The Kitten Killer of Hangzhou

Status: Real (unfortunately)
A series of pictures showing a woman crushing a kitten to death with her stiletto heels is causing an uproar over in China. The pictures first appeared on the internet and have recently been published by some Chinese newspapers. The woman in the photos has been dubbed the Kitten Killer of Hangzhou, because the background scene has been identified as Hangzhou. I've been able to locate four of the pictures in the series, but I think there are a few more (far more graphic) ones. Here are the ones I found (I don't have larger versions):

image image
Image 3
(possibly disturbing)
Image 4
(possibly disturbing)

The big question is: Who is this woman? One theory is that the images come from a Japanese shoe advertisement. Another theory identifies the kitten killer as a "37-year-old woman from Hubei province with the internet identity 'Gainmas.'" The London Telegraph elaborates:

She had registered a website in Hangzhou and - the ultimate evidence - had bought a pair of stilettoes on eBay last year. She was also registered with QQ, a popular Chinese message service, where she wrote of herself: "I furiously crush everything to do with you and me." Before her QQ address went dead, its owner had several conversations. In one, she is coy, saying "So what?" when asked if the pictures are of her, and then, when asked again, replying: "In theory." When confronted by a reporter, she became defensive, saying: "Suddenly hundreds of people are on my QQ and cursing me. What's the problem if I crush cats? It's a type of experience. You wouldn't understand."

The Telegraph goes on to note:

No one seems to have suggested the serious possibility that the photographs could be a hoax - created by picture-altering computer software. But in the face of tight control of self-expression, young Chinese are seeking wildly different forms of sensation or satire on the state of society.

Without having seen all the pictures (and better quality ones), it's hard to judge whether or not they're real. But it certainly seems like this has already become the Chinese version of Bonsai Kitten (with the added twist that it may be real... in which case it's definitely disgusting).

Update: A "Crush" video is circulating around (you can find links to it in the comments, if you're interested) that makes it pretty clear the woman really did step on a kitten. Also, an article in the Shanghai Daily reports that the lady, and the guy who produced the video, have been identified. The producer, who is a camera operator at a TV station, has apologized. However, the woman, who works as a nurse at a hospital, has disappeared, leading to concerns that kitten commandoes may have abducted her (or something along those lines).

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Posted on Mon Mar 06, 2006


People! Honestly...Regardless of the "Fact" that people are starving Everywhere in this world... No one seems to think of the "Fact" that Murder is Murder in any way, Shape or form... This women is demented! She is obviously not a human being in the sense that she values life of any Kind. I pray that she has not got children! I can just emagine the murderous benign Love she'd show them! I cannot believe that someone could be so sick and depraved to torture an "inocent" this way!It's completely Demonic And Sadistic! Shes obviously demon possessed! And I feel she deserves Death in the same way she gives it! We need not think just about this Kitty Killer though... we kill inocent children by the hundreds everyday in Abortion Mills...What is this world coming to? We need to do some serious praying and repent of the evil that has fallen on this world we live in!! Before we behold Supreme Judgement from the most High! God Forgive Us All!
Posted by A Real Human Being  in  Abilene, Texas  on  Fri May 05, 2006  at  12:37 AM
She does have a daughter apparently, and finding out her mommy enjoys stomping on widdle fuzzy wuzzy kitty cats and such has made her cry excessively.

and Sara:
we've established that this is real many a time and what form of fetish this is, in fact even had a bonified crusher right here, in this thread... if you bothered to read any of it.
Posted by gericka  on  Fri May 05, 2006  at  02:43 AM
heres a url to the video
i dont understand how anyone could not want this woman to die.
Posted by Dave  on  Fri May 05, 2006  at  08:20 AM
Is this entire thread a hoax, or something?

"A Real Human Being" from Texas sees fit to describe the situation that people are starving everywhere in the world as a "Fact" in inverted commas.

