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Need a fake note from a doctor to get a day off from work or school? Visit this doctor.
Update: If you've arrived here via Google, or some other link, realize that I can't actually provide anyone with a fake doctor's note. I simply linked to an article about a guy who was writing fake notes, and because of that my site is now #1 on google when you type 'fake doctor notes'. I have no idea where fake doctor notes can be obtained.


Posted on Thu Jun 26, 2003


i ditched the last 4 days of school andi need a note from a dr. saying that some reason why i couldnt attend school for those days other wise the school os telling me iwont graduate this year if i dont get a note as to why i hadnt been to school...please help
Posted by chelsea mayo  on  Fri Dec 17, 2004  at  01:16 PM
Dotord note that I am pregnant. Friday december 18th 2004
Posted by Nicole  on  Tue Dec 21, 2004  at  06:11 PM
I need a day off cuz I work too much! Please excuse me for Friday the 24th?
Posted by Amanda Manegre  on  Wed Dec 22, 2004  at  02:51 PM
i need a doctors release not to go back to work because i had a back injury
Posted by james flaherty  on  Thu Dec 23, 2004  at  06:40 PM
Dear Doctor,
i need a sick note, because my job wont give me ne years of to spnd it with my family. i requested it off almost 2 months ago, but they said that theres not enough people working. thats not fair. please send me a doctors note.
Posted by Anatoly Pikman  on  Fri Dec 24, 2004  at  10:53 AM
I need 2 seperate notes saying that i am sick and my rooommate too. Her name is Dana. We need tonight off desperately! I'm not about to spend my New Years Eve at a restaurant serving other people drinks. I nees some myself and so does she! Thanks!
Posted by Amy Gilles  on  Fri Dec 31, 2004  at  01:11 PM
I need a doctors(physican release) stating i had complications within the stomach. They occured on the 27th of December...
Posted by Karimu Williams  on  Mon Jan 03, 2005  at  09:09 PM
please excuse jackie calhoun from school January 4 - 5. She was under a physicians care for breathing problems. " i need this asap. please. i'll do anything!! ""
Posted by Jackie Calhoun  on  Wed Jan 05, 2005  at  11:53 AM
hello I need a note sayin that I can return to work and am released from the dr.'s care january the 7th. that I was suffering from strep throat thank you very much natalie
Posted by natalie worrel  on  Wed Jan 05, 2005  at  08:50 PM
I need a doctor's note to excuse me for not going to work on Friday 1/7/05 saying that I had a bad cold.
Posted by Enrique A. Puente  on  Mon Jan 10, 2005  at  09:32 AM
i need a DR. excuse saying i had to take my little boy (anthony lewis)to the dr. because he was elergic to the antibotics he was taking.
Posted by jason lewis  on  Tue Jan 11, 2005  at  02:22 PM
I need a Doctors note stating that I have had a miscarrige. I live in Miami and left to NY on the holiday. I went to the Dr. up there and left the letters and all papers there. Please if you can make one for me it would be much obliged.
Posted by Melissa  on  Tue Jan 11, 2005  at  08:43 PM
my step dad just had backsurgery last thursday and i missed a class friday to stay home and help him. i need a note that excuses me from college to help him out
Posted by Jonathon Voight  on  Mon Jan 17, 2005  at  09:29 AM
I need a doctors note saying that I tried to comit sucide on the 20th of January, 2005
Posted by Tamara Richardson  on  Fri Jan 21, 2005  at  11:31 AM
I need a doctor's note for work that excuses me from work on january. 21,2005 because of sickness
Posted by rithy  on  Sat Jan 22, 2005  at  11:42 AM
I need a doctor's note for work that excuses me from work on january. 21,2005 because of sickness
asap thanks
Posted by rithy chea  on  Sat Jan 22, 2005  at  11:44 AM
i need a sick note for probation on the 18th january 2005
Posted by david foster  on  Tue Jan 25, 2005  at  03:43 PM
please excuse Jon Samuels form school on January 25 & 26 due to an upper respiratory infection
Posted by Jon Samuels  on  Wed Jan 26, 2005  at  10:15 AM
I need an excused absence doctor's note excusing me from work on Jan.20th-26th,2005 due to nausea and vomitting and coplications due to a high risk pregnancy.
Thank You a million times,
Posted by Andrea Williams  on  Wed Jan 26, 2005  at  10:38 AM
Hey I need a sick note saying I have been unable to attend 😛 school for the past week due to the flu.

Thanks so much!

Posted by AnneMarie Estrella  on  Thu Jan 27, 2005  at  01:29 PM
I need a doctors note excusing me from being polite and accommodating for the rest of my life. I need this as soon as possible.

Bite me ya bastich!

See. Please hurry.

