Upgrading the Weblog

I've finally taken the plunge and upgraded this weblog to a 'real' weblog, complete with permalinks, categories, and the ability to add comments. I'm using pMachine to achieve all this. I'm a little wary of letting people add comments, having encountered huge amounts of comment spam when I previously had a guestbook (especially, as I noted somewhere else, from 'cruddy german hotels'... I still can't figure out why they, in particular, turned out to be such a plague). But I'll see how it goes. If it becomes too time consuming for me to delete the spam, I may have to convert to allowing comments by registered members only. But for now I want to keep it open to all. I should give a nod to John Walkenbach's J-Walk Blog, from which I got the idea to use pMachine.


Posted on Fri Jan 30, 2004


Hello and love your site.
Posted by gunner  in  Southern USA  on  Sat Jan 31, 2004  at  11:30 PM
How do I know that this site isn't a hoax and all these stories don't really exist and are real????

Now I am really screwed up!!!!!

Oh the pain
Posted by dave  in  victoria  on  Sun Feb 01, 2004  at  12:27 AM
Great site, where is your blog's RSS feed?
Posted by Betsy Devine  in  Cambridge, MA  on  Sun Feb 01, 2004  at  09:22 AM
Some folks are using a form people need to fill out before they can send in a comment. Consists of a number you need to type into a textfield before clicking the submit button.

Wil Wheaton uses it on his blog.

Good luck.
Posted by Alan Kellogg  in  San Diego  on  Mon Feb 02, 2004  at  04:13 AM
AWESOME. I knew it was going to be cool when you sent me the link... welcome to "the blogosphere"!!!
Posted by Jim S  on  Wed Feb 11, 2004  at  12:42 PM
Great site, I also have your book. Interesting to see your comment on switching to a real blog format. I'm considering the same for my site.

PS. Stop by xenophilia.com some time. My interest, in addition to debunking hoaxes now and then, is to find some neat strange things that are actually true. For example, did you know you can heal cavities in your teeth by changing your diet? I did it, but I thought it was a hoax when I read about the possibility long ago. Now I'm trying to see if I can improve my vision with eye exercises. Have improved by a quarter diopter so far... Cheers. Xeno
Posted by Xeno  in  Xenophilia.com  on  Mon Apr 25, 2005  at  08:27 PM
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