What I Did In Pittsburgh

image So I'm back from Pittsburgh where I was attending a memorial service for my great aunt who died recently at the age of 90. Though it was a sad occasion, it did give me a chance to catch up with a lot of family members, some of whom I haven't seen in over twenty years. (Like many families, funerals seem to be the only time when we all get together as a group.) I also took the opportunity to see some of the sights around Pittsburgh, such as the Pittsburgh Incline, the Andy Warhol Museum, and Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater. Besides the Warhol Museum, the most offbeat thing I encountered was a giant pumpkin at a farmer's market I stopped at while driving out to Fallingwater. It weighed 400 lbs. That's big, but a far cry from the world's biggest which, according to this National Geographic article, clocked in at 1,385 pounds.


Posted on Wed Oct 05, 2005


Welcome home, and that's a damned big pumpkin.
Posted by Winona  in  USA  on  Wed Oct 05, 2005  at  11:47 AM
Looks like there's a new world record pumpkin as of this last Saturday! http://bigpumpkins.com/viewarticle.asp?id=137&gid=47
Posted by PeterG  on  Wed Oct 05, 2005  at  12:21 PM
There is an old rocker, I believe from Iron Maiden, im not sure, that managed to grow a pumpkin that held records....and welcome back Alex......
Posted by X  in  McKinney, TX  on  Wed Oct 05, 2005  at  12:56 PM
Sorry about your aunt, Alex.
Posted by Cathy  in  South Dakota  on  Wed Oct 05, 2005  at  09:47 PM
Speaking of giant pumpkins, here's a little news item about Martha Stewarts upcoming encounter with one:
Posted by Blondin  on  Thu Oct 06, 2005  at  03:01 PM
I think we need an investigation--are pumpkin bodybuilders using steroids?
Posted by Citizen Premier  in  spite of public outcry  on  Thu Oct 06, 2005  at  03:36 PM
Thanks, Cathy. She was quite a remarkable woman. Still very sharp and politically active at the age of 90. She had just finished watching The Daily Show (her favorite show). Then she went upstairs to go to the bathroom and collapsed from a heart attack. Died instantly. So thankfully she didn't suffer.
Posted by The Curator  in  San Diego  on  Thu Oct 06, 2005  at  09:42 PM
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