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Will the sun rise for 36 hours on October 17, 2008?
A very strange astronomical rumor is circulating:

Coming October 17, 2008 the sun will rise continuously for 36 hrs (1.5 days). During this time the US countries will be dark for 1.5 days.
It will convert 3 days into 2 big days. It will happen once in 2400 yrs. We're very lucky to see this. Forward it to all your friends.

This rumor appears to have come from India, so it means to say that the sun will rise for 36 hours over India, and the Americas will be dark for the same amount of time. Not that this makes the rumor any less nonsensical. The only way for this rumor to come true would be if the earth stopped rotating. Let's all hope that doesn't happen.

David Emery has already debunked this. He found that, "During a one-month period from mid-August to mid-September 2008, over 15,000 postings containing the phrase 'the sun will rise continuously for 36 hours' appeared on the Internet." He also theorizes that "the perpetrator(s) of the hoax put a great deal of effort into disseminating it."
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Posted by The Curator on Mon Sep 29, 2008

There is also another rumor scattering:

The Philippines especially in central Philippines and Northern Mindanao will be experiencing 40 days darkness straight.. This will NOT happen in other countries but in Philippines alone. All other countries will be experiencing normal days. This will happen right after you read this. Ten minutes from now.. All you have to do is to prepare your flashlights and batteries fully charged!
Posted by ANOTHER RUMOR:  in  Philippines  on  Thu Oct 16, 2008  at  11:29 AM
only god knows (:
Posted by deee  in  bruneii  on  Thu Oct 16, 2008  at  01:56 PM


the only thing that'll happen is that the moon will be at perigee...

maybe this was based on some events that happened a few hundred years ago but those were caused by natural disasters(e.g. volcanic eruption).

it could happen if something natural caused it...

its not like the Earth could stop rotating or something....

if i were you, you should read more about history and prove to me that something like this happened before.


Posted by julyeTTe  in  Philippines  on  Thu Oct 16, 2008  at  09:19 PM
mga bobo!!

kelan ba aaraw ng magdamag?in ur dreams!
Posted by kd  in  philippines  on  Fri Oct 17, 2008  at  12:16 AM
...yes... this is true, but don't worry...
Sangoku is coming to town and he's going to save the day...!!!
Posted by Zerch  in  Philippines  on  Fri Oct 17, 2008  at  01:35 AM
cant believe i wasted 15 min of my life reading this shit.....anyway who cares if sun stays put......
that wud be sm change........
Posted by itshari4ever  in  from the rumour source India!!!  on  Fri Oct 17, 2008  at  02:10 AM
I will believe anybody here who can at least give me an explanation without any grammatical error.
Posted by Me  in  here  on  Fri Oct 17, 2008  at  03:14 AM
"HoRSe S**t"...sorry mate,i was just sneezing at this hoax...
Posted by piet  in  Jakarta, INA  on  Fri Oct 17, 2008  at  06:19 AM
This is soo fake... .

It's Oct. 17 and it didn't rise!!!!

what a hoax
Posted by Nadine  on  Fri Oct 17, 2008  at  07:59 AM
hmm. i think i did stopped it from happening, by not flushing our toilet. =)
Posted by Pain  on  Fri Oct 17, 2008  at  08:37 PM
wala man lagi.............
buut buot sad mo da.....
then.......... next na sad..........
kay ang dec 12 2012.................
end na sa world..................
Posted by toniphine  in  cebu, philippines  on  Sat Oct 25, 2008  at  05:23 AM
It will happen Today.
all the rumors will go to there Roof with torches and prove themselves right :D
Posted by GrandFather  in  pakistan  on  Sat Oct 17, 2009  at  04:40 AM
Such hoaxes are to be treated lightly and should not be given any importance at all
Posted by DR Rita Kuriakose  in  India  on  Wed Jul 14, 2010  at  09:18 AM
this is possible only if people(s) ( considering all individuals/organisms in milky way galaxy to be a singular people) come together and apply a tangential force opposite to that of the the rotation of earth


the earth spins fast enuf to escape the least time of sensing or differentiating light and dark and thus either we see only light or only dark depending on our first vision raspberry
Posted by Sameer Rastogi  in  India  on  Mon Jul 26, 2010  at  12:31 PM
what the HELL is it............I wasted my time 4 this bull guys y u drag INDIA n INDIANS into can u just simpely say it came 4m INDIA.........well what ever.......if it happens I'll b happy 2 see somethin so rare n unusual (though i know it wont happen) surely cant tolarate a 1.5 day school.......god save oll the childrens
Posted by sue  in  earth  on  Tue Aug 10, 2010  at  10:38 AM
bull shit
Posted by suresh gopi  on  Mon Oct 11, 2010  at  01:41 AM
if it happen, it will break newtons laws of motions,
i am sure it will never happen. earth(nobody) can't change its speed by itself.
Posted by anu g prem  in  INDIA  on  Mon Oct 11, 2010  at  11:31 PM
On October 17th,the distance between the sun and the Earth and the gravitational attraction of sun over Earth Plays a Majour Role.May Be Resulting in 36hrs of sunrise.
Posted by Ravi  in  New Delhi  on  Wed Oct 13, 2010  at  01:11 PM
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