Is Jim Morrison Alive?

image Most people think the musician Jim Morrison, lead singer for the Doors, died in Paris on July 3, 1971. But Gerald Pitts says that he "discovered Jim Morrison Living on a Ranch in the Pacific Northwest in the summer of 1998." According to him, Morrison is living a quiet life as an American cowboy "away from the Hollywood scene." Even though Morrison evidently engineered an elaborate death hoax to escape publicity, he agreed to appear on film for Pitts. You can buy a copy of this film for only $24.95 (shipping is extra). Pitts' site includes a video comparing the features of Jim Morrison the fifty-something cowboy to Jim Morrison the twenty-something singer. However, no matter how many times I watch the video, I just don't see any similarity.

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Posted on Mon Jan 03, 2005


Jlizard and I are the only ones here that know Loyer at this point. He seems straight up to me and not a story has crossed. He has revealed everything. They hate JLizard in part because he believes Loyer as do I. Like Loyer said recently some people here don't know sh**. Respect u fall in that catagory when it comes to me. No respect. Loyer's were communicating here early on. Some people are so vile and create their own anger. This is what we have continually ran into. Not neccesarily the majority. Those who are left and wish to argue rightfullly have only seen some pictures and have dug up a news story. You can't prove he is not. You can't. Please do.
Posted by David Logan  on  Mon May 10, 2010  at  02:36 AM
Many in the real world, not cyber, believe this also. Now I've known this old kid for 12 years. We're not trying to steal anybody's cupcake. Everything has been out there for years. Boy it is amazing...don't mess with somebodies Legend. Bill has offered everything and no one has proved he is not. Instead we slander and diffuse. What if.. Anyway, one day his art and books will be released. More cannon fodder for the wary. If you want to see who we are talking about go to
Posted by David Logan  on  Mon May 10, 2010  at  03:02 AM
To put this into plain english. For me I have never sat across the table from somebody so intense. Brilliant. Incredibly striking and so straight forward. Ah a thinker indeed. Bill Loyer shrouded in mystery except for one honest news story.
Posted by David Logan  on  Mon May 10, 2010  at  03:14 AM
Now take Ray Manzerik. He has always played it safe and smart. He has seen my pictures and asked if Jimbo had proof. Kind of strange, he must really look like him. Ray and the boys are fully aware of the beginning of this and know Rodeo's West inside and out. That's why Ray said "He's alive, living in Oregon haven't you heard? He's a cowboy" He doesn't know for completely sure, but my bet is that down inside he leans strongly towards Loyer being Jimbo. Did you think Jim would pick some big outfit like Ford or Phillip Morris agency? No he choose the little guy.
Posted by David Logan  on  Mon May 10, 2010  at  03:32 AM
I was just on Pitt's website. He plays a short from the video. BillyJim is singing The End. He totally f****up the lyrics. I beleive he sings "the end of laughter and bright lights." I think its supposed to be "the end of laughter and soft lies" This is the second song this guy can't sing. The Real JIM MORRISON loved his creation The End and would'nt f***up the lyrics.
Posted by Belvisbubba  on  Mon May 10, 2010  at  07:23 AM
Loyer is a fraud, a crook and a fake--and a pathetically bad fake at that.

As for Logan and JLizard, I don't know and don't really care what motivates them, but for two people who never so much as set eyes on the real Jim Morrison to claim they're qualified to judge whether or not Loyer is really Morrison is just silly.

And once again, Logan, Ray Manzarek was JOKING. Bill Loyer is a JOKE. No one takes him the least bit seriously--except you and your equally sad little pal, apparently.


BTW, for anyone who wants to see the real Morrison in action, When You're Strange, the Dick Wolf produced, Tom DiCillo directed, Johhny Depp narrated documentary on Jim and the guys, will be shown on PBS's American Masters series this coming Wednesday night, May 12th. Check your local listings...
Posted by Janet Erwin  on  Mon May 10, 2010  at  09:35 AM
You're so wrong.
Posted by David Logan  on  Mon May 10, 2010  at  03:19 PM
And so how did u get to know him. Was it one week? A day? 2 months. A year? Who is Janet Erwin? Not really in the history books. You sound like some 300 lb. fat **s who is miserable with her life.
Was he your back door man? You are a hippocrit who had an acquaintence. Certianly not capable of judging Loyer.

News flash==== Ray was not completely joking. Don't you remember Janet they couldn't hardly stand each other when it all went down? Especially the lead singer. Ever been in a band? Well it's real disappointing when things don't go right. The Doors had been struggling with that for almost 2 years.
Have u changed in the last 30 to 40 years? To me it comes down to that last 2 days. I know, they have tried to convince.
And JLizard is not little.

