The Frosties Kid Is Dead

Status: Urban Legend
image A recent ad for Kellogg's Frosted Flakes shows a blond-haired kid dancing around singing "They're going to taste great!" I think this is a British ad. At least, I've never seen it here in America. And all the references to it I've found occur in the British press. For instance, David Whitehouse writes in the Guardian:
Pity the poor Kellogg's marketing department... all they wanted to do was make an advert in which a chirpy young scamp would skip his way through the streets of a suburban town attracting other children like a Pied Piper with a silly ditty about his breakfast. So, they set out to hire an angelic young choirboy with a voice so beautiful it could shatter the beaks of songbirds. Then disaster struck. It appears that, on the way to the shoot, this choirboy's balls dropped with quite monstrous results. They wanted Aled Jones, but they got Mick Jones. And what we're left with is a jingle being sung by a boy at the exact moment his voice breaks, in a tone so monotonous it appears to be operating at a frequency which toys with people's bowels. It is, quite simply, the worst soundtrack to an advertisement ever. His voice is so oppressively dull that prolonged listening is like having every orifice systematically packed full of wet bread by a politician with no facial features.
Evidently this is the kind of ad that people love to hate. And this dislike has inspired a rumor that the kid in the ad is dead. (Google 'Frosties Kid' and you pull up page after page of rumors of his death.) There are two versions of the rumor:

1) That the kid committed suicide on account of the bullying he received since the ad aired.
2) That the kid was a cancer patient whose dying wish was to star in a Frosties ad.

I don't know who the Frosties Kid is in real life. So I can't prove that he's alive. But there's absolutely no evidence to support the claim that he's dead. Plus, the 'Frosties Kid Is Dead' rumor seems to be a new variation of the 'Death of Little Mikey' rumor (which alleged that Mikey, of the Life Cereal commercials, died after eating Pop Rocks). So I think it's safe to assume that the Frosties Kid is still alive. (Thanks to Dave Tolomy for telling me about the rumor.)

Update: As Dead-Eric noted in the comments, Scott Mills of BBC Radio 1 recently discussed the 'Frosties Kid Is Dead' rumor on his show. Mills received the following official statement from Kelloggs about the rumor:
"The current advertisement has been well received by the vast majority of our customers. We would also like to take this opportunity to confirm that the lead boy within the advertisement is well and continues to live in his native South Africa."
You can listen to an mp3 clip of this portion of the Scott Mills show here.

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Posted on Thu Jul 06, 2006


I herd tht the frosties kid is ded!and i reli reli reli ope he isn't!cos i fink hes ace!i fink u shud all be ashamed of urselves for wishing death on him!he went to a set and got told wat to do and he did it!and got payed!how can u blame him!hes jus doin is job!x x x brooke x x x
Posted by brooke  in  america  on  Sat Sep 30, 2006  at  12:03 PM
I hate this ad so much.But cut the kid a lil slack, yeah okay i fcuking hate this ad it makes ME want to shove two pencils up his nose
but yeah
hes not dead you mofo's
hes living his irritating and 'great tasting' life
in south africa.
now go play in traffic.
Posted by Yaz  in  London  on  Tue Oct 03, 2006  at  02:20 PM
Posted by katie  in  uk  on  Sun Oct 08, 2006  at  11:35 AM
Ok then james i wrote before that comment and you said im a sick SOB. How am i? Its true. If hes dead we should be uhappy and wishing his family luch now sayin oh that adberts so annoying i hate that boy he cant sing should we? All i'm saying is that hes made a new advert so he obviously doesnt care what we have to say does he? If its what he wants and choses to do the let that be. Dont make a massive deal out of it ok. He makes money out of it and hes happy doing it. Maybe he likes doing it. If he thinks he can sing why should we be horrible? He doesnt care, so why should we? He might think its a good advery and if there wasnt adverts like that on tv, then the tv would be boring wouldnt it. So next time you think about callin me a SICK SOB, think again because we all have our own opinions and you obviously have nothing better to do with your time, do you so i suggest you shut up and forget about it!!!
Posted by Jennifer  in  london  on  Tue Oct 10, 2006  at  09:29 AM
i heard that he killed himself the most grusome way possible. he put a colouring pencil in each of his nostrals and then slammed his head on to the table with the pencils hitting first. thats what it soposedly said in the irish sun.
Posted by Ryan  in  ireland  on  Mon Oct 16, 2006  at  11:19 AM
oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!

