High-School Pranks

High-school seniors superglue the locks on their teachers' doors. The teachers are not amused. In other senior prank news, piglets are released in a school the day of the senior barbeque.


Posted on Wed Jun 18, 2003


I need some pranks for my school. I'm a junior and we r a new school and dont even have seniors yet. So i wanted to do some pranks to be remebered by. As long as it doesnt cause suspension or expulsion than i dont care. So if u could email me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) that'll be great. thanks
Posted by Chris  in  Lake Villa,IL  on  Sun Oct 01, 2006  at  09:42 PM
im a junior at my school and im starting to plan for a senior prank.. i really want to do something that will go dow in history so if anyone has any ideas hit me up on myspace... http://www.myspace.com/jbigs4 or aim... joebigs4
any ideas are appreciated
Posted by Joe Bigs  in  SCRANTON Pa  on  Wed Oct 04, 2006  at  01:13 PM
you've got to be kidding me!
Posted by Ashley Flowers  in  broken bow oklahoma  on  Thu Oct 05, 2006  at  12:00 PM
ok some pranks iv thought of are, stealing the freshman float and putting it on the roof before homecoming, And at out school when you think of seniors you think of drinking. so we stole Hundreds of beer bottles and cans empty kegs and empty cashed out liquor bottles and made it look like the seniors threw a HUGE kegger, we had couches in the gym all the bottles streamers banners plastic cups and on the floor in car marker we wrote SENIORS 2007 on the gym floor........ive got TONS MORE pranks ifyou need and origional idea...

Posted by Nic Claxton  in  Moline, Illinois  on  Sun Oct 08, 2006  at  12:55 AM
ok i need a senior prank for the class of 2007 @campbell! something good but not too overused
Posted by ash  in  ga  on  Tue Oct 10, 2006  at  06:14 AM
hey i need a prank to do at my school but nothing so bad that i will get expelled because that would suck. something that would make me really popular with everyone because there is 1,000 high schoolers in my school. something wierd and original.
Posted by josh  in  vermont  on  Wed Oct 18, 2006  at  07:20 PM
hey its my senior year and im pretty much the girl that everyone talks to and everyone thinks is perfect. but i want a awesome senior prank. last year the senior class moved all the parking blocks so the underclassman couldnt drive into the student parking lot and they TPed the school. i want a bigger and better prank if u got any ideas send them my way all we got right now is. parking half of our cars in the school cuz our halls and doors are so big, also bouncy balls and a for sale sign on the bulding. i need better than this to share wiht my class. someone help me!
Posted by Emily J  in  b-town  on  Thu Oct 19, 2006  at  11:54 AM
omg then i would rebel there and say there isno saving me mom so what the fuck. snake I get into trouble all the time. my parents cant stand the eople i hang out with but they will j=have to get over it they are my friends.
Posted by funk_fyi  in  south Carolina  on  Fri Oct 20, 2006  at  07:42 AM
send your principal a stripper dressed as a student. try to get the stripper to take pictures
Posted by mr. clean  in  st chales mo  on  Sat Oct 21, 2006  at  11:45 AM
yeahyou go and do that to your principle!!!!
Then you tell me and everyone else what happened!!!

I should try that!jk excaim
Posted by sc-town  on  Sat Oct 21, 2006  at  03:59 PM
YO was up guys...well im not the person that does

pranks but suddelny ive caught an interest when i

was reading ur guyses pranks and im doing my first

prank this week. im planing on locking the front

main doors of the school right b4 the end of the

school day. so when it hopefully works every

student will be JAM PACKED in the inside of the

main doors. LOL i cant wait!!! this is gona be

awsoomeee anyways thats just some of the things

imm thinking of doing. some of them are getting

CLEAR thumb tacks and sticking them onto door

handles soo some unlucky people that try to grab

door handle feel the pain they deserve.....theres

more pranks that i have in mind... if u have any

good pranks please im me on STARASKOLA (aol)
Posted by STL boi  in  St.Louis Missouri  on  Sun Oct 22, 2006  at  01:35 PM
Ok, so i got one. at a football game say against a huge rival team this is what you should do. you would be remmembered forever at your school. say they just got past your teams defence and are starting to make this awsome 90 yard run when you burst out of the crowd and tackle the fool. that would be hilarious. for all you know you would start a brawl.
Posted by Dacker Spudova  in  Wyoming  on  Thu Oct 26, 2006  at  07:00 PM
this prank isnt that good, but im going to tell it anyway. well it involves sticky notes. on every single locker in the school put a sticky note saying bad things such as 'asshole, bitch, playa'. when people walk in they will see sticky notes all over the lockers and everyone will be talkin.
Posted by greendayluver  in  ths  on  Fri Nov 03, 2006  at  08:15 PM
we are going to do a prank at Huntville High and we need some help to come up w/ the perfect 1!!!!!
Posted by Stephanie and Emily  in  Huntsville Arakansas  on  Sat Nov 18, 2006  at  01:51 PM
set up trip lines all over the school....or else just start a huge food fight and ziptie all the doors suronding your cafeteria
Posted by me  on  Wed Nov 22, 2006  at  01:55 PM
Get a mannequin. Dress it up with dark sunglasses, realistic wig, etc.

Place in wheelchair.

It's your blind, mentally challenged cousin from a different state there to visit your family and you brought him/her to school.

