High-School Pranks

High-school seniors superglue the locks on their teachers' doors. The teachers are not amused. In other senior prank news, piglets are released in a school the day of the senior barbeque.


Posted on Wed Jun 18, 2003


I go to the school where this prank happened, and I knew the people who did it. This prank was not even funny. The Class of 2004 prank was funnier, when the seniors blocked the parking lot.
Posted by Nick  in  Princeton Junction, NJ  on  Sat Nov 13, 2004  at  04:19 PM

On the night of Monday, Febraury 23, 5 students entered Harrison with the intent of commiting a well-planned, and altogether harmless prank. The "Locker zip-tie Massacre" consisted of placing zip-ties on the lockers, preventing people from opening them.

Two days later, that Wednesday, the 5 were called down to the office. Not only had they been caught by an anonymous tip, but they are suspended for the next 10 days, and have an upcoming hearing to find out whether or not they will be expelled. In the words of one of them, "We're just being punished because we managed to get into the school so easily, and they're just covering up how bad their security is." With suspension and pending expulsion, does this seem like justice to you? Dont let the school possibly ruin these peoples lives because of their own problems.
Posted by Sara Hullinger  in  lafayette, Indiana  on  Thu Feb 24, 2005  at  04:57 PM
Yeah right. Injustice happens baby... especially when your pre-18. We all have a story. Shouldn't have screwed around with the school especially with today's post 9/11, post-Columbine mind-set! When I was 17 and ALLOWED to smoke by my parents, I was "paddled" 3 times and suspended for 3 days for smoking in my mom's car as she dropped us for school on a public street off of school property. The principal seen us, and punished us anyway. SHIT HAPPENS... downer