What an absolute fuss over nothing. Its an advertisement for a breakfast cereal. It is not a war epic, or the greatest story ever told. Okay its pretty bad, but you know what, I bet nearly everybody you has seen it or heard the tune, has either whistled it OR had a little hum, or sang along to the yune, I know I have. And do you know something else, all this extra advertising, is giving Kellogs all the boost it needs. What irritates me thr most though and totally horrifies me, IF it is true, that this young boy has either killed himself or has died, then why is everybody slating him???? He is a young boy, who was picked to star in an advertisement. I bet he was so proud. Is it his fault that his voice broke?? Did he write the lyrics?? Did he come up with the concept of the ad?? NO!! All he did was turn up, do what was asked of him, got well paid, and probably still is with the royalties, and went home. End of story.
I personally hope and pray that this "urban myth" turns out to be false, and that the lad involved is living the high life.
Well done lad. You did all that was asked of you. I wish you well.
Posted by marge simpson  in  romford, essex  on  Mon Oct 16, 2006  at  12:21 PM
oi i hope hes alive y do poeple bully peps its not rite he did wat he wanted so leave him n i dont fink hes dead thers no proof but if he is r.i.p n dont call him them frosties kid it aint rite
Posted by hot babe  on  Fri Oct 20, 2006  at  06:17 AM
This advert we ha-ate
The tune irrita-ates
The words were done by a guy with an IQ of ay-8
It's quite despera-ate
And easy to sla-ate
The rhymes they use are absolutely patheta-ake
etc. etc.
Posted by Den  in  Yorkshire  on  Wed Oct 25, 2006  at  08:15 AM
i heard a rumor that he was dead and kiled hinmself by puting 2 pencils up his nose then slaming hise head off of his desk due to bullying at school i also heard before this eleged incodent that the kids at his school threw cornflakes at him
Posted by weejp  on  Wed Oct 25, 2006  at  09:15 AM
Hi =). I dont know what all the palava is about. Why pick on a boy because he does an advert ? He got paid to do it . Some people are just jelous ! I think the adverts amazing ! The song really cheers me up . Always has me smiling. I dunno why people have a problem with it or the kid. He has a nice voice too! So back off and leave him alone and stop the rumours theres no point in them . I would love to find out what is actually true . Is he Alive ? Or Dead ? . Lets just hope hes safe + well + doing what he wants to be doing . Love Charmaine x
Posted by Charmaine  in  Scotland  on  Sun Oct 29, 2006  at  05:18 PM
I meant to say ... The rumour I heard was that he was getting bullied in school and put two pencils up his nose and slammed his head of the desk .. I think that is really horrid and would like to know if its true .. Allthough I hope it isnt . Love Charmaine x
Posted by Charmaine  in  Scotland  on  Sun Oct 29, 2006  at  05:21 PM
lool just to sai i think that the frosties kid is a grrrreeeeeeattttttt joke! hes the biggest joke in the world ive seen that ad in the cineman it cracks me up everytym! lol i will now ryt out the lyrics r u ready okai...

Theyre guna taste great
theyre guna taste great
i can hear the sound of frosties hitting me PLATE
theyre guna taste great wif tony our mate
everybody nos frosties taste great..

even ladies hu wait
or a PI-RATE
and your teenage brothes hus out on a date..
if u live in aus mate
or the empire state
even ladies wif personalsed numba plates
or a bloke in a crate..
well he knows they taste great

theyre guna taste greeeeeeeaaaaaaat
theyre guna taste greeeeaaaaaaat
theyre guna taste GREEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAATTT! (and he busts his gang$ta moves)

