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The Case of the Spray-Painted Bird
Back in 2009, bird watchers in New Zealand began reporting sightings of a red harrier hawk. There was speculation it was a new species. But in 2010 a hawk was found dead (hit by a car) that had been spray-painted red. So bird watchers realized there was no new species. There was just someone going around spray-painting birds.

Suspicion eventually focused on dairy farmer Grant Michael Teahan after a video was uploaded to youtube showing Teahan beside a bird trap covered in red spray paint.

Teahan denied the allegation, but last week a judge decided Teahan was lying. He'll be sentenced later this month.
Links:, Hawkes Bay Today.
Posted by The Curator on Mon Jan 23, 2012

People do some very, very strange things both for attention and to abuse animals, but this is downright weird. One has to wonder at his motivation and rationale...

... oh, wait, 'crazy'. Never mind.
Posted by Robin Bobcat  in  Californian Wierdo  on  Tue Jan 24, 2012  at  01:45 AM
I'm glad he was tried as a criminal too and a sentence is to be employed.
Posted by hulitoons  in  Abingdon, Maryland  on  Tue Jan 24, 2012  at  06:02 AM
What a total breadbasket! What was going through this bloke's brain? I'm perhaps being generous by assuming he has one.
Posted by Paul Taylor  in  Peterborough, UK  on  Sat Jan 28, 2012  at  06:03 AM
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