Of course, your cousin is more than blind.. he's also deaf and can not speak.
Posted by obbop  in  Earth  on  Thu Nov 23, 2006  at  01:23 PM
okay, so im in 8th grade and go 2 sje. there hasnt been a 8th grade prank since my sisters class... the ppl last year said they were gonna burn they're uniforms but didnt... so this year im thinkin a series of things and my gurl rachel and my boys wont run their mouth so were tryin not 2 get caught. were gonna make a banner and gonna hang it frm the roof. were gonna put trip wire by the class rooms so when we go 2 change classes every1 trips (it will only work on the 1st ppl) were also gonna make stop watches go off every 3 min. 4 major annoyance. were gonna tape the sevies desks down 4 sum playful fun! were gonna write messages on the ground w/ chalk 4 our great teachers all lovely of course (LOL YEAH RIGHT!) also were goin 2 mexico 4 vacation as a class and get sum major firework fun 4 the hallways and finally were gonna plastic wrap toilet seat covers... these arent origional so dont get mad @ me 4 it cause im savin the good stuff 4 high school!
Posted by triple L  in  cali  on  Thu Nov 23, 2006  at  03:24 PM
Ok people I have one, on the last day of school, get someone to cause a distraction that is so drMtic that it requires all of the people from the front office. Then when no one is in the office, sneek in, lock every office accessable door, and play some very voger music over the main line intercom. After you are done HIDE! and thats it, Trust me everyone will remember you!
OMG it was fun!
Posted by k&mbf4l  in  Temple,GA  on  Sun Dec 03, 2006  at  12:11 AM
waddup er body im in 8th grade i wanna do a prank at my school but i have no idea what to do if you have good prank hit me up at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Posted by Jerome  in  Tempe  on  Tue Dec 05, 2006  at  02:09 AM
guys please help me out..my school is so boring and it is strict as hell. i need a prank that wont get me arrested but about second best prank from anything serious like that. if anyone can give me some pranks i would really appreciate it because i cant even fin any good sites on the internet that can help me out. my school is huge by the way so i need something that wont have me spend 5 hours trying to do either. PLEASE HELP ME EMAIL ME PLEASE AT .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) I NEED TO TEACH THIS SCHOOL A FRICKN LESSON!
Posted by Chris  in  Paramus, nj  on  Mon Dec 11, 2006  at  02:10 PM
heyy i am planning on pulling a prank this year as a jr and next year as a senior..you all my use my idea also..i am having all the ppl i can get, freshman, sophmores, jrs, and senoirs to take alarm clocks and put them in their lockers and have them all go off at the same time...it would be hell for the janitors to open all the lockers and turn off them clocks...also my senoir year(next year)me and three of my friends that are starting a band together we plan on playing on the schools roof the last day and sing schools out so theirs some good ideas for yas good luck and if you use them get back at me and let me know how it turns out k
Posted by markus stigerwalt  in  danville, pennsylvania  on  Fri Dec 15, 2006  at  08:05 AM
k i know im in seventh grade butttt, i live in crack central i mean people are gettin busted all the time and its a really small town which means small school plus im movin to indiana at the end of the year so i wanna do something big that the'll remember me by i dont care if i get caught and i don't care how much trouble i get in i just wanna have some kickass fun by the end of the year i'll have dated all the guys that are worth it im already settin up a video thatll get em all but i need something more plz help love yall rae
Posted by rachael  in  dixon missouri us bitches  on  Sat Dec 16, 2006  at  05:49 PM
All the dumb ass 8th graders need to stop posting shit about highschool pranks
Posted by lll  in  prison  on  Wed Dec 20, 2006  at  11:02 AM
Hey Michael,tou want a good prank, then listen to this...I bought a sound effects machine with a remote control. I hid it inside my science teachers desy 3 years ago and its still there, I set it off every day or two...Now that I left that school, I told the principal about it and He made a special rule about it and called it's punishment-in school suspension for a whole month and a fine of $200- a John. Good luck! smile
Posted by John  in  New York  on  Thu Dec 21, 2006  at  07:58 PM
Posted by megaunion@hotmail.com  in  megaunion@hotmail.com  on  Sat Dec 23, 2006  at  01:35 AM
kk im in 7th grade and me and some of my friends are allredy thinking of pranks. i need some help. we cant really come up with anything that wouldn't get us into trouble, our school has cam's(people were takin things) we need something that would be over the top! forthe last 4 or 5 years the 8th graders haven't done anything. my brother told me 2 take clear paper stuff and put them over the bathroom seats. i could get away w/ tat cause im a cheerleader and we have time to mess around b-4 practice, so that would be alot of fun, but the clean up crew-janitors- would probly take it off b-4 school. im also in stu-co and yearbook club so i could do it in the morning wneh we have out meetings. well tell me if you guys have any other ideas 4 me i could really use then! thanxs
Posted by Hali  in  SMALLTOWN-missouri  on  Tue Dec 26, 2006  at  08:24 PM
If you guys want a simple but funny prank that won't get you arrested, or in that much trouble, just try forking. Buy a lot of forks(like 1000+) and stick them all over your school lawn or courtyard. It takes awhile but it's really funny when its done.
Posted by Miller  in  Irvington NY  on  Mon Jan 01, 2007  at  08:44 PM
im in 11 grade and im looking for a prank to do thats funny and wont get me into a lot of trouble. if you can help me out i would really appreacieat it. e mail me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Posted by dakota  in  western pa  on  Wed Jan 03, 2007  at  09:27 AM
ok my brother did this for his senior prank his friend dressed up in a bunny suit and drove our go kart to skool (very illegal)
we dont even live that close to the skool
they didnt get in any trouble
its a good one
Posted by hobbit  in  belleville il  on  Thu Jan 04, 2007  at  08:35 PM
Hi were from a extremely boring school in England and were leaving soon so we need something that will leave an impression lol we dont want to get into too much trouble in fact we wud rather not get caught lol but we want to do something before we leave that will spice things up and make ppl laugh! preferably at the teachers etc... so any ideas wud be great, thankyou. 'The Twins'.x.x.x.
Posted by 'The Twins'  in  Birmingham, England  on  Sat Jan 06, 2007  at  04:28 PM
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