skvader The skvader is a species of winged hare indigenous to Sweden. According to legend, this unusual animal was first discovered by a hunter named Håkan Dahlmark in 1874. Eventually a stuffed specimen of the creature was put on display in the Historical Preservation Society in Sundsvall where it remains to this day.

Visitors report that the animal looks rather like a cross between a hare and a wood grouse cock. A statue of a skvader was also erected in a small park in Sundsvall in 1994. Although the skvader is much beloved in Sweden, the term itself is often used colloquially to mean "a bad compromise."

The Skvader belongs in the same family of tall-tale creatures as the jackalope and the wolperdinger.

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Here are a couple of links to pages related to the infamous Skvader (in
Swedish only I'm afraid - nevertheless, you will find litterary
references at the bottom of the first web page). Apparently, the
original birth of the Skvader is not really known, only that the first
written references are made to Messrs. H
Posted by Carl Lindstrand  on  Sun Nov 25, 2001  at  04:09 AM
You can now find an article on the marvellous Swedish cousin of your American Jacalope, the Skvader, at Michon Scott's excellent site You will find the article at (together with some other classic biological hoaxes).
Posted by Carl Lindstrand  on  Wed Apr 10, 2002  at  05:09 AM
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Posted by J  on  Tue Nov 28, 2006  at  11:02 AM
i killed 5 last night and they are actully female wolpertinger
Posted by keegman  on  Sun Jan 11, 2009  at  03:55 PM
Are you sure that wolpertingers aren't male skvaders?
Posted by Doc S  on  Wed Jan 06, 2010  at  12:39 PM