If not a hoax, then this "human being" clearly has just as warped and decadent a view of the world as "Dave" et al, that they think that the lives of poxy kittens are more important than those of actual human beings!
Posted by Neil  on  Fri May 05, 2006  at  04:14 PM
hi, fuck that woman, kille her and rape her.
by the way i see 3 videos about killing little animals. it seems that this girl kill 2 kitties, 1 puppy, 1 rabbit...and this page have this note.Note: For those still curious or writing in asking about it, the woman in these videos was found, fired from her job as a nurse in China, and then mysteriously disappeared. PETA and other animals rights groups already know about these films and were instrumental is making sure the lady was found. Please feel free to contact PETA yourself to verify this.
Posted by lopez  in  chile  on  Sat May 06, 2006  at  10:31 PM

maybe she just killed over 3 animals.
is she selling these video's for money orso.
what a bitch , i hope they will get here.and give her a nice threatment.
Posted by Henk  on  Thu May 11, 2006  at  10:04 AM
They should kill her by locking her in a cage with a starving,wild lion and tie steaks and sausages on her.Then She'll get killed by a cat becuase she killed a cat.
Posted by Rayquaza  on  Thu May 11, 2006  at  05:45 PM
THis women is sick to her head. I think she should be taken to prison.
Posted by luke  on  Fri May 12, 2006  at  01:08 PM
hahaha, what an awsome video
thanks for posting the link, ive been looking for it for ages
welcome to the internet guy, its the gateway to hell
Posted by Franker13  in  Somewhere warm, lots of lava, demons dwell near  on  Sun May 14, 2006  at  02:03 PM
This is sick,
why is this woman still aloud to be free,
i think i should crush her with my heel and listen to her scream,
u sick twisted ppl
how have you let this just happen?
u no this has happened to a dog to right?
du no wot, ppl like that will burn in hell and i will be looking down on them and enjoying their pain, i cnt believe what has happened to the world, animal testing, animal abuse, ppl like that r scum n shud b spat on n hurt to i h8 ppl, what they do to animals sickens me!!!
Posted by stephanie  in  watford  on  Mon May 15, 2006  at  03:56 PM
That video is just so sexy and that woman's a hottie!
I'd marry her if she wasn't engaged to someone else, lucky him!
Posted by West  in  The world  on  Sun May 21, 2006  at  04:24 AM
Posted by gericka  on  Mon May 22, 2006  at  06:22 AM
Man, that made me feel so angry when I looked at those pictures. I feel like mutilating that woman. I need a little time with my punching bag now. Fucking animal killers.
Posted by Aze  on  Mon May 22, 2006  at  09:56 AM
I just saw the video. People like that should be locked up, either to make sure they dont do that shit some more or to keep them away from me, cause if I ever see that bitch... Ima rip her fuckin head off and stick those fucking stilletos down her fuckin neck.
Posted by Aze  on  Mon May 22, 2006  at  10:23 AM
I'm sure she is shivering in terror!
You guys are sooo ridiculous
Amuse me some more please!
Posted by West  in  The world  on  Wed May 24, 2006  at  03:33 AM
There is little or no regards for life in China. The communists have no regards for the people's rights or lives. And the people there bring it out on the animals. They kill and eat everything that breath with the most cruel methods. The belief is that the more fear the animals go through, the more tastier.
Posted by truth hurts  in  sinagpore  on  Mon Jun 05, 2006  at  07:09 AM
That woman is sick.
I watched 20 seconds of that video. Then I couldn't take it anymore. I feel wrong. It is stuff like this that makes me lose hope for humanity.
Posted by Hate  in  Denmark  on  Tue Jun 20, 2006  at  03:57 AM
So only stuff like this makes you lose your faith in humanity; but daily war and famine? Meh, that stuff'll always be with us - this is a KITTEN we're talking about!
Posted by NH  on  Sat Jul 08, 2006  at  05:56 PM
I know im coming into the argument late and you guys probably already know this but she has strangely disappeared in China, so those of you who want retribution, you can probably rest easy that she got it. In a repressive dictatorship like china, security forces dont mess around.
Posted by Bullseye  on  Thu Jul 13, 2006  at  07:56 AM
how could you wish somebody like that to be "raped" or put into a "cage with hungry lion" ... WTF? this vid and all those pics do not annoy me much. what annoys me much more is fucking bush and what he pain he causes... his damn army and whatever they do! actually every army!
that kitten isnt realy fealing much... it has been drugged and they are quite a pain in the arse in china. just like dogs... why else would they eat them?
talking about eating... do you know how the animals are hold, that we eat every day? there are some vids about it... but i am afraid the link is down. i had to get rid of my lunch after ive seen it!
they burn some pigs alive, cutting them alive afterwards and then they bleed to death.
cows are that fat, they break their legs and cant walk anymore and therefor die of hunger. chicken get crazy and try to eat other chicken.

and you want to know why? because of EVERYONE.

now dont get me wrong. i dont think its ok what that woman has done, but i actualy do not care, because there are much more important problemns in this world...
Posted by whatdoesitmatter  in  planet earth  on  Thu Jul 20, 2006  at  05:39 PM
"and Sara:
we've established that this is real many a time and what form of fetish this is, in fact even had a bonified crusher right here, in this thread... if you bothered to read any of it."