Scenario: One of the worlds biggest legends wants to disappear. Certianly would not be running around for 27 years after reciting the doors poetry or rehearsing.
Posted by David Logan  on  Mon May 10, 2010  at  04:08 PM
by the way, using this for a medium...Obama s**ck$
Well gee whiz he's such sneak and a sly power monger. Sorry Jlizard but it's true. Me and a 180 million other Americans. Well... he's more phony than Bill Loyer. Of course he's going to try and do his best as he knows it, unless we nail im. But we don't have the strength. I gaurentee he's got an ace or two up his sleeve. Don't feel sorry for him.

Hopefully so does Bill. No worries.
Posted by David Logan  on  Mon May 10, 2010  at  04:25 PM
Taking a moment--Yohoho o ah haha ah ha yaheeheyaw hee haw yahee e Ko ko ah ha tok yo ho yell yo. aa/eee

Where's that paper JLizard. Oh..saddlebag.
Posted by David Logan  on  Mon May 10, 2010  at  04:48 PM
"News flash==== Ray was not completely joking. Don't you remember Janet they couldn't hardly stand each other when it all went down?"

No, I don't remember any such thing--and neither do you, and neither does Loyer. Neither of you has ever encountered either Ray Manzarek or Jim Morrison in the flesh, or observed the two men interacting, let alone heard the affection in Jim's voice when he spoke of "ol' Ray."

Of course Ray was joking. Loyer's a joke. Deal with it and MOVE ON.
Posted by Janet Erwin  on  Mon May 10, 2010  at  06:52 PM
aah and Loyer's talked fondly of Ray/
Posted by David Logan  on  Mon May 10, 2010  at  08:06 PM
If you don't know then you're full of it. janets' a fake. O how many concerts did he miss? 3? 2? Or everybodies waiting... no Jimbo. I guess you were saddling your horse and listening to Conway Twitty thru rose colored glasses. You musta been a good lookin ol heifer.
They struggled with it the last almost 2 years. They barely made it.
Posted by David Logan  on  Mon May 10, 2010  at  08:32 PM
Loyer is so good that the closer you get the more you know. Might be crazy but spot on comparison's. You'd really like him. Most girls do.. There's something fascinating about him. He's my good friend and I can see some of what they see. It's that twinkle in his eye man. Ha ha Oo good old Bill Loyer. Where's the public outcry besides the stern ones here? Oh yea that was back there a ways.
I see it now it's FADINg FADIng Faad-_ You remember that line.

Well, and I mean this, God rest his soul if so be it.
Posted by David Logan  on  Mon May 10, 2010  at  09:10 PM
"Woman, vanity is thy name." Woman like Janet and Pat Kineally got their egos hurt by Jim and were thereafter out to crucify him. Dr. Marsha is the only woman who can keep Jim satisfied. And as we see a lot of that has to do with on an intellectual level. There is something wonderful about the way Bill Loyer thinks and talks. Super intelligent.
This reminds me of how the girls went into a love hate with John Lennon after he married Yoko. The English womens' egos had been bruised and all of a sudden his genius didn't matter. And they went out of their way to put it in the press.
I'd still go out with Janet though.
Posted by JLizard  on  Tue May 11, 2010  at  04:23 AM
I remember that. Well we'll see JLizard.
Posted by David Logan  on  Tue May 11, 2010  at  08:15 AM
Rumor had it Jim being spotted years ago on the Boardwalk in Wildwood NJ.
Maybe there is something to it
Posted by I Know  on  Tue May 11, 2010  at  08:45 AM
Half truths and soft lies, rofl
Posted by u wish u knew  on  Tue May 11, 2010  at  07:54 PM
Q:Why can't a man living in the USA be buried in Paris?

A:Why should a living man be buried?

Posted by u wish u knew  on  Tue May 11, 2010  at  07:59 PM
What relly gets me is the fact his Mom and Dad never had his body moved back to the states.
The Navy Admiral would never leave his son buried on Foreign soil. Could it be that the grave is empty ?
Posted by I Know  on  Thu May 13, 2010  at  02:50 PM
Good God.We reach we fall.Listen,on the contrary.The Admiral was quite honored to have his son buried in the poet's corner,next to Oscar Wilde.ΚΑΤΑ ΤΟ
Posted by horses honor  on  Fri May 14, 2010  at  09:41 AM
and one must not forget Shakespeare!
Posted by JLizard  on  Fri May 14, 2010  at  04:37 PM
Lorraine Widen, please PM me through the Doors board. I saw D.s latest tweet and it scared me. Please let me know if D and C (and SK) are okay. Thank you.
Posted by Janet Erwin  on  Sat May 15, 2010  at  08:39 PM
What relly gets me is the fact his Mom and Dad never had his body moved back to the states.
The Navy Admiral would never leave his son buried on Foreign soil. Could it be that the grave is empty ?
Posted by I Know in Near on Thu May 13, 2010 at 12:50 PM

I have to agree with the above post. Our Military always bring back the Dead.

