Clone Number Six

Clonaid now claims that it has created its sixth human clone, in the form of a baby boy born in Sydney last week. Once again, no evidence of any kind was provided to back up this claim. You're just supposed to take their word for it. And come on! They seem like an extremely credible bunch, don't they?


Posted on Wed Feb 11, 2004


Yeah, and I invented a time machine and ate ice cream with dinosaurs, but I can't show you them.
Posted by Dan  on  Thu Feb 12, 2004  at  01:41 AM
What they don't tell you is that the kid is a 7th generation copy of the original subject. I mean, the quality is horrid, the baby is all smeared. You can't even make out the face, that's how badly it's deteriorated.

Add in the fact they used an old 9 pin cloner instead of the more up-to-date gene sublimation cloners available today. And every copy of a copy was done 'draft' instead of 'high' quality as well. It's a wonder the poor thing can even breathe, given that its lungs have huge gene globs and blank spaces.

Don't get me started on the quality of the genes they used. I mean, it's bad enough they used refurbished gene cartridges. They had to use cheap refurbished gene cartridges. It's a wonder the first kid lived. (If you haven't heard, the poor thing is now being kept in a sterile environment. Seems the genes for the immune system got washed away with the first bath. I don't think InClone is anywhere close to figuring out a way to waterproof their product.)

It's a wonder anybody (like me) ever takes them seriously.
Posted by Alan Kellogg  in  Earth  on  Thu Feb 12, 2004  at  08:47 AM
Oops, the message below should reference Clonaid, not Iclone.
Posted by Alan Kellogg  in  Earth  on  Thu Feb 12, 2004  at  08:48 AM
Well it doesn't help their credibility considering their part in the raelian movement either
*See the story, the last paragraph smile
Posted by J  on  Thu Feb 12, 2004  at  01:52 PM
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