Excuse me but I didn't read the entire thread and there was tons of people denying it.
Posted by Sara  in  Ohio  on  Mon Jul 24, 2006  at  07:04 AM
To whatdoesitmatter:
"that kitten isnt realy fealing much... it has been drugged and they are quite a pain in the arse in china. just like dogs... why else would they eat them?"

You're quite dense, aren't you? Where are you getting that the animal is drugged? That's beside the point, anyway. Whether or not the animal could feel it or not, this is still the torturing and suffering of a defenseless living being. If this doesn't bother you, then there's something wrong with you.

Quite frankly, if this woman was brutally murdered, I wouldn't shed a tear. She knows what's right and what's wrong and she crossed that line. She's not innocent and there is no defending her.

Being raped is nothing compared to what she did to that cat. It's nothing compared to having your head stomped on until your eye pops out and your brains leak out. Get the picture?!

And there's no excusing all the other forms of animal rights abuses that happen around the world, either. Don't think I turn a blind eye to it.
Posted by Sara  in  Ohio  on  Mon Jul 24, 2006  at  07:26 AM
Just add my two cents and say that I sincerely, without any inkling of hesitation or remorse, pray to every god I unfortunately don't believe in that this woman and everyone involved in this beyond-depraved garbage, dies horribly and burns in hell. And preferably has her face peeled off with a dull knife first.

Oh and that goes almost equally for all the twisted rationale-spouters in these threads. Absolutely repugnant pieces of garbage.
Posted by SJK  on  Fri Jul 28, 2006  at  08:40 PM
confused I am very sad to say that that was not the worst thing I've ever seen.I watched that 17 seconds before I had to look away in disgust.It makes me very sad that there are thousands of people running around just as bad,or worse,than that that evil woman.I don't know about you,but I'm tired of sitting around and talking about what we should do about these things.Animals are getting killed right now and we're just sitting around here thinking about what other people should do to stop them.Gess what,THEY AREN'T GOING TO STOP THEM!So get off your lazy asses and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!
Posted by Sara  in  LA  on  Sat Aug 19, 2006  at  07:43 PM
Posted by Erica  on  Wed Sep 06, 2006  at  06:12 PM
How come people keep coming back to this?
Posted by Neil  on  Sun Sep 17, 2006  at  06:03 PM
I saw the video on Consumption Junctiom, and it's pretty awful. Not something to joke about, kids, it's real, it happens all the time, just because the nurse who did it was having a midlife crisis doen'st make it cook, but then again, people get their rocks off crushing kittens, so...
Posted by Jenni  in  US  on  Tue Sep 26, 2006  at  06:13 PM
The video can be found here:

It's not funny and anyone who can laugh about it is as sick as one who can get off to it.
Posted by Jenni  in  US  on  Tue Sep 26, 2006  at  06:21 PM
The video was taken down everywhere, I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. It's a fucking cat, people kill cats everyday, lots of them, at least this one died to bring someone some cash, unlike the one you hit while going out to the store. You're all wishing death on this woman because she killed a cat, yet you're the same leftist morons who would say leave Saddam alone and get out of Iraq, geniuses I say. I am sure only a small percentage of you morons posting are vegetarian or vegan, and that you need to realise that most animals are killed in a less humane fashion than this fucking cat.

Why not care about all living things and not just the ones that are cute?

I personally don't care about animals or people I don't know.
Posted by golightly  in  Canada  on  Sat Nov 25, 2006  at  12:03 PM
I am against all kind of living crush. I believe I have tracked down the Bonsai crush lady. Go to the site above and I believe she is in one of the "hard crush" folder. Please see if you can help spread the word to stop this disgusting act. Also, I believe some of the women in this site links to www.<removed>.net

Please help stop this,
Posted by Tanner  in  USA  on  Sat Dec 02, 2006  at  06:17 AM
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