They have X-Ray Technology that can scan the grave to show if a body is there. Has this ever been done.
Posted by Peabody  on  Sat May 15, 2010  at  11:33 PM
The military brings back its dead killed in battle. Jim was not killed in battle, at least not literally.

His physical remains are buried in the Poets' Corner of one of the most famous and historic cemeteries in the world, just as he wanted them to be.
Posted by Janet Erwin  on  Sun May 16, 2010  at  06:57 AM
This isn't the place for certain peoples problems,life, to be aired Janet.When you open pandora's box,there are those that you DONT know that get hurt.What does one have to do with the other??Don't answer that.Your concern is understandable.But please.
Posted by horses hunger  on  Sun May 16, 2010  at  07:44 AM
I certainly didn't mean to hurt you, Horse, and it hurts me to know you were hurt, believe me. Please forgive me. (My excuse: I didn't read upthread so I didn't see your earlier post which even included the Greek.)

But please also check your LL PMs tomorrow (I'm too tired to write anything more tonight). I saw D's latest Tweet last night--the one dated last Thursday--and it made me cry.

We really, really need to talk. I apologize for wimping out last fall, but dealing with my own family is stress enough most of the time, know what I mean? (Of course that's a rhetorical question. 😉 😊 )
Posted by Janet Erwin  on  Sun May 16, 2010  at  07:56 PM
Oh, and btw, Horse--I don't even remember posting that plea to Lorraine Widen last night. I'm afraid I made the same mistake I always make when I'm waiting for the charcoal to reach the right stage before putting the steak on to broil: I had a couple of glasses of the excellent Merlot I'd bought to accompany said steak, and of course washed down said (excellent sirloin) steak with the rest of said bottle.

The ol' metabolism not being even close to what it used to be, I'm mortified to admit that an amount that wouldn't have fazed me even ten years ago, knocks me for a loop these days, especially when I've drunk some of it on an empty stomach.

Once again, my apologies.
Posted by Janet Erwin  on  Sun May 16, 2010  at  09:19 PM
Does anyone read this shit?! My god, it's a bunch of ignorant ramblings.
Posted by Laughing my ass off  on  Sun May 16, 2010  at  10:34 PM
Apparently u r reading but"who cares" right? Go "laugh your ass off" some place else.u must be the same "ignorant" person who likes to bother us with your "ignorant" comments.
Posted by anonymous  on  Mon May 17, 2010  at  03:10 AM
That is so funny. I didn't have the merlot, but I did have sirloin steaks and I basted them in port. With what I know, I do think that I am Merlin sometimes.
Posted by JLizard  on  Mon May 17, 2010  at  04:16 AM
Thank you Janet for being kind to me.Appreciated.I do think you have me mistaken for someone else tho.Last fall?Don't know what that's about.LL PM's?Don't have them. One having to do with the other didn't mean posts.Yes,I do get hurt when a soar spot gets touched.This might just be one of the strangest lives I've ever known.
Posted by horses Crown  on  Mon May 17, 2010  at  07:17 AM
Ooops, sorry about that. LL=Lizard Lounge and PM=Personal Message, the LL's private messaging system.

The person I mistook you for, as well as his friend (and webmaster) whose tweet* so upset me, both posted on the LL for a week or two last year, though it was actually last summer, not last fall as I thought I remembered.

*She'd PMed me links to her Twitter and MySpace pages about a year ago, so that's how I saw the tweet that upset me so much; and as of Saturday night, when I posted that panicky (and drunken) message for another friend of hers, she hadn't posted on her MySpace page for several days either.

However, she posted on the MySpace page yesterday, so if I'd thought to check it before I posted here last night I would have saved us all a lot of confusion. 😜

If I can contact her through the MySpace page without having to register with MySpace myself I'll do it--concern for her was the chief reason I "really, really" needed to talk to the person I mistook you for, but just to be on the safe side (assuming that person is aware of this site and this interminable thread, and if his LL account is still active 😉 ) I'll send them both a PM with an email addy where they can reach me directly--assuming either one wants to--without them having to go through the LL or me having to go through MySpace or whatever.

