Condom in a Hazelnut

Status: Seems to be a prank
image Brian Geist was sitting at home on New Year's Eve enjoying some hazelnuts. But there was a strange surprise in one of them: a condom. As his wife reported to the Glenwood Springs Post Independent (may require registration):

"My husband cracked open a hazelnut and a condom popped out. He couldn't believe it. He just sort of sat there and stared at it and he said, 'You wouldn't believe what I found in this nut," Geist said Tuesday. She assumed he might have been talking about a bug. But it turned out to be a bright-yellow condom, still rolled up, she said.

The nuts were bought at a local Wal-Mart Supercenter. The Wal-Mart spokesperson had no clue what to make of the incident. Meanwhile, the police chief noted that he was aware of condoms being sold inside plastic walnuts, though the nut in this case wasn't plastic. The Wal-Mart spokesperson, and a pr representative for the nut company both "expressed surprise at a condom being able to fit into the relatively small shell of a hazelnut. Geist agreed it was a tight fit. She said her husband speculates that the shell had been cut in half and glued back together. Meisner [the police chief], who didn't see signs of sawing or gluing, said he doesn't doubt the Geists' story. Geist said it's not something she could have concocted if she tried. 'It's so bizarre, I'm not clever enough to make up something that crazy,' she said."

I don't suppose there's any way of getting a condom inside a hazelnut without breaking the nut open first. So if it was a prank, someone went to quite a bit of trouble to pull it off. And the Geists aren't threatening to sue, so it's hard to see what motive they would have for making up the story. (Unless they just wanted to get their name in the paper.) Very weird. Maybe a mad scientist has genetically engineered condom-growing nuts.

Food Pranks

Posted on Wed Jan 04, 2006


I love how the story ends....the reporter asks what happened to the rest of the nuts, the woman replies, "my husband finished em off"

I am pretty sure I would not have continued eating the nuts after finding a condom in one of them.

The story "seems" legit, though I do wonder who called the media
Posted by Chuck  in  Rhode Island  on  Wed Jan 04, 2006  at  02:54 PM
Another example of how shockingly ignorant today's youth are of the basic facts of reproduction, sex, birth control, and disease prevention. Schools ought to be teaching kids to put the condom on the banana, not on the nuts.
Posted by Big Gary in North America  in  Dallas, Texas  on  Wed Jan 04, 2006  at  04:46 PM
This is the second thread about pranks at Walmart, I am going to watch out for what I buy there.
Posted by sandwich maker  in  Pennsylvania, USA  on  Wed Jan 04, 2006  at  06:28 PM
Believe it or not, I've heard of these.
They're a novelty item called "Rubber tree nuts", and you can find them in novelty shops at various tourist traps. (At least you can here in NC.)
A quick web page look-up:

Apparently the hazelnut is cut open and an industrial "finger cots" is put inside and the nutshell is glued shut.

Finger cots look like condoms, but are used to protect either your fingers, or items being handled with you fingers. (a sample site: )
Posted by Captain DaFt  on  Wed Jan 04, 2006  at  06:59 PM
DARN! that was supposed to be the preview button! }

Anyway, continuing... my guess is that someone slipped one or more of these into the bulk nut bin at Walmart as a prank.
Posted by Captain DaFt  on  Wed Jan 04, 2006  at  07:05 PM
You can put something inside of a fruit or nut easily enough, really, without having to cut it open and then glue it. It takes a bit of planning, though, because it involves putting the object in when the fruit is still immature and flowering. Then the fruit grows around the object, and there's no sign of a scar or anything.
Posted by Accipiter  on  Wed Jan 04, 2006  at  11:33 PM
I bet they just have ugly kids...and someone was trying to prevent further child cruelty.
Posted by Maegan  in  Tampa, FL - USA  on  Thu Jan 05, 2006  at  08:06 AM
A holy sign to the pope to say that condoms are ok.
Posted by Beasjt  in  Earth  on  Thu Jan 05, 2006  at  09:49 AM
"They're a novelty item called "Rubber tree nuts", and you can find them in novelty shops at various tourist traps. "

A nutshell with a wadded-up finger cot inside ... now THAT'S what I call a fine souvenir. A real laff riot, no?
Posted by Big Gary in the northern hemisphere  in  Dallas, Texas  on  Fri Jan 06, 2006  at  04:37 PM
You could get the company that made the rubbernuts to put a tightly folded dollar bill or twenty inside. They were originally meant to be sold for a dollar, with a chance to win a twenty, or your dollar back, but at the very worst a laugh when the condom popped out. That was considered too close to gambling so they were not a big success. But it's heartwarming to know they're still out there. The instructions (yes, there were instructions) were to smash them with a heavy ashtray.
Posted by Rex Mondo  in  on the Mason-Dixon line  on  Sat Jan 07, 2006  at  07:04 AM
LOL my dad makes and sells those. Trust me has nothing to do with planning ahead and putting them in while the plant is immature. Someone probably bought a dozen of them and then stashed one in the bin at walmart.

It's way funnier to watch people open them... the prankster missed out!
Posted by Syele  on  Fri Mar 31, 2006  at  12:03 AM
my grandfather makes those...he has a patent for them...its made with real comdoms and hazle nuts...he asked me not to tell how exactly they are made but we have dozens of them at my house...he told me once that he had to finaly start ordering condoms in bulk, he found a site to order about 1000 at a time, they didn't tell him that they came in a clear ba through the post man....the ups guy looks at him funny now...he only sells them in the usa now, it has become hard to ship over seas scince 9-11. i know he used to have a site too...can't remember what it was, if i can figure it out i will tell yall.i think he will get a kick out of knowing so many people know about them...and that someone stashed one at walmart...he will probably be mad he didn't think of it.
Posted by armstrong  in  alaska  on  Wed Apr 12, 2006  at  03:03 AM
These are easy to make, but very time consuming. Basically, you have to drill the top of the shell out and then break up the nut to remove it. You blow out the empty shell with compressed air and then insert the condom. The hole is covered with a dyed sawdust/glue mixture to resemble the regular top of the nut. Originally I used ballons as they were for kid parties, but I had a friend that wanted some for the adults. One of the myriad of things I did to survive when I was "rolling pennies for gas broke".
Posted by Lounge Lizard  in  El Paso, Tx  on  Wed Aug 02, 2006  at  02:39 PM
Posted by JEFFREY MARTIN  in  LOUISIANA  on  Sun Jul 22, 2007  at  09:10 PM
To purchase some of these novelties you can contact the Rubber Nut Man at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Posted by kdennison  on  Tue Oct 09, 2007  at  08:49 PM
a man in durango CO sells them 1 dollar a nut.
Posted by bri  in  durango  on  Tue Dec 18, 2007  at  05:34 PM
so who's the guy in durango? i really wanna get some of these...
Posted by Erica  in  the old CO  on  Mon Mar 10, 2008  at  04:51 PM
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