(Isn't it cool? Alex is well on his way to becoming an internet meme.)
Posted by Charybdis  in  Hell  on  Thu Jan 27, 2005  at  02:24 PM
I think Alex is already an internet meme. I also think he should start selling Museum of Hoax T-shirts, complete with a doctors excuse on them!
Posted by Myst  on  Thu Jan 27, 2005  at  07:30 PM
I need a doctors excuse stating I was off work due to the flu from 1-26 thru 1-28
Posted by Teresa White  on  Fri Jan 28, 2005  at  04:02 AM
I need a doctors excuse from work for February 14, 2005. My boss always hits on me, and I think he has something special planned for Valentines day. Soemthing with food poisoning should do.
Posted by Christina Muniz  on  Sat Jan 29, 2005  at  02:36 AM
Sorry Paul, my boss would never believe my boyfriend is some little computer nerd from Holland.
Posted by Christina Muniz  on  Mon Jan 31, 2005  at  01:11 AM
Whoah, Burn!!!
Posted by Charybdis  in  Hell  on  Mon Jan 31, 2005  at  08:38 AM
Posted by The Curator  in  San Diego  on  Mon Jan 31, 2005  at  09:07 AM
Hi. I need a fake doctor's note saying that I had ten night visits going receiving medicaal treatment of alcohol abuse. Thank you!
Posted by Alberto Coello  on  Mon Jan 31, 2005  at  05:54 PM
I need a doctor's note stating that I was Sick with a viral infection from 1/12/05 thru 1/14/05 and was able to return to work on 1/18/05.
Posted by Diana Wiley  on  Wed Feb 02, 2005  at  06:55 AM
I need a doctor`s note excusing me from work on February 2, 2005
Posted by Stephanie Daniel  on  Wed Feb 02, 2005  at  08:42 AM
I need a dr. note I was sick and i don't have insurance for a medical check up .. i missed 2 days of school january 31 and Febuary 1st . please please please contact me . very soon .. like tonight I have to turn it in by tomorrow or they are threatning me with suspension.
thanks ,
Randi Martin
Posted by Randi Martin  on  Thu Feb 03, 2005  at  07:56 PM
i need a doctors note for being on bed rest and monitoring of my diet for the dates of 1-25-05 to 1-28-05 & 1-31-05 to 2-4-05 i'd really appreciate it thanks
Posted by kristi thomason  on  Thu Feb 03, 2005  at  10:22 PM
i need a docters note for being absent 2-3-05 due to pain of my back asap please send!
Posted by nicole hargis  on  Thu Feb 03, 2005  at  10:27 PM
i need a doctors note today excuseing from work because i had the flu from monday jan 31, and wednesday feb and thursday feb 3
Posted by michael Akey  on  Fri Feb 04, 2005  at  01:44 PM
Doctor I need a note to be released back to work. I have a note releasing me back on the 4th but I took an extra day and would like to be excused from that.
Posted by Dana White  on  Sat Feb 05, 2005  at  08:04 AM
Posted by JAMIE  on  Sun Feb 06, 2005  at  05:04 PM
zi need a note saying that I injured my back when I fell on the ice. date from feb.3
Posted by Rose Showalter  on  Mon Feb 07, 2005  at  04:44 AM
I need a doctors excuse Im really sick but cant afford going to doctor. But I need an excuse for work. Can you help me?
Posted by Fairin White Jr.  on  Mon Feb 07, 2005  at  10:12 AM
dude i need a note for Febuary 8th 2005. please help me out. it has to be a doctors note and mayabe i caught a contangiouis cold or somthing
Posted by carmen cacciatore  on  Mon Feb 07, 2005  at  11:46 AM
Ok man, All i need is a note saying that i missed class at 1 on Feb. 7/'05 because i had my yearly checkup. thanks a million
Posted by Jordan L.  on  Mon Feb 07, 2005  at  12:03 PM
I need an excuse from a Dr. for an eye infection on November 19, 2003. Imperative to avoid legal troubles.
Posted by John Carr  on  Tue Feb 08, 2005  at  11:56 PM
I need a dr.'s note for the day's of feb 6th through the 8th due to viral infection. Thank's, Sue
Posted by Sue Shelley  on  Wed Feb 09, 2005  at  01:36 PM
I need a doctors note that I have been sick and unable to attend class due to my sickness. Its for a class that I can not lose points for, I had a valid reason why I could not make it, but she probably wont accept it unless im sick.
Posted by Tisifenee  on  Wed Feb 09, 2005  at  02:29 PM
Doctor Alex: Can you give me a prescription for a new drug? One that won't won't make me nervous, wonderin' what to do? One that makes me feel like I feel when I sniff glue?
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Wed Feb 09, 2005  at  03:29 PM
Henna color will do
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Wed Feb 09, 2005  at  03:32 PM
I could close comments on this, but what fun would that be? It's become like an experiment in stupidity. I clearly state that I can't give anyone a fake doctor's note, and yet still people keep requesting them. It's amazing.
Posted by The Curator  in  San Diego  on  Wed Feb 09, 2005  at  03:52 PM
Some people just refuse to read instructions, either that or they are just posting them for fun.
Posted by Myst  on  Wed Feb 09, 2005  at  04:30 PM
You say this thread's not merely dead, it's really most sincerely dead? Then can it have a note from the Dr. excusing it for being severely dead? Thanks, President Houdini, 1600 Pa Ave, Wash DC
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Wed Feb 09, 2005  at  04:41 PM
and can I get a copy of those instructions? I was out sick that day. Thanks, Hairy 1st
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Wed Feb 09, 2005  at  04:42 PM
I need a doctors excuse for Feb. 8th and 9th due to strep throat.
Posted by Tyler Steinke  on  Thu Feb 10, 2005  at  09:49 AM
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