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Posted on Thu Jun 26, 2003


I need a doctors note for Friday March 24th 2006 saying that I was seen in the office and cannot return to work until March 27th 2006. The doctor should be located in the Fayetteville, NC area.
Posted by Brian Smith  in  Fayetteville, NC  on  Sun Mar 12, 2006  at  03:03 PM
I need A doctors note for March 13 so that i won't get a loss of credit for school I just need a note saying that i had the 24 hour bug
Posted by Brad Adams  in  Martinsville, IN  on  Mon Mar 13, 2006  at  11:24 AM
I need a doctor's note that says I can sell fake doctor's notes, a'ight?
Posted by Yaanu  on  Mon Mar 13, 2006  at  12:50 PM
lisandi baez
02/08/1985 d.o.b
absent march 13th-march 15
Posted by i need a note saying i was at the hospital on marc  in  chicago ill  on  Tue Mar 14, 2006  at  04:44 AM
i need a doctors note saying I had adomonal problems from march 07,til the 14 and i can return on the 15
Posted by ivy valentine  in  baltimore  on  Tue Mar 14, 2006  at  06:04 AM
I need a doctors note from either Marth 13th 2006 or March 14 saying I can return to work on the 15th.
Posted by Tracy Dreyer  in  Tampa, Fl  on  Tue Mar 14, 2006  at  10:49 AM
I need a doctors not from March 13 or 14th saying I can return to work on the 15th.
Posted by Tracy Dreyer  in  Tampa, Fl  on  Tue Mar 14, 2006  at  10:51 AM
Too whom it may concern Chris was layed up monday march 6th thru wednesday march 8th with a inflamed disk in his back. The disk will require follow up treatment on every friday for the next 4 weeks at 2:00 or until I feel it is healed up properly.
Posted by chris spyker  in  palm beach florida  on  Tue Mar 14, 2006  at  04:51 PM


follow up:

to cancel or reschedule appointment please call 24 Hrs in advance ($5.00 cancellation fee).
Posted by sarah taylor  in  family first  on  Wed Mar 15, 2006  at  01:24 PM
I need a doctors note to return to work from a spained ankle
Posted by joseph williams  in  tampa Florida  on  Thu Mar 16, 2006  at  11:55 AM
i need a noe for missing the past 3 days ive relly been sick but couldent make it to the docters
Posted by jason  in  PHX  on  Thu Mar 16, 2006  at  04:04 PM
I need a doctor's note saying I have strep throat issued on March 17th at 10:00a.m. And will return after being fever free for 24 hours.
Posted by Laurel Bull  in  Ft. Worth, Texas  on  Fri Mar 17, 2006  at  04:28 PM
i need a note saying that i could not work from march 16 to 17, do to a cuncusion from lacrosse practice. Thank you
Posted by Neal Yanito  in  124 Armerina Dr. Bear DE, 19701  on  Sat Mar 18, 2006  at  12:36 PM
I need a note for march 18th,12:00pm i left work with a bad headache and need something saying that I came in with a migraine and I could return to work.
Posted by Freddy Usoltseff  in  Tempe, AZ  on  Sat Mar 18, 2006  at  12:37 PM
Hey i really need a urgent doctor note for work without the note i will loose my job and i wont be able to help my parents out.

I need it to say that i didnt work From thursday 16 Friday 17 because i had a allergic reaction in my face and it got swollen. ( they saw me peroo i they need a note.
Posted by Esther Martinez  in  Miami Fl  on  Sun Mar 19, 2006  at  09:48 AM
needed doctors note for March 20th Fell snoboarding on weekend and hurt my Knee and Finger.

Posted by Jordan Eves  in  Calgary ,Alberta  on  Sun Mar 19, 2006  at  03:14 PM
Aubry was seen on 03/19 for swelling due to allergies.
Posted by Aubry Shipman  on  Sun Mar 19, 2006  at  07:21 PM
I need a doctors note to get my son out of having to ever take Phy Ed.
Posted by m sturdevant  in  MN  on  Mon Mar 20, 2006  at  03:19 AM
I have been suffering from chronic migraines and missed many classes from during the time of March 1 to March 10th. Need a note to say I was getting treated.
Posted by Monica Coe  on  Mon Mar 20, 2006  at  07:54 AM
sammy has a sleeped disk in his back he should be fine with a little rest
Posted by sammy upton  in  505 wiidruff st  on  Mon Mar 20, 2006  at  08:43 AM
need a excuse for monday march 20 had a stomach ache

Posted by Chris A Gantt  in  BAYTOWN TX  on  Mon Mar 20, 2006  at  11:39 AM
These people are freakin' stupid. -Rolls eyes.- I can understand searching for something like this, and finding this site, but how hard is it to read the comments (AND ACTUAL POST!) up above to figure out this wasn't an offer for doctor's notes?
Posted by Tori  in  Florida  on  Mon Mar 20, 2006  at  12:51 PM
I need a note saying i was sick on March 5th-10th with a flu. i could not attend class at that time.
Posted by Eric Tanaka  in  Irvine  on  Tue Mar 21, 2006  at  08:18 PM
Hi! My name is Vanessa! Will you make me a couple of excuses for my absents from school! I will fail if I don't try to find some excuses..Please help me...If you do help me these are the dates i need it for 3/14/05
3/08/05,3/07/05!! please help me make some up!! thanks! email me soon! i will do anything for these! thanks!!!
Posted by Vanessa hoang  in  D'Iberville,Ms  on  Tue Mar 21, 2006  at  08:51 PM
Hi! My name is Jason and i need a doctor's note for 3/20, 3/21 and 3/22 for severe stomach flu. Please email me as soon as possible. Thanks!!!
Posted by Jwstew10  on  Thu Mar 23, 2006  at  12:32 AM
i need a doctor note saying i have the stomach flu so i dont have to go to work today. need by next work day which is sunday.
Posted by ronnie robertson  in  justice, il 60458  on  Thu Mar 23, 2006  at  11:54 AM
i need a doctors note saying i was sick on march 20th thank you
Posted by richard  in  Long beach  on  Thu Mar 23, 2006  at  03:42 PM
I need a note excusing me from work for Friday, March 24th. I twisted my left knee. Thank you.
Posted by Rueben  in  Pomona, California  on  Fri Mar 24, 2006  at  03:36 AM
I need an excused note for a family emergency. On April 24. Preferably saying my mother has had heart problems in the past (its true!).
Posted by Duc N. Le  in  Panam City, Florida (Bay Medical Hospital)  on  Fri Mar 24, 2006  at  06:46 AM
I need a doctor note stating Please excuse Christina she's been sick w/ flu from 3/21-25
Posted by Christina Green  in  Dayton, Ohio  on  Sat Mar 25, 2006  at  09:51 AM
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