Welcome to the World of AIDS

Here's an old news story (from Dec. 2003), but it's still interesting from an urban legend perspective. An 18-year-old youth in South Africa claims that three women forced him at gunpoint to have sex with them. "The youth claims that after this the women said welcome to the world of Aids." It seems like the police didn't believe his story. They just laughed at him, which isn't surprising considering that his story is exactly like that urban legend about someone who wakes up after a one-night stand to find the person they slept with has disappeared and written 'Welcome to the world of AIDS' on the bathroom mirror. But just imagine if the kid is telling the truth. No one will ever believe him.

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Posted on Thu Mar 17, 2005


He'd have to have some kind of penile lesion to catch AIDS anyways. You only get it when getting a substantial amount of HIV-infected tissue in the bloodstream.
Posted by Citizen Premier  in  spite of public outcry  on  Thu Mar 17, 2005  at  09:08 PM
The angle of reflection being equal to the angle of incidence, those North of the 40th parallel N Lat should be fine... those South may want to stock up on OJ
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Thu Mar 17, 2005  at  09:21 PM
If someone is holding a gun on me the last thing I'm likely to do is get turned on.
Posted by Sharruma  on  Thu Mar 17, 2005  at  09:42 PM
Men have this amazing ability so get a woody, even when confronted with things like a gutted dog, all you have to do is show him a boob.

Sad, but true.

And in the article, I had to laugh when I read "...an earlier attempt to lay a charge...".

Huh huh huh, Beavis, he said lay a charge.
Posted by Rod  in  the land of smarties.  on  Thu Mar 17, 2005  at  11:28 PM
huh..huh...uhhhhhh, you said "boob"
Posted by X  in  McKinney, TX  on  Fri Mar 18, 2005  at  09:45 AM
Hey, it doesn't matter if he's got AIDS or not..

He's just had sex with three women, his life is *not* going to get any better than that. 😊
Posted by Bobcat  on  Sat Mar 19, 2005  at  09:25 PM
The story I heard was where the woman was left w/ a gift box. The instructions on the box said not to open it 'til she was home...well, she opened it on the bus ride home & in the box was a tiny black coffin. Opening the coffin revealed a note that said "Welcome to the World of AIDS."
Posted by Maegan  in  Tampa, FL - USA  on  Sun Mar 20, 2005  at  06:10 AM
>> He'd have to have some kind of penile lesion to catch AIDS anyways.

That's not true at all. If you are counting on not catching HIV because of that, you are sorely mistaken. Any unprotected sex could expose you, whether you have a lesion or not.
Posted by Bill B.  on  Mon Mar 21, 2005  at  08:08 AM
Somewhat on topic...

I had a guy who is in his early twenties tell me the other day that "As long as she's on the pill, I can't catch anything." I literally yelled "Are you fucking stupid?" I could not believe what I had just heard, that someone that old could believe something like that.

I don't find it too hard to believe that someone thinks it's not possible to get AIDS unless you're actively bleeding from an un-natural hole in your privates.

I just wish these people knew what the hell they were talking about. But then again, it'll thin out the population if they won't listen when told the truth, eh?

Posted by Rod  in  the land of smarties.  on  Mon Mar 21, 2005  at  09:31 AM
this story is kinda scary...eek

Posted by Eva  on  Mon Feb 13, 2006  at  03:12 PM
hahahaha! at what bobcat said.
Theres a rumour going around in Brighton that people are going round with contaminated needles and pricking you in the cinema or night club, im actually afraid to go out to the cinema or night clubs now. if you did get pricked would you have aids or would it take more than just a little prick?

It sounds like crap to me.
Posted by John  on  Tue Feb 10, 2009  at  01:43 PM
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