Snake Flossing

image Here's another odd picture I got in my email (click image to enlarge). This one I happen to know is real. It's a picture of C. Manoharan, aka "Snake Manu". Threading snakes into his nose and out his mouth is his specialty. It's called 'snake flossing'. The snake in this picture is just a harmless garden snake, though apparently he also does the trick with cobras. Plus, Snake Manu also holds the Guinness World Record for most earthworms eaten. He's just an all-around Renaissance man. Below are some more pictures of him doing his snake flossing trick, taken from this article about him and his career. I think he'd be a great guest to have at a party.🐛Here's my favorite paragraph from the article I linked to:
it so happened that a snake went through his nostril and stopped somewhere close to the larynx and refused to move past it. May be it was stuck. It could not be pulled out through the nostril back also, as it was one of the deadliest varieties and pulling it out back through the entry point made Manoharan more vulnerable for a quick bite. He was left with no option. Either the snake bites him or he bites the snake. He chose the later option and bit it into pieces. And he had found another item that would strike terror among his audience. Eating them alive!


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Posted on Thu Feb 03, 2005


Can he do it without making that face?
Posted by PlantPerson  on  Fri Feb 04, 2005  at  07:10 AM
If this sort of thing appeals to you you might be interested in Lizardman
Posted by Pixie  on  Fri Feb 04, 2005  at  08:05 AM
"Snake Manu"? I would have thought his name was Raplh... uggg
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Fri Feb 04, 2005  at  09:29 AM
sorry, not RaPlh, I meant Ralph. barf
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Fri Feb 04, 2005  at  09:37 AM
When I was in the navy, I knew this guy who could do this with a dog-tag chain. He would snort one end of it up his nose and then spit it out his mouth and pull it through. It made me want to raplh, er, I mean, ralph when I saw it the first time.
Posted by JoeSixpack  on  Fri Feb 04, 2005  at  09:58 AM
well, this trick isn't hard to do at all. I've done it with a regulat rubber band (a dog-tag chain would be easier actually, since it's less flexible and thicker, allowing for precise "snorting" and easier yanking out of the nasal passage. Also, the lenght makes the risk of it getting stuck inbetween exit and entry smaller). All you need to do is snort in real hard, then hark until it comes out of the mouth. There's nothing to it, since the nose n mouth's connected for breathing purposes. Using a harmless breed of snake for the trick, although more dramatic, is actually easier unless you have a sensitive gag reflex. The snake'll naturally struggle to find a way out and the nose-mouth passage is the easiest way. Using poisonous snakes is for madmen only though
Posted by Tournesol  on  Fri Feb 04, 2005  at  10:18 AM
As someone who has a snake, I cannot bring myself to believe how utterly cruel this is. The way in which the article is written is revolting: "He was left with no option. Either the snake bites him or he bites the snake. He chose the later option and bit it into pieces."
If the moron didn't stick animals into his nasal passages, he wouldn't have such a problem. If, hypothetically, you replaced snakes with cats or dogs (please, no "hilarious" responses concerning how large his nose would have to be) I doubt the issue would merely be how disgusting this looks
Posted by Laura  on  Fri Feb 04, 2005  at  12:23 PM
Snakes are people ,too
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Fri Feb 04, 2005  at  12:26 PM
look at Condi Rice. There;s your proof
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Fri Feb 04, 2005  at  12:27 PM
Okay, apologies for coming across as a rapid member of PETA, but I really do find this sick and if the snakes were replaced with a more "fluffy" creature, better depicted by Disney, then I can imagine the horrified reactions. Snakes are not people, but they *can* suffer and surely that's reason enough to feel slightly upset about this article...? As for COndi Rice... I couldn't possibly comment 😊
Posted by Laura  on  Fri Feb 04, 2005  at  05:22 PM
I agree, Laura, this guy is a dumbass.
Posted by Reynard Muldrake  on  Fri Feb 04, 2005  at  08:26 PM
All I said was Condi is a human snake, otherwise known and the Queen Condaleeza Battlesnake, or Petrolius Prostituteus. That doesn't make me a dumbass. A smartass, maybe
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Fri Feb 04, 2005  at  08:42 PM
I won't even post, here. This is just too friggin' disgusting - oops!
Posted by stork  in  the spiracles of space  on  Fri Feb 04, 2005  at  11:50 PM
Calm down, Houdini. I think Reynard was refering to the "snake flossing" guy rather than you. I think he was remaining relevant to the actual article
Posted by Laura  on  Sat Feb 05, 2005  at  04:52 AM
I agree with Laura. That's was my first reaction too. It's too bad that the snake didn't get a bite in just for retaliation.
Posted by Rita  on  Sat Feb 05, 2005  at  10:45 AM
Relevant? I'm relevant. I'm very relevant. I'm relevant 24/7/365, don't you worry. That means insightful, or something like that, right? Or else you're calling me a dumbass again. The nerve.
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Sat Feb 05, 2005  at  12:25 PM
At least he ate it. Not all people are that considerate of animals they kill.
Posted by Ponygirl  on  Sat Feb 05, 2005  at  03:20 PM
Houdini: You make me laugh
Posted by Laura  on  Sat Feb 05, 2005  at  04:55 PM
Yheah, Houdini, I meant the snake guy was a dumbass, not you. LOL.
Posted by Reynard Muldrake  on  Sat Feb 05, 2005  at  06:58 PM
God, don't say Ass in relation to the snake guy. It might give him ideas. Uggghh... that's some nasty floss.
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Sat Feb 05, 2005  at  07:30 PM
After an exhaustive search at great expense, I have found a link to a Butt Floss illustration, courtesy of the infamous Mad Dog Gnzbrg: (Safe for work)
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Sat Feb 05, 2005  at  07:51 PM
Hahaha! (to the butt floss picture)
I suppose all thongs/g-strings/etc can be grouped with "butt floss" as well 😉
Posted by Sarah  on  Sat Feb 05, 2005  at  09:10 PM
Earthworms? I used to eat earthworms, but I gave it up some 45 years ago.

Later, at the Military Academy, they made us eat earthworms again, because they are almost all-proteine. If you find eating them au naturel a tad repulsive, you can leave them to dry on a stone in the sun, powder them, and make a tasty soup. Tastes like chicken...
Posted by Anders Svenneby  on  Sun Feb 06, 2005  at  04:26 AM
I knew a kid that used his silver necklace to do this trick with. It is sort of weird that the guy uses actual animals, rather than various other skinny, string-like things.

Once, I was eating rice & I sneezed & some rice came out of my nose. Hillarious for all...painful for me.
Posted by Maegan  in  Tampa, FL - USA  on  Sun Feb 06, 2005  at  05:06 AM
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