There are MUCH more important injustices to worry about before this one...
Posted by Mark-N-Isa  in  Midwest USA  on  Thu Feb 24, 2005  at  07:22 PM
I new to this website, and I would like to know more about it. If someone can notify me about it, I would appreciate it... Thanks
Posted by Samantha Walton  in  Vinita Oklahoma  on  Tue Apr 05, 2005  at  01:30 PM
losers snake
Posted by andrea  in  california  on  Sat Sep 24, 2005  at  02:13 PM
Hey i am in in school suspension and i am looking for some pranks that will put me in the books, not only the detention book but the history books too! Help me out and reply with some good ones!
Posted by Michael  on  Mon Oct 10, 2005  at  10:04 AM
hey..i'm in the nineth grade, we've got the strictest school and it's way too boring here. i need a good prank that wouldn't get us in trouble, get us detention, or POSSIBLY inhouse (aka inschool suspension)..i've been thinking for a while now and the things i have come up with are too big to be able to get away with (and not have a license) so please, could someone help out and give me a few ideas--if possible..
Posted by briana  in  wisconsin  on  Mon Oct 24, 2005  at  06:55 PM
My school is rly boring i need a prank that wont get me broke.ILL DO ANYTHING UNDER THAT GUIDLINE!O and hi briana saw we posted same day and im in ninth grade too what school do u go to is it in Arizonia i go to sahuarita high school.
Posted by Kevin  in  tuesday Oct 24,2005  on  Tue Oct 25, 2005  at  10:25 PM
The other night me and my friend took car chalk and totally chalked out every window on this dudes car I don
Posted by Rabbid Fox  in  Palestine texas  on  Mon Nov 07, 2005  at  08:39 AM
last year me and my friend built a slip-slide in the 200 wing ramp evryone knew about it and we didnt even get in alot of trouble it was the perfect prank done by a junior cuz the senior class was to big of pussys to do one. so i need some ideas for one this year
Posted by sean Beaudoin  in  lilseanyb813@hotmail.com  on  Tue Nov 08, 2005  at  11:35 AM
I seriously need a prank that will not get me into ALOT of trouble but a prank that people will kno about. Any suggestions? Because I really do. My school is SO BORING and so not COOL!! Plus the principle sucks so anyone got anything? E-mail me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or if u have AOL or AIM Insant message me at Shaggy2Dchick RIGHT NOW!!!
Posted by Ashley Brooke  in  Rogersville, Alabama  on  Wed Nov 09, 2005  at  08:49 PM
k.. here's the deal... my mom has transferred me to a private school this year b/c i was gettin in2 2 much trouble at public skool... now this skool is SO strict.. i mean i cant stress how strict this skool is... what i need is a prank that i wouldnt get caught doin but thats good.. this new skool needs to no who they r dealin with... they need to realize that i am not jus some freshman... so if u have ne suggestions... let me no by emailin me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) thanks yall
Posted by samantha  on  Sat Nov 12, 2005  at  04:03 PM
ya take all the lisence plates from cars in jack them in the bathroom or something
Posted by bob  in  illinois  on  Mon Nov 14, 2005  at  04:43 PM
free the students!!!
GO HIGH SCHOOL PRANKS (and the KKK even though im not really a member, just a wanna be that hates their living guts)
Posted by KKK  in  CA  on  Mon Nov 14, 2005  at  05:36 PM
so i am trying to find a prank to do at my school and suggestions let me know
email me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Posted by james  in  coral springs, fl  on  Mon Nov 14, 2005  at  06:40 PM
well i got a couple of things to say. First to the kids who broke into the school to do the zip tie thing.Well...first your stuipid for braking in b/c that is a major nono if your over 17 and second that is not a great prank i zip tie shit all the time at my school. Hell ive not only ziptied lockers but i have also zip tied teacher bags to there desk, chairs to tables, staplers, tape things, every thing and anything. So yea lame and im glad your getting in trouble.But for the rest of you zip ties are good if you do the right things. Also if you have trailers like i do than i tell you what i did. I got about 2 gallons of milk at the store that morning( and i say about b/c i drank some on the way to school) but any ways you then open the caps and drow them under the trailers. You can also do this with raw fish,chicken, and/or beef.You will never get cought if you show up early and there are no cams. for any good ideas send them to me and maybe we can talk about more!
Posted by drivemaster  in  GA  on  Mon Nov 14, 2005  at  11:26 PM
I think all of you have been watching too much highschool stories on mtv2 cus all the same ideas are on here tongue rolleye
Posted by Mayzer09*  on  Sun Nov 20, 2005  at  09:41 PM
For all of you who can't think up any good pranks here are some that I have seen at my school, you can let three pigs loose in your school that are numbered 1,2,and 4, or you can do what myself and some friends are gonna do this year, we are goin to paint our entire football field our rivals colors to try and start a feud back and forth with them,I really hope it works, if you have any questions let me know. Also try try driving a trctor to school its fun.
Posted by Ben  in  ohio  on  Mon Nov 21, 2005  at  06:06 AM
Hey, I am a senior at a really country school. theres only 900 ppl in our town and we have been trying to think of a really cool senior prank. We need on to do at night because our school is so small. Can anyone help me?
Posted by Teri  on  Wed Nov 23, 2005  at  11:36 AM
why dont you get some cement and put it over the locks and some of the windows so they will have to get new ones.
Posted by justin  in  wisconsin  on  Mon Dec 12, 2005  at  05:50 PM
u guys are retards! If you dont want to get caught, just dont tell anybody about it. It's cooler if you get away with it and it'll piss off the school even more if they dont kno who it is. I've pulled off hundreds of pranks and nobody knows it was me because I keep my mouth shut. When I graduate at the end of the year.. then I'll own up to them. It's so simple!
Posted by Ellen  on  Tue Dec 13, 2005  at  09:16 AM
Alright, so hears the deal. I am a senior at my HS and for the last three years seniors have done jack, as far as senior pranks go. So this year I Am planning on going all out. I dont want any criminal activities but some funny crap would be cool. Also if you know any good ways to get a single teacher, that would be helpful as well.
Posted by Kaleb  on  Tue Dec 13, 2005  at  04:18 PM
hi my names jonathan and.... i want a skool prank i need somethings that good but that i cant be cought like last year thede kids did a spair key thing and every body got a spair key i just need something that good but wont get me in that much troble u no....... so email me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Posted by Jonathan  in  somewhere  on  Wed Dec 14, 2005  at  07:06 PM
Hey ppl, okay listen. I am a junior and me and my friends have come up with some ideas for pranks, that would work relitively well but with our school of 2000 we need something that rocks. A few ideas that we had...and feel free to use thesse are:

Greesing the stares and dropping about 200 bouncy balls down the main staircase during a passing time (6 min. long), another is (if byo have seen monty python holy grail) is putting cement filled trojan bunnies infront of every door, we can't do this because we have aobut 15 doors, but a smaller school could. the bunnys would only have to be about 4 feet. then if you want to do this prank better get fluffy fake bunnies, and put every seniors name on it and put them on the front lawn, around the bunnies, or in the schools.

