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SpongeBob Vandalism
Posted by The Curator on Wed May 21, 2008
A chimney is all that remains of the cabin that used to be the home of the manager of the Forest Service tree nursery in Pike Forest. It's considered a historically significant remain. That didn't stop pranksters from refashioning it, with the help of some paint, into a monument to SpongeBob Squarepants. From Some people might find humor in a 10-foot tall likeness of the cartoon character SpongeBob Square-Pants painted onto a crumbling chimney in the middle of the woods. U.S. Forest Service officials certainly don't. "I didn't chuckle,"…
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Panic Buy Carrots
Posted by The Curator on Tue May 20, 2008
On May 15th thousands of people around the world went to their local grocery store to panic buy carrots. They were members of the facebook group called "On May 15th 2008, everybody needs to go out and panic buy carrots." From What started out as a prank Facebook group called "On May 15th 2008, everybody needs to go out and panic buy carrots," with just a handful of the creator's friends as members, has exploded online and now has 231,000 worldwide supporters on the popular social networking site. British teen…
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Decades-old Donut Prank
Posted by The Curator on Mon May 12, 2008
Two former Junior High teachers have been giving each other the same donut as a gift for 37 years. From In 1971, Mrs. Ross, longtime language arts teacher at the junior high, brought a doughnut to school to enjoy on her break in the teacher’s lounge. She and Mr. Nelson already enjoyed teasing each other, but on this day, Mr. Nelson took things to another level. He hid Mrs. Ross’s doughnut. And then the doughnut disappeared. Did he eat it? “I hid the doughnut but I did not eat the doughnut,” swears Mr. Nelson. “Someone else…
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Fake Road Signs
Posted by The Curator on Wed May 07, 2008
Fake road signs have been popping up around Frankston, Australia, amusing some and outraging others. The signs are said to be the work of a "mystery artist." From the Frankston Leader: The mystery Frankston signs have been carefully made to look like official road signs. Drivers have reported seeing them in Cranbourne-Frankston Rd, Langwarrin. Some think they are funny while others - and officials - aren't laughing... Although VicRoads' media department thought the signs were "very amusing", its regional director Steve Brown was not laughing. The placement of inappropriate signs such as these was unsafe and…
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Zoo Text Message Prank
Posted by The Curator on Tue May 06, 2008
Officials at the Houston Zoo report that they're being inundated with thousands of phone calls as a result of a prank text message circulating via cell phone. From "It's an enormous annoyance," zoo spokesman Brian Hill said. Thousands of people have received a message that someone has been talking about them. Some of the messages read: "Hey y is someone calln me and lookn for u n askn me where r u at n where u live heres tha # 713 555 650 tell then to stop calln me" "It's scaring a lot of people," the switchboard…
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Three Pranks
Posted by The Curator on Thu Apr 24, 2008
Three pranks that recently made headlines: Riding the elevator Elizabeth M. "Betsy" Ormsby's state Supreme Court lawsuit against Michael W. Behling, her former supervisor at the Washington Street office building, continues. Mrs. Ormsby, wife of Jefferson County Legislator Barry M. Ormsby, alleged she was duct-taped to a chair while working at the building in April 2006 and then, while bound, sent to several floors on an elevator. She claimed she complained about the incident to Mr. Behling, the building's superintendent, but was told by him to keep the matter quiet. Gorilla Chases Bananas
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Emory University Zebra Prank
Posted by The Curator on Thu Apr 24, 2008
Neil Steinberg's classic advice about college pranks was that "If at all possible, involve a cow." The zebra (named Barcode) that was found locked inside Seney Hall at Georgia's Emory University this morning is a novel substitute. From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Campus police were still trying to find out who put the zebra on the third floor of Seney Hall sometime Tuesday night... Putting animals inside Seney Hall has passed for a dry wit on the Emory at Oxford campus for decades... Bowen said it was unlikely the responsible…
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Margarine Invitation
Posted by The Curator on Tue Apr 01, 2008
