaper
Posted by Jack Mehoff  in  helloville utah  on  Fri May 04, 2007  at  05:54 PM
i did the dead grass thing in my junior year...it said "seniors '05", but i graduated in '06....they had no idea who it was and they did not suspect a jr either, so if u dont wanna get caught...dont tell any1 ur doin it and dont do it ur senior year if its something that u think can get u in2 trouble
Posted by sylentwon  on  Sun May 06, 2007  at  09:13 PM
i think u should get a whole bunch of ppl 'n' take a car apart and put it in your least most hated teacher! Hey at least thats not distruction of "private property"!!

P.S. REALLY...REALLY... don't get caught!! -lol-
Posted by Beautiful Princess  in  Joplin  on  Tue May 08, 2007  at  07:25 PM
Hi ma name is kay and i live in london. Its my last year at my school and because it is a posh school they havent reli seen anything big. Every1 in are school knows that we have the worst boys year and we are expected to do so much. So does any1 have any ideas of something big that i can do the school? thanks
Posted by Kay  in  UNITED KINGDOM LONDON  on  Wed May 09, 2007  at  04:25 AM
give me some good pranks, i need to geta good one on my school.
Posted by Matt M  in  spokane  on  Fri May 11, 2007  at  02:35 PM
Im almost finished with my junior year of high school. Our last day is this friday and the whole junior class is coming up with ideas for our senior prank but we havent got many. The 07 seniors tried a prank but the principals had it demolished by the 8 am and it was stupid anyways, all they did was park their cars sideways across parking spaces. Very lame...and then they decided to get up and walk out of class randomly at 3...we get dismissed from school at 3:15. So when my english teacher heard about these pranks the seniors had came up with she proceeded to tell us about a senior prank that wouldnt get us in trouble and wouldnt get anyone hurt. Her prank was for every senior to come to school on monday morning after graduation and go to their first period likes its a normal day of school. Kinda lame yet funny at the same time. Then she told us about another prank the seniors pulled at graduation a few years ago. What they did was hand our principal little red bouncy balls when he handed them their diploma. She said the principal was trying to discretely hand the balls to the assistant principals behind him but they would drop a ball from time to time and a random red ball would go bouncing across the stage. Just some random ideas i thought i would mention.
Posted by Hailey  in  Jefferson County Tennessee  on  Sat May 12, 2007  at  02:38 PM
hey this is Juel i haev the boringist private skool with preps and loser that think crap is a sin my teachers a jerk and i need help i need something good but not enough so that theyd find out i did it cuz im going there next year so....
Posted by Juel  on  Mon May 14, 2007  at  05:15 PM
im in 8th grade and its my last year at this middle school and me and about 13 of my friends need a good prank to pull soo please email me anything you have in mindd thank youuuu
Posted by jess  in  humble Texas  on  Mon May 14, 2007  at  05:46 PM
ok this is what to do take some of the most randome stuff u can find and get a couple tubes of super glue and super glue seniors 200? in the randome items on every thing and when no one is looking throw a condom in the school lunch

if u have any ? e mail me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Posted by fatbat  in  heartville ohio  on  Tue May 15, 2007  at  09:04 AM
our seniors moved the ceiling tiles around in our commons to say 07, and they took alot of the teachers name signs on the outside of the room. all the freshman thought it was gay so now were coming up with our own ideas.
Posted by cassidy webb  in  oxford, mississippi  on  Tue May 15, 2007  at  01:45 PM
Well. first of all. Those are pretty neat Ideas. But... Mine's better. Take three chickens ok. Then tie a little string aroudn their necks loose enoguh that they can breathe but not fall off. on that string have a peice of paper numbered 1,2, and 4. Turn them loose in the school . The faculty will try and catch them and still be looking for chicken Number 3 all day and not find it.
Posted by NorthHighSenior  in  Central City, KY  on  Tue May 15, 2007  at  01:49 PM
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