IF ANYONE HAS ANY IDEAS PLEASE e-mail me at: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Posted by sarah-jade  in  Wisconsin  on  Sat Dec 17, 2005  at  10:54 AM
Alright I have while before my senior year.. but i want myne to be all planned out.. The thing is at our school we have this place we call the fishbowl. becuase its basically a mini apitheater.. people talk about filling it with water and putting gold fish in there.. but i need smoething bigger then that. We also have a large amount of bats that roost at our school so something involving them would be funny!
Posted by Jamie  in  Riverview,  on  Sat Dec 31, 2005  at  10:47 AM
for my prank im thinking laxitive in the cafeteria food and itching powder pn all the tp ne 1 think this'll work?
Posted by Stud  on  Sun Jan 08, 2006  at  10:30 PM
i was a jr in high school and got in more trouble than neone i would do anything to get sent to the office just becasue my uncle was assistant principle i never really got in trouble for anything, but then it came down to prank time i decided to super glue everything i could to anything pennies to the floor combination locks so they didnt spin locker doors so they wouldnt open and just the rails goin up the stairs to see if peoples hands would get stuck i even super glued a teachers keys in her door i ended up gettin caught and was told to be the first person to do that in our schools history and would be remembered and i also got put in 5 days school suspension but ow ell it was all worth it....neways now its my senior year and im 18 and if i do anything to drastic i get sent off to jail i kno they done told me and right now i cant think of a thing to do and the years almost done HELP??????
Posted by brian Copas  in  Kentucky  on  Mon Jan 16, 2006  at  10:57 AM
well.....this is one of MANYYYYY great pranks gar and i have pulled off------hahaha....u know the icepacks that the nurse gives you....well...one day....gar and i split open the ice pack and squeezed the insides of the icepack...(the inside was all slimy goo-y clear stuff...) and spread it on the floor....right in front of a classroom door. so when the bell rang....as people were walking out of the classroom........one by one like dominos were slipping everywhere AND fallin on there asses!!! it was histericallllllllllllll.......everybody was looking around ...like..."what was that???? ...did u see that?!!?!?" hahaHAHAH....so we did it again...and put it in the middle of the floor....and we would pretend we were at our locker, and there would be 1 person walking down the hall...and out of no where.,....they start wiggling and sliding and falling...and then kept walking....hahahahahahah
Posted by garjack  in  the woods  on  Fri Jan 20, 2006  at  08:17 PM
ok im a senior right now graduating this year(hopefully if we dont get caught). the prank we have come up with goes a little like this...in our courtyard there are 12 green columns 3 groups each and they make a square. our idea is to make giant cocks out of whatever we can find and fill the giant dongs with cement and place them over each column(each column is about 2 1/2 feet tall). we plan on making each cock like 6 feet tall or more and painting them a flesh color. now we figure we will put tons of cement in each one cuz u know damn right all of the janitors wouldnt be able to move 12 6 foot wieners filled with cement by the time school opens at 7 a.m. and seeing how we rnt really destroying anything or vandalizing anything since u eventually can take them off the most trouble we will get into is tresspassing. write back and let me know what u think.
Posted by crewtown  in  plant city,florida  on  Mon Jan 30, 2006  at  07:30 PM
ok guys senior prank is comming up an weve all seen the chessy American highschool pranks in the movies but for this senior prank in Scotland i hav planned a way of locking the 2 main doors that go out onto the playing fields and setting off the fire alarms. my school has about 800 students and when they find they can't get out the school then the teachers will shit themselves and there will be mass confusion!! when the students finally get out me an my mates will be waiting with eggs 2 hit them with in the near by forrest. if that does not work then we are gonna black spraypaint the football pitch with a huge dick or write "fuck the rector"
Posted by David Bee  in  the Borders, Scotland  on  Tue Jan 31, 2006  at  02:51 PM
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