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Virtual Trader
Wired News has an article about a guy, Julian Dibbell, who almost succeeded in making a living from trading in imaginary goods, namely virtual items from the game Ultima Online. Of course, it doesn't seem that extraordinary to me that someone could earn a good living from trading imaginary things. After all, isn't there a trillion dollar industry devoted to just this... i.e. the financial derivatives market? I mean, options and other financial instruments may have real value to people, but they're no more real, in a material sense, than the items from Ultima Online are.
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Posted by The Curator on Sun Apr 18, 2004
Selling imaginary goods, huh? Well, religious organizations (churches, synagogues, mosques, etc) have shown us that this is a solid business model with great long-term potential.
Posted by Sheldon  in  San Ramon, CA  on  Sun Apr 25, 2004  at  07:20 PM
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