Is Jim Morrison Alive?

image Most people think the musician Jim Morrison, lead singer for the Doors, died in Paris on July 3, 1971. But Gerald Pitts says that he "discovered Jim Morrison Living on a Ranch in the Pacific Northwest in the summer of 1998." According to him, Morrison is living a quiet life as an American cowboy "away from the Hollywood scene." Even though Morrison evidently engineered an elaborate death hoax to escape publicity, he agreed to appear on film for Pitts. You can buy a copy of this film for only $24.95 (shipping is extra). Pitts' site includes a video comparing the features of Jim Morrison the fifty-something cowboy to Jim Morrison the twenty-something singer. However, no matter how many times I watch the video, I just don't see any similarity.

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Posted on Mon Jan 03, 2005


World wide web.
The freedom of the world wide eb.
Posted by David Logan  in  Helena, Montana  on  Tue Feb 16, 2010  at  06:46 PM
Love is a many splendered thing. This sight is alive. Did anybody else see that weirdo. How do you post and then have it disappear the next day. Does anybody hear me. Speak if you would.
Posted by David Logan  in  Helena, Montana  on  Wed Feb 17, 2010  at  11:53 AM
I seen it.both posts.gone.they were from the east and there was an unmentionable name mentioned. looks like you lost who was left with the bigfoot was not a good idea wink
Posted by know it all  in  state of shock  on  Wed Feb 17, 2010  at  03:27 PM
I didn't know you could delete posts here.
Posted by know it all  in  state of shock  on  Wed Feb 17, 2010  at  03:28 PM
About a year ago, I heard that Gerald Pitts and Rodeoswest Inc. were going to joing forces to donate an old stage coach to a location in OR where there have been lots of accidents. A "dead man's curve" so to speak.
Real horses were going to bring the coach to its mark and it was to be a memorable event. Some businessmen in the area were also going to donate resources. Indirectly this was supposed to get attention to the Jim Morrison video. David, any update on this?
Posted by Jlizard  in  Indiana  on  Wed Feb 17, 2010  at  03:50 PM
I'll ask him. Right down from Shorts house a corner near Geralds. Might be a small windmill by now. On Quiote.
Posted by David Logan  in  Helena, Montana  on  Wed Feb 17, 2010  at  09:09 PM
I'm sure a certain program allows you to post and delete. Some marketer it seemed like and I am glad you saw it too. K.I.A just like a Bigfoot. Yea I ran into him one time. Rather he was snooping us. Quite hard to tell the truth of the matter. We scared each other.
Posted by David Logan  in  Helena, Montana  on  Wed Feb 17, 2010  at  09:28 PM
The Abominable Snowman, the Yeti, the Bigfoot and Sasquatch do exist. There are sightings every yr. Probably some legitimate. One could only think.

Yes Virginia, more real than Santi Clause.
No disrespec.
Posted by David Logan  in  Helena, Montana  on  Wed Feb 17, 2010  at  09:49 PM
Clearly a legend not so steeped in mystery. Too much evidence. Easy to get lost out there. People trek all over the mountains and never find a skull of anything, maybe a squirrel or a deer. A bear skull or a cougar, from natural causes would be pretty rare. Too many tracks. Clearly.
Posted by David Logan  in  Helena, Montana  on  Wed Feb 17, 2010  at  10:03 PM
Moderators are reviewing posts daily. Suspicious links are deleted.

And I think you lot are getting off topic. If you don't have anything pertinent to post, then don't post. If you want to discuss bigfoot or other hoaxes, please search for the appropriate threads.

If you can't find what you're looking for, you're welcome to register and start a thread in the forum.
Posted by Smerk  in  to mischief  on  Thu Feb 18, 2010  at  06:16 AM
This is a work I'm not really sure of. Jim very well may have written it.

I have a copy, but can't claim to understand it. Contains an esoteric story of Jim and agencies with a lot of money.
Posted by JLizard  in  louisville, KY  on  Thu Feb 18, 2010  at  07:06 PM
I think these scammers are enemies of the state. They are like talking in code or something. It's the same one. Down with you.
Posted by David Logan  in  Helena, Montana  on  Thu Feb 18, 2010  at  10:44 PM
Get em Smerck. bigfoot's not a hoax. I was just telling a story how certain things are real convincing. Why we're here.

