Rory Emerald

Rory Emerald is a serial prankster who's modus operandi is placing fake classified ads claiming to have found bizarre items. Some of the things he's claimed to have found include "Laura Bush's gold cigarette case and lighter, a two-headed kitten, Eva Peron's inauguration gown and diamond scepter, Leonardo da Vinci's original paint brushes and palette, an ice sculpture of SpongeBob SquarePants and a life-size wax figure of Herman Munster." I posted about him two weeks ago when he claimed to have found H.G. Wells' time machine, but he's back in the news, in two different cities.

He made headlines in the Monterey County Herald for an ad claiming to have found Doris Day's pearl necklace and the pillows from the movie Pillow Talk. Simultaneously, there's an article about him in the Yuma Sun, describing how he placed an ad claiming to have found an original Babe Ruth uniform on Madison Avenue.

Emerald says that he never tries to make any money from his fake ads. For him, they're purely a form of artistic expression.

I suspect we'll be hearing more of Emerald. He seems to have a talent for getting himself in the news.


Posted on Tue Feb 05, 2008


Rory Emerald has a better claim to be an artist than that twerp who just takes pictures of pictures.
Posted by Christopher Cole  on  Tue Feb 05, 2008  at  12:35 PM
Or that twerp that takes pictures of the pictures of other people's pictures. I like it when there is an ad in the paper for a lost item, and then in the same column another ad for the same item found, and the ads run for two weeks or so, because the people are so stupid they just put the ad in the paper and sat by the phone, and never even opened the GD paper to check and see if someone had lost/found said item. True story
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Tue Feb 05, 2008  at  02:13 PM
"Famed Hollywood Prankster" Rory Emerald is making himself a name. This guy is the real thing. Alex Boese's current post about Mr. Emerald is fascinating. Excellent!
Posted by Jason Silbersack  on  Tue Feb 05, 2008  at  02:18 PM
rory has been like this his hole life!
he has!
Posted by love_98  on  Mon Feb 18, 2008  at  02:43 PM
Rory Emerald is always in the news. His fake found ads are really funny. The story about him and Elizabeth Taylor getting married was classic Hollywood drama.
Posted by Brian Atkins  on  Thu May 15, 2008  at  12:00 PM
Rory is brilliant. We hope he places more funny found ads!
Posted by Santō Kyōden  on  Sat Mar 14, 2009  at  01:14 AM
So how do we know if he placed the ad or if some copy cat did? Does he release official staements claiming credit?
Posted by James  on  Sat Jan 23, 2010  at  01:42 AM
Posted by ♥ Jodie ♥  on  Thu Apr 22, 2010  at  08:11 PM
real name is Julian Hobbs, Michigan. Lived with (1967-71) Beach Boys' engineer and life partner in Tujunga California 1984-85. Went to therapist David Taylor of Encino where all his lies where completely forgotten. Julian's mother always said "Don't tell lies because if you do you might forget them" He promised he would be in the news one day and when he dated a reporter who had access to news wire he learned how to enter the faultshood regarding our Dear Departed Liz Taylor. Afterwards was indeed interviewed on Entertainment Tonight where he admits others say he is a pyschopathic liar. Do suspect that the praises above were entered by himself. :coolsmirk:
Posted by David Kay  on  Mon Jun 20, 2011  at  07:08 AM
So Mr. Kay-I am not Rory but I can assure you that you are not as credible as you try to come across with your unoriginal comments. Something must have piqued your interest and so compelled you to submit your "allegations". People like you are everywhere-unfortunately!
Posted by Adam Myres  on  Tue Jun 21, 2011  at  05:32 PM
Fame is different for anyone who's lucky or unlucky enough to have it. Yes, the similarities are there and sometimes too close for comfort. But whether we like it or not, each distinguished luminary is a snowflake. So just like Atticus Finch said in, To Kill a Mockingbird, "No two snowflakes are alike." A legendary movie star by the name of Elizabeth Taylor made Rory Emerald famous almost overnight. And no matter how much we love or loathe that, Rory Emerald can never not be famous. Even when it feels like he's not. I totally agree with what Johnny Carson, `The King of Late Night` once said: "Folks like Monica Lewinsky and Rory Emerald have the coolest kind of fame. They're unpredictable and travel in no particular direction."
Posted by Dawn  on  Tue Jun 21, 2011  at  11:33 PM
Adam/Dawn/Laila/Rory/Julian: AS If i can be a believer now! and u/he might remember when he was arrested for arriving at the Los Angeles Times building after he phoned in a bomb threat. That was def an interesting chapter.
Posted by David Kay  on  Sun Jun 26, 2011  at  01:50 PM
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