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Ultra-Steered-Stereo Projector    (April Fool's Day - 1959)

Radio-Electronics ran an article by its perennial April Fool contributor Mohammed Ulysses Fips, in which Fips described his discovery of how anyone could amplify the sound of their stereo system without using electronic amplifiers, and at a "piddling" cost. This "amplificationless stereo" was achieved by using parabolic reflectors — two 25-inch reflectors mounted on the walls and two 12-inch loudspeaker reflectors on top of the console. The console-top reflectors projected the sound onto the wall-mounted reflectors, which radiated the sound to the rest of the room. Or, at least, to "a small stereo spot" in the room. Fips wrote:

"The arrangement gives excellent stereo reproduction without electronic amplification. Of course, such natural amplification does not give an ear-splitting output. It gives beautiful, soft, undistorted music."

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