S?it Yourself

This image that recently appeared on the May 4 cover of the Living section in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review is all over the blogosphere. Does the heading say "Suit Yourself" or "Shit Yourself"?

The real question is whether this was an innocent accident, or an artist's prank. Kind of like the penis on the Little Mermaid video cover. The artist swore he didn't put it there intentionally, but that was kind of hard to believe. After all, how could he miss it?

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Posted on Wed May 09, 2012


I think a lot of times it's the lack of people checking over other people's work that causes problems like that first one, along with bad photoshops like giraffe-neck and missing hand syndromes. Some editor, proofreader, or somebody should have looked at this before it went to press but in the rush to get it out nobody did. So now we have "S**t Yourself" and heads are gonna roll.
Posted by Meringue  on  Wed May 09, 2012  at  03:38 PM
I agree with Meringue - likely an oversight.
Anyway, the guy who did the "Little Mermaid" artwork didn't do it on purpose - he was rushed for a deadline and was working on it at 4am...
Posted by InsaniD  on  Wed May 09, 2012  at  04:39 PM
If we're counting the reflections as part of the words, then wouldn't the second word be "x8Hrs. . .ummm. . .some weird symbol followed by lf"?
Posted by Accipiter  on  Wed May 09, 2012  at  08:41 PM
? OK, I see the first "joke" fine but after poring over the Little Mermaid image for 15' I still can't figure out what on earth is supposed to look like a penis? Please direct me to where I'm supposed to see such a thing.
Posted by hoaxinghal  on  Sat May 12, 2012  at  12:53 PM
Hoaxinghal, see here.
Posted by Smerk  in  to mischief  on  Sat May 12, 2012  at  09:42 PM
As a graphic designer and AD of several magazines and stuff, I can assure you IMHO the artist here did this intentionally. With an innocent "who, me?" look when the boss got a shit fit. We often include some little pranks or regards to our friends only they or a selected few can get. This time the guy or gal was a bit too obvious for his/her own good.

As for the Little Mermaid, I don't see it as intentional. Sometimes some twisted people see what they want to see. You gotta look pretty damn hard to find the alleged "penis".
Posted by Joona Vainio  in  Helsinki, Finland  on  Wed Oct 17, 2012  at  10:17 AM
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