From Pakistan comes a report of an elaborate stunt that seems to have been an early April Fool's day prank... though it didn't happen on April 1st, so it can't count as one. Around 300 people were conned by fake margarine salesmen into showing up for what was supposed to be a free breakfast. From the Pakistan Daily Times: Around 300 students were fooled on Sunday into going to Model Town Park for a free breakfast supposedly arranged by a well-known margarine brand. On arrival however, students found there was no breakfast or officials of the margarine brand. Students…
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Webster’s Condom
Posted by The Curator on Tue Mar 11, 2008
In the city of West Hartford there's a statue of the lexicographer Noah Webster. For years, it was a tradition among local high-school students to place a condom on the statue's pointing finger. But then someone removed the finger. West Hartford resident Nan Glass, who's written a book about the statue, says that "One myth about the finger is that it was broken off by high school students, or that it was broken off by police officers who were tired of taking condoms off of it." It may never be known who removed the finger, but Webster didn't have to remain permanently fingerless. A replacement…
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Flick Rolled
Posted by The Curator on Fri Feb 29, 2008
The "Rick Rolled" prank involves tricking someone into clicking a link that takes them to a video of Rick Astley singing "Never Gonna Give You Up." A new variation of this is to "Flick Roll" someone. You trick them into viewing this image on Flickr:
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Joe Herrick of Gutterman Research
Posted by The Curator on Wed Feb 20, 2008
Following the release of a company's quarterly earnings report, analysts get a chance to participate in a conference call with the company's management. When I briefly worked in a pr firm, years ago, I had to listen to quite a few of these calls. I thought they were usually mind-numbingly dull. But it sounds like someone has figured out a way to have some fun with them. The Wall Street Journal Reports: At least seven times just the past three weeks, a mystery caller has cleverly insinuated himself into the normally well-manicured ritual of the quarterly calls. As top…
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Eyeball Stickers
Posted by The Curator on Thu Feb 14, 2008
Quite a few blogs are linking to these fake eyeball stickers, though I haven't been able to track down if any company is actually selling them. Nevertheless, they're a good idea if you want to take a nap at work while pretending to be working. Just place the stickers over your closed eyes, and no one will be the wiser. (via J-walk). Update: If you really want to buy some eyeball stickers of your own, Roylco sells them. They're not exactly the same as the eyeball stickers in the picture above, but they're close. (Thanks to Becca for the heads up about this.)
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Volkswagen dangles from bridge
Posted by The Curator on Wed Feb 06, 2008
Engineering students at the University of British Columbia continued their pranking tradition of placing a red Volkswagen in an unusual location. This year they dangled it from Lions Gate Bridge. notes that, "In years past, engineers have hung VWs from the Alex Fraser Bridge and San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge, and have even put one atop UBC's 15-storey Buchanan Tower." In If At All Possible, Involve A Cow, Neil Steinberg provides a fuller description of UBC's tradition of college pranks: The University of British Columbia engineers are famous…
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Rory Emerald
Posted by The Curator on Tue Feb 05, 2008
Rory Emerald is a serial prankster who's modus operandi is placing fake classified ads claiming to have found bizarre items. Some of the things he's claimed to have found include "Laura Bush's gold cigarette case and lighter, a two-headed kitten, Eva Peron's inauguration gown and diamond scepter, Leonardo da Vinci's original paint brushes and palette, an ice sculpture of SpongeBob SquarePants and a life-size wax figure of Herman Munster." I posted about him two weeks ago when he claimed to have found H.G. Wells' time machine, but he's back in the news, in two different cities. He made headlines in the Monterey County Herald for an ad claiming…
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Sneezing Bus Stop
Posted by The Curator on Mon Jan 28, 2008
In order to educate the bus-riding public about the physics of sneezing, Science World created a Sneezing Bus Stop. Watch the video to understand: They also created posters that can be wrapped around trees to demonstrate how much beavers can eat.
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