Oh Yea you really scare us.
Posted by David Logan  in  Helena, Montana  on  Thu Feb 18, 2010  at  10:50 PM
The range on that story is a long one. I can hope you will get to the bottom of it. JLizard. I know you can find results. There is information on the debate. Or do you know something we don't?
Posted by David Logan  in  Helena, Montana  on  Thu Feb 18, 2010  at  11:26 PM
I know what its about.Its complicated yet not.
Posted by horses ears  in  morrison land  on  Fri Feb 19, 2010  at  07:00 AM
Hey gang,
let's not lose our focus. The purpose of this site is to discuss Jim Morrison being alive under the alias Bill Loyer. As the moderator said, discussion on other topics should be posted elsewhere.

I have been trying to get singer John Mellencamp's ear for over a year here in Seymour, IN. I moved here almost 2 years ago. With Senator Evan Bayh stepping down there are heated rumors that Mellencamp will run for that office. I intend to post everywhere online and publicly here in town, that Mellencamp needs to tell us who Bill Loyer is before he should expect endorsement in a political career. The DOORS have been making the American public, legal and political systems look like idiots for long enough. Please twitter Mellencamp and demand he tell us WHO IS BILL LOYER. cool grin
Posted by JLizard  in  Seymour, IN  on  Sat Feb 20, 2010  at  01:07 AM
doggone it yes Horse. I'm a bit foggy myself. 5 sentences. It has been reported and what I read they were still making choices over assumptions.
Posted by David Logan  in  Helena, Montana  on  Sat Feb 20, 2010  at  01:21 AM
holy shit are you serious jlizard? why on god's earth would john mellencamp give a damn about bill loyer? and how would he know who he was anyway? personally i don't even think mellencamp appreciated the doors. i was raised in seymour mellencamp doesn't visit it often his family live there but he doesn't come around often. i reside in columbus as of now.
Posted by the goods  in  indiana  on  Sat Feb 20, 2010  at  06:05 PM
the goods,
a while ago we had a mock contest where David Logan and I could award anyone from this site a dinner date with us. I choose you. You're not always here, but when you are you ask good questions and bring up descent points.

I've been in Seymour for almost two years. Since the very beginning I have been going to the Indiana Center for the Arts trying to get their Director and a couple of members of their committee to hear me out about Jim Morrison. The director swears he only rarely talks to Mellencamp personally.

At first I felt honored that the director would hear me out, even though he said he didn't believe a word I was saying. Sometimes however he would even ask me if I had from Jim Morrison, quite seriously. I have also posted on Mellencamp's website Club Cherry Bomb asking if anyone could help us bring to the light Bill Loyer who is Jim Morrison. It's a very large site, but little activity so not surprised didn't get much response.

Besides Logan and Pitts, I am very knowledgeable to the facts that link JM to BL.
Remember David Diamond's (OH) attempt to get the Honorable Governor Crist (FL) to pardon JM posthumously? I emailed at least 45 of the governors (including Swarzenegger and Palin...) and called called Crist's office many times asking them NOT to pardon JM because he was still alive- and I won, for whatever the official reason, Jim was not pardoned posthumously.

So being the Bill Loyer scholar that I am and in the SMALL TOWN which is becoming my prison, I yell with all my might at Mellencamp to use his rock and roll clout and save rock and roll, our government and her people severe embarassment in the face of the world by investigating the 10 year claim that BL is JM. In no way does Mellencamp have to do this. But I am saying sign off on it Mellencamp. Tell everyone that you are washing your hands of this matter. Don't say no one has tried to inform me of Jim Morrison being alive.

