Smoke Pareidolia

A face was seen in a plume of smoke above a burning building in Fresno, CA. The face was said to have appeared just as someone was being saved from the building. Therefore, one eyewitness concluded that the face must be that of Jesus Christ. []


Posted on Thu Nov 06, 2014


In May this year I went on a family holiday to Spain. When there I visited Dali's art museum. When there something was triggered in my brain (I know it sounds ridiculous) and now see detailed faces in all of life's creations. I have researched the internet and there is no evidence of this being experienced before. I do have photographic evidence of what I now see.

Posted by Dan Brain  on  Wed Nov 12, 2014  at  07:28 AM
I think its quite normal, I see face's in cliffs.
Tree's also have faces if you stare at them long enough.
I think the brain is hard wired to recognise objects to have a face?

I usually stoned when this happens, what's your excuse? 😊
Posted by Brain Dan  on  Sat Nov 22, 2014  at  10:10 AM
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