I'll also explain what I meant by "wimping out" last summer, though I expect she already knows. She just doesn't know why.
Posted by Janet Erwin  on  Mon May 17, 2010  at  01:50 PM
Um I'm going to hold my tongue,and make a call.I'm way closer than u can even imagine.I rock this world honey.Want to talk?Don't answer that. lol.
Posted by horses internal injuries  on  Mon May 17, 2010  at  03:48 PM
This is Floyd Bocox,
Bottom line you do not pass on a Millon Dollars and a Reality Show with the William Morris Agency.
That was my deal brought to the table and Cliff and his Fake mom passed on the deal. Cliff knew he would have to take the DNA test and the Scam was over. Ask any of the band members from the past and they all will tell you that it was total bullshit! Lorine Widen portrays to be Cliffs mom but she is not,she is part of the Scam also. Anybody thinking about investing in this false concept of Cliff is the son of Jim Morrison, look what happend to me i got ripped off like other people did. Alan Graham Jim Morrison brother inlaw also got Scamed and he tryed to warn me about them but i didnt listen,which i should of but that was the lesson for me to check the back grounds of other Artists and employes for the future. Just another "Bernie Madoff jr"
Posted by floyd bocox  on  Mon May 17, 2010  at  05:04 PM
Get off this site, Botox you creep, and do it now.

Posted by Janet Erwin  on  Mon May 17, 2010  at  05:28 PM
Janet.I called and left a her a message.I will let her know that you would like to speak to her regarding the concerns you had,and let her take it from there 😊
Posted by horses blinders  on  Mon May 17, 2010  at  05:58 PM

Are you a BIG FAT OLD LADY ?
Posted by Spooky  on  Tue May 18, 2010  at  08:16 AM
In regards to Janet the "BIG FAT OLD LADY"
Please tell me why would somebody would pass on a Million Dollars and a Reality Show from the William Morris Agency. Dont you think that in these times where 12 Million jobs have been lost
that even one Million Dollars sounds good!! To me I would love to have a Million Dollars in the account and a Reality Show that would have been great!! So to the Fat Lady you must be a Stooge like the rest of them. One more time Cliff would have to take a DNA test and he would not pass the test. Thats why Cliff and his fake mom would not do the deal. I hope you get it!!
Cause everybody in the industry here in los angeles does and Cliffs criminal history is not good @ all for the second time for Armed robbery and evading the police this year 2010.
The time i spent two years with them and supported them with a house,food,transportation,gas,dinners,flying his girlfriend in and getting stuck buying food and Diapers for his mommas baby also for Cliff. Like i said just ask the band members and thats a wrap,Cliff is not Jims son but a Scam Artist just like Lorraine Widen who is not his mom,who says she is but the band members from the past and the last crew from San Pedro all know that is all lies !! Its to late no more Scams on innocent people who have lost monies on false dreams and dont you feel bad for all the band members who worked so hard to make it and be let down and all there dreams gone!! There has been over 60 band members over the years and they all get it!!
Cliff is the Big Pretender!! So to the OLD FAT LADY stay in New Mexico and leave the Show biz to the real players.
Posted by floyd bocox president for lizardsun entertainment  on  Tue May 18, 2010  at  09:56 AM
Posted by I know in near on Mon Apr 12, 2010 at 09:50 AM
I have a good friend who is in the biz and has told me that Jim lives in South Jersey outside of Philly. He has met him and only will tell me the general area

I know that Jim's Nephew lives in New Jersey so this could be for real
Posted by The Kid  on  Tue May 18, 2010  at  01:01 PM
Just because no one views your youtube videos doesn't mean its cool for you to come here years later and beg your case. We respect your space so please respect ours by staying away.
Posted by JLizard  on  Tue May 18, 2010  at  04:33 PM
Nicely said, JLizard.

For the life of me I don't understand why Cliff and his mother haven't sued the living shite out of this lying grifter (Bocox, not Loyer), but I suspect it has something to do with the fact that Bocox's partner in sleaze is--or was-- Cliff's uncle (by marriage, not blood).
Posted by Janet Erwin  on  Tue May 18, 2010  at  08:57 PM
I am truely in stuck in a state of amazement to see what so many people who never knew me, know what I should have, could have, or would have been in todays modern times...judgement is the poison of the human population! And a brick layer people! Get real! The whole reason I finished fucking college in the first place was to avoid getting an average every day shit job and the thought of being drafted was just overwhelming, I wanted to live my life just as all of you do. And there is one thing you have all let slip your narrow minds while comparing photographs...I have something mr.loyer or anyone else in this world has. The teeth...or what my attorney would call dental records.
Posted by mr. mojo risin  on  Fri Jan 30, 2015  at  05:34 PM
WTH...thread goes dry in 2010 and Mr. Mojo Risin pops up from the WV MTNS. and posts this??? Hi Jim!!!
Posted by Robert Fairweather  on  Sat Mar 28, 2015  at  12:10 PM
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