If it is the Lord's will, one day a hero will step up and let everyone know that Bill Loyer is really Jim Morrison. In light of the corruption taking place, I believe that hero will be revered as the voice of justice for centuries. And I believe those that left our artist for dead will be forever cast in the shadows. If Mellencamp was truly taught the fear of Jesus in this smalltown, he would not walk about it with the pride of Judas.
Posted by JLizard  in  Seymour, IN  on  Sat Feb 20, 2010  at  09:17 PM
Whatever liz.take the goods to dinner ok he really deserves it.all he did was ask a simple question to get your long winded I can see why you chose him.people with brown noses dont argue. I know ,I never asked a good question or brought up a decent point right? Later...traitor.. im a sore loser.
Posted by know it all  in  morrison land  on  Sun Feb 21, 2010  at  06:20 AM
I'm goin to dinner with the horse ,im goin to morrison land..hahahah
Posted by know it all  in  morrison land  on  Sun Feb 21, 2010  at  06:23 AM
Logan,wanna go with me to visit the horse?liz isnt invited.
Posted by know it all  in  on my way to morrison land  on  Sun Feb 21, 2010  at  06:26 AM
Know it all, keep me out of your bickering with Jlizard. Nobody is invited to 'morrison land',so please refrain from using what is mine.
Posted by horses temper  in  morrison land  on  Sun Feb 21, 2010  at  06:49 AM
The indianans were stickin together, and I needed someone to relate to .I apologize.I thought it was funny.gee...sorry.
Posted by know it all  in  state of shock  on  Sun Feb 21, 2010  at  06:59 AM
My guess is the horse dislikes me now as much as liz.Were or what is morrison land anyway?a whatever.I just want to know were bill is.liz? what does bill have to say lately?
Posted by know it all  in  state of shock  on  Sun Feb 21, 2010  at  04:32 PM
I don't dislike you know it all.I don't want to be involved in your thing with Jlizard is all.AND it is confusing enough as it as with people using other peoples names here.Morrison land has special meaning to me,and using it as a joke is an insult to me.
Posted by horses name  in  morrison land  on  Sun Feb 21, 2010  at  07:08 PM

Jim doesn't need pardoned. Except within 7 yrs.
Posted by David Logan  in  Helena, Montana  on  Mon Feb 22, 2010  at  12:33 AM
He never did anything. Besides get loose. 500 photographs showed nothing. A shirt tail. So maybe he should be pardoned to take a look at now a days. And a I'mm sorry....It was quite an uproar.
Posted by David Logan  in  Helena, Montana  on  Mon Feb 22, 2010  at  12:46 AM
He was living then. Probably sick to his stomach.
My sister just lost her big ol Horse. 25 yr. old. She's met Bill. So has my Mom. She said he has a nice voice. No one sounds like him.
Posted by David Logan  in  Helena, Montana  on  Mon Feb 22, 2010  at  12:58 AM
OK so here's the deal....David and JLizard, you have been trying to break this story for so long that you've become irrelevant.

The truth is that Bill Loyer is a real person, is he Jim Morrison, I still cant honestly say. I ve talked to so many people on the subject, even people who new Bill back in the 80's.

It's super easy to find real info on Bill, just use your brains and a few $$$$. If you actually want to find the truth do a little work. I ve talked to a few of the so called Pro's on this forum, I can honestly say that I have caught them in lies, I purposely set a fake trap and they fell for it hook line and sinker, which proves that they have absolutely no ties with Bill. These guys are like Bill Loyer groupies at best. They have no secret connection at all.

I hope that you people would also have the decency to leave Chris and his wife out of this. Could you imagine what it would be like to be in their position. I have provided them with most of my info in the past and they are great people, leave them alone. I just read some past posts and it looks like they were offended...I feel bad for them.

I talked with a reporter who met Bill back in the 80's when he was living in a hotel with his kids, and was working as a brick layer. As far as she was concerned she didn't believe Bill was Jim Morrison.

If it is Jim, maybe we should just leave him alone, this BS that Jlizard and David keep making is nothing more than invasion of Bills privacy. Bill has nothing to do with these 2 guys. In the past David met Bill, but I ve met alot of famous people too, but it doesnt mean I have a direct line to them. It's like me saying "Hey I met Mick Jagger" and just because I met him once doesnt mean I know everything about him and that we are best buds, thats called being delusional.

So after all that maybe we should conclude that Bill or Jim has simply had his privacy invaded and perhaps he never intended to have any of this at all. I believe that most of what Jlizard and David say is pretty much 100% derivative of their own thoughts and has absolutely nothing to do with Bill.

Personally if I was Bill/Jim I would be laughing my ass off at these 2 grown men who have spent years regurgitating the same nonsense over and over.

My only goal from my investigation last year was to help Chris find the truth, and after I exhausted all my research avenues I moved on. I sent Chris and his wife most of my info and left it at that. It really is no one else's business.

If you have more questions feel free to ask.
Posted by Respect  in  Everywhere  on  Mon Feb 22, 2010  at  03:15 PM
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