Shards O’ Glass

image Sitting here watching the Superbowl, and out of the blue a hoax website is featured in one of the ads: ShardsO' This company supposedly sells freeze pops embedded with shards of glass. It's a satire of how cigarette companies sell products that they also know are bad for people's health.

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Posted on Sun Feb 01, 2004


Ok, I gotta say... that's a pretty impressive website they've got. Lot of effort for what boils down to a parody of cigarette manufacturer websites and suchnot.

Very nice.
Posted by Bobcat  in  Davis, CA  on  Mon Feb 02, 2004  at  06:50 AM
Quite professional but a wee bit too blatant to be funny - the best hoax sites are those that are subtle enouigh to fool some people into believing they're real. This one come's off too earnest.
Posted by Paul  in  Prague  on  Mon Feb 02, 2004  at  07