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Most Accurate Golf Ball    (April Fool's Day - 1991)

The Hoffman York & Compton ad firm released a mock ad for Aero, "the world's most accurate golf ball."

"By shifting the center of mass away from the immediate core, we've created a projectile that reacts with gyroscopic action. Quite simply, this means that the spin on the ball is greatly enhanced from the moment of impact by the club. And that increased spin, just like a gyroscope, actually fights erratic flight. The results are remarkable.

WIND TUNNEL TESTED. With the help of an "Iron Byron" we compared our new Aero to every other major manufactured golf ball. As could be expected with a machine-perfect swing, most of the golf balls were fairly accurate. But when we introduced a cross wind, the Aero, with its gyroscopic spin, varied from true center less than 1.352%. Every other ball varied from 5% to 18%. Now this might prove insignificant if you have a three handicap and play all of your golf indoors. But for the rest of us this is good news."

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