loves it
Posted by -xdanikax-  on  Mon Oct 30, 2006  at  07:54 AM
i heard he stuck to pencils up his nose and shoved them up there so they came up through his eyes
Posted by stefcamp  in  england  on  Tue Nov 21, 2006  at  11:42 AM
The rumour originated on a football forum. They've started a couple of randomm rumours like this.
Posted by Piotrish  on  Sun Jan 14, 2007  at  06:52 AM
I LOVE THE BOY!!!!!, and the songs MAZIN!!! i got it on my ipod!! altho i hate the cereal :( but I LOVE THE SONG <3<3<3<3
Posted by x_megz_x  in  hampshire  on  Sun Jan 21, 2007  at  01:43 PM
FOR THE LOVE OF GOD ITS AN ADVERT. And if your out there frosties kid well done dude the advert makes me chuckle everytime i see it smile
Posted by Chris  in  Melton,England  on  Sun Feb 11, 2007  at  12:58 PM
i herd he put 2 pens up his nostrils an smaked his head on a table
Posted by connor  on  Mon Feb 19, 2007  at  04:02 PM
It's not just that the song is badly sung. It's badly written. The kid is so damn happy I'm beginning to suspect Frosties have a little extra added ingredient of the illegal kind and it's trying to be a very happy bright American style advert, but performed by British kids who are slightly embarressed by the entire thing.

And he's not dead. Hear that? NOT DEAD. But probably so ashamed of the whole thing he wishes he was (like teenagers do)
Posted by Nona  in  London  on  Thu Feb 22, 2007  at  05:54 AM
The boys name is Sven Ruygrok he lives in South Africa and his a professionel gymnast that was not him sining and he will appear in the Beijing Olympics 2008.Apparently the add was never aired in South Africa so he is relativly free from harm.
Posted by Holly  on  Fri Feb 23, 2007  at  04:09 AM
Posted by Bethan Newton  in  wales  on  Sat Mar 17, 2007  at  04:18 PM
the Frosties Kids name is Sven Ruygrok. And hes not dead because he goes to Beaulieu College and they have his name listed in a recent Gymnastics event. Search 'Sven Ruygrok' in google and find out for yourself
Posted by the most wanted  on  Mon Apr 16, 2007  at  11:30 AM
Is the kid's name Sven Ruygrok?
Posted by den  on  Tue Apr 17, 2007  at  01:25 PM
excuse me hes my boyfriend and he is not dead!
he is great in the sack!
(if you no what i mean)

Posted by buffy  in  kitleys green  on  Sun Apr 29, 2007  at  05:22 AM
i belive that the boy commiteded suacide because he was getting bullied from school and that the people that where bulling him a think that they should be punished for wht the have done to this poor boy and that the mother and father of this poor boy must be devistated!!!
Posted by sophia  in  scotland  on  Tue May 01, 2007  at  09:39 AM
i H8 that advert. i herd that he put two sharp penclis up his nose and slamed his head on a table, i know its only a roumer now, i think some one should run up to the kid shouting "hey its the frosties kid" and give him a hug to cheer him up, yay
Posted by shaun  in  england  on  Tue May 08, 2007  at  03:15 PM
I am the frosties kid! stop bullying me damnit!
Posted by Fred  in  South Africa  on  Wed May 09, 2007  at  04:10 AM
he is de coolest guy eva dont dis him
Posted by Matt Hobson  in  England  on  Wed May 30, 2007  at  01:16 PM
hobnob's right. hez awsome! lol...x

bit gimpish, but awsome! lol

Posted by kate  in  ur mum  on  Wed May 30, 2007  at  01:18 PM
On September 5 2006 the UK based Sun newspaper tracked down the Frosties kid to a suburb of Johannesburg, South Africa. For his own protection the youth would only reveal his name as Sven. He asked: "Can't these fools distinguish between me and a character in an advert?".

Following reports from UK based newspapers, South Africa's Sunday Times interviewed Sven Ruygrok and his mother, who were amused but concerned about internet interest in the advert. Sven's mother reported that it was not her son singing, and that the advert funded a successful gymnastic event in Berlin. Sven Ruygrok attends Beaulieu College and is a candidate for South Africa's gymnastic team in the 2008 Olympic Games.
Posted by Sven Pal  in  S Africa  on  Wed Jun 27, 2007  at  05:06 PM
yh i heard he took his own life. well he must of got sum bullying 4 it coz its a bit of a sad advert, but killed himself, nah no way. i feel bad 4 him if hes bein bullied tho.
Posted by lilj14  in  england  on  Thu Jul 05, 2007  at  11:39 AM
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