Weird City Names

Here's an amusing list of weird city and town names. Of course, I immediately wondered if all these names were real, so I checked a random sample in Mapquest. Nothing came up for Hornytown, North Carolina (a google search didn't turn up any offical website for it either, though there is a widespread report, probably false, that Hornytown has banned massage parlors). Nor was there a Love Ladies, New Jersey in Mapquest. That doesn't mean Hornytown and Love Ladies don't exist. It's just that I can't find them. However, according to Mapquest it would be possible to take a road trip from Intercourse, Pennsylvania to Hooker, Arkansas, with a quick stop in Hot Coffee, Mississippi, and finishing up in Climax, North Carolina.
Update: Apparently there is a 'Love Ladies' in New Jersey, but it's spelled all as one word: Loveladies, NJ. However, I've still found no evidence that there's a Hornytown in North Carolina, although there is a Hornyhead Mountain.
Update 2: By randomly typing words into Mapquest it turns out to be quite easy to come up with weird place names. In just a few minutes I came up with these: Shite Creek, Idaho; Trash Branch, Alabama; Weird Lake, Minnesota; and Dork Canal, Oregon.


Posted on Thu Nov 04, 2004


There is a Mile Run Pennsylvania. Sure, Alone it isn't funny.. but after driving on the interstate for 9 hours and you see a road sign that says "Mile Run, Two Miles" it tends to cheer you up. =]
Posted by Tim  on  Fri Feb 23, 2007  at  03:42 PM
(on a side note, the word I had to type in the submit box was hell; yep, that about describes my life right now.)

---The reason the GOOGLE DID NOT pick up your question, is because it is misspelled. The town in which it is illegeal to have massage parlors in is HORNEYTOWN (notice the E, between the N and the Y.) Not HORNYTOWN. Horneytown North Carolina is what you are actually looking for. I hope this clarification may help you in your search.
Posted by Chado  in  Indiana  on  Wed Feb 28, 2007  at  11:49 AM
what about north pole alaska
or how about blue balls penn
Posted by sarah hawkins  in  north pole alaska  on  Tue Mar 06, 2007  at  03:24 PM
Ok, to the professor, I am a firefighter at guess where? HORNEYTOWN FIRE DEPT. If you dont believe it, you may ride by yourself It has been there since the early 60's. We run in Guilford, Davidson and primarily in Forsyth county. I have been firefighting for 4 years there; and yes we do sell t-shirts for 12 dollars a piece.
Posted by FIREBOY29  in  HORNEYTOWN  on  Tue Mar 13, 2007  at  10:17 PM
How could we forget Lizard Lick, NC?
Posted by Chris  in  Greensboro, NC  on  Tue Mar 20, 2007  at  07:32 PM
there is a town in Finland called Tikkurila which is Dickursby in swedish i found that quite funny ;PPP, u can search that from google if you want
Dickursby, dick yours by
Posted by Rob  in  Finland  on  Sun May 13, 2007  at  09:19 AM
I didn't see anybody mention Gay, MI. And yes they have a bar called Gay Bar. Its on Gay street.
Posted by Lee  in  Michigan  on  Mon May 14, 2007  at  03:08 PM
I live in Horneytown, NC!
It's a verryyyyy little town, if that. My mailing adress is considered High Point, although you drive past a sign that says "now leaving high point city limits", then one that says "now leaving guildford county" (where high point is) then you enter forsyth county and theres horneytown! it's basically centered around the intersection of old main street and horneytown road at a fourway stop. there is a brand-new horneytown fire department, a small sort of convience store called tuckers grill, a used car salesplace, and they are building a new hair salon. that is it. i don't know if the comment about the massage parlor law is true or not, but there aren't any here! we all go into high point, or hop on 66 (right there) and 40 (which also cross there) and head to greensboro for entertainment. it's just a very small little place, but it does indeed exist. i should know, i've been proudly horny four 10 years! :D
Posted by kate  in  HORNEYTOWN!  on  Fri May 25, 2007  at  10:26 PM
There is a Horneytown, NC, I think thats where it came from.
Posted by Kevin  in  Charlotte, NC  on  Thu Jul 26, 2007  at  01:12 AM
how about King of Prussia, PA smile
Posted by rk  in  boston  on  Sat Aug 25, 2007  at  11:52 PM
Sugarloaf, AR is a MTN. Not a town.
Posted by Phoebe  on  Tue Dec 18, 2007  at  02:45 PM
.. There's a town in Newfoundland Canada called "Dildo"
Posted by Kuroi  in  Canada  on  Sat Dec 22, 2007  at  05:09 PM
How great I have a town named after my famliy name smile

And on fridays I even have a mountain smile

(I want that FD T-shirt smile )
Posted by Horney  in  Sweden  on  Fri Jan 11, 2008  at  07:01 AM
there's a tshirt you can get, horney.
Posted by kate  in  horneytown, nc  on  Fri Jan 11, 2008  at  07:12 AM
i live in high point, north carolina. halfway between hornytown and climax
Posted by Jimmy James  in  High Point, NC  on  Thu Jan 17, 2008  at  06:34 PM
nsolica: Ummm....I live like 3 miles away from Horneytown. It does exsist! Wow, ::::spoken with my witty southern accent::::: How'd much ya pay for yer fancy dancy schoolin'? Dang!

Seriously though, Horneytown Fire Department (and 3 other fire departments) put out my house fire in 2001. They and the town are very real.
Posted by Cris  in  Kernersville  on  Wed Jan 23, 2008  at  05:04 PM
Hi there is a place in nc called horneytown, i was there today and took a few pics of the fire dpt. and i got a shirt. its not a town its more like a crossroads area. but its real.
Posted by vickie  in  thomasville nc  on  Fri Sep 19, 2008  at  09:12 PM
I can 100% state that there is a horneytown, nc. I was born here and have lived here for 21 years off of Horneytown rd. Theres a fire department and a service station. The reason why you probably can't find anything is because it is a very small town. If you want evidence, i can happly send pictures. There is also a Climax, NC.
Posted by Cali  in  Horneytown,NX  on  Fri Sep 26, 2008  at  07:59 PM
Horneytown NC Is a real Place. No it doesnt have a zip code or anything but I've been there and visited the Horneytown Fire Department and everything else. It is named after the road.
Posted by Shawn Buckner  in  Uneeda West Virginia  on  Sun Nov 30, 2008  at  06:57 AM

Allgood, Alabama
Burnt Corn, Alabama
Beaverton, Alabama
Black, Alabama
Coffeeville, Alabama
Cowarts, Alabama
Choccolocco, Alabama
Dickinson, Alabama
Fruitdale, Alabama
Holy Trinity, Alabama
Moody, Alabama
Shorterville, Alabama
Posted by Stan Jones  in  USA  on  Thu Jan 08, 2009  at  10:13 PM
for a history professor at UNC-CH youre a dumb ass go 4 miles north of Highpoint and you will find Horneytown
Posted by John  on  Wed Apr 15, 2009  at  10:45 AM
I live in Ardmore, but right down from me is a city called Lick Skillet. And in Lick Skillet there is a road called Butter and Egg Rd.
Posted by Nikki  in  Ardmore, Al  on  Sun May 03, 2009  at  06:17 PM
Horneytown is the way it is spelled. Try that and you will find it.
Posted by jacqueline brayman  in  lebanon, mo  on  Wed Jun 03, 2009  at  02:20 PM
the reason why you can't find that north carolina town is because it's spelled: Horneytown. that's with an "e". i saw a picture of the fire dept sign on one of my friend's facebook.
Posted by pace  on  Fri Mar 05, 2010  at  09:50 AM
I actually got mail addressed to Squirrels Corner when I first moved here. We have two signs. One says "Squirrels Corner". The other says "Squirrel Corners". go figure!
Posted by Lynn  in  Squirrels corner  on  Fri Apr 02, 2010  at  11:11 AM
Whiskey Dick Mountain is just west of Ellensburg, WA. Many have tried to reach the climax, but just can't seem to get there!
Posted by Bofiske  in  Washington  on  Wed Jun 23, 2010  at  05:25 PM
It's spelled Horneytown, NC.
Posted by Michelle  on  Sun Jan 23, 2011  at  07:23 PM
My wife and I cracked up as we were driving thru KY and came across a town called Big Bone Lick.
Posted by Matt  in  Greenville,SC  on  Wed Sep 05, 2012  at  06:19 AM
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