Dorset Naga: The Hottest Chili In The World

Status: True (I think)
image A British mail-order chili firm, Peppers by Post, claims that it has developed the hottest chili in the world. Its website states:

We – Michael and Joy Michaud – grow chillies and sell them by mail order to customers throughout Great Britain... One of the items in our catalogue is Dorset Naga, an exceptionally hot variety that we developed from a Bangladeshi chilli known as Naga Morich. In 2005 we collected a sample of this chilli, and had it tested for heat by two laboratories in the USA. The result, measured in Scoville Heat Units (SHU), were astounding: taking an average of the two, Dorset Naga came in at 923,000 SHU. To put this figure in context, the Guinness world record for the hottest chilli is currently held by Red Savina, which was once measured at 577,000 SHU... This makes Dorset Naga more than 50% hotter than Red Savina, and clearly a contender for the title ‘hottest chilli in the world’.

The rest of the website is full of facts and information about the Dorset Naga, making me inclined to believe that what they say is true: that the Dorset Naga really is the hottest chili in the world. But here's the catch. The news about the Dorset Naga appeared in many newspapers on April 1. The April 1st United Press International article notes:

They said they even have to wear gloves when they harvest the seeds. "Most people don't cook with it; they just have it near to them when they eat," said Aktar Miha, of the Indis Bangladeshi restaurant in Bournemouth, England. "If you don't know what you are doing it could blow your head off."

That kind of sounds like they're joking. Nevertheless, I don't think the Dorset Naga is a joke. But real or not, I don't plan to ever try this stuff. I like my taste buds too much to do that to them.


Posted on Sun Apr 09, 2006


Well i can say for sure....The naga is one of the damndest hottest peppers I have personally ever had the pleasure of tasting..SUPER INTENSE heat. I raise the red savina hab and these put it to go ahead and think they are not the hottest pepper in the world, at least one of them..pop one in your mounth then come back and re-post...hahaha.
Peace out.
Posted by DANNY  in  N.C.  on  Sun Jan 31, 2010  at  09:17 AM
Not one mention of the TRUE hottest pepper: the BHUT JOLOKIA GHOST PEPPER (1 001 304 SHU), confirmed by Guiness. Originating from Assam (Northeast India), it as also sometimes called the Naga Mircha.

FYI the Dorset Naga appears to be just a poorly grown Bhut Jolokia Ghost pepper.
Posted by Chilihead  on  Mon Aug 02, 2010  at  10:19 AM
I'm curious...

If the "Dorset Naga is a poorly grown Bhut Jolokia Ghost Pepper", then why did it register as 1.5 times hotter than the Bhut Jolokia grown by the Chile Pepper Institute?

See more info here:'s+hottest+chilli+pepper

Perhaps the Michauds are better horticulturists?

Fwiw, they're the same pepper, regardless of where you grow them.
Posted by Tina Brooks  in  Montreal, Canada  on  Tue Aug 24, 2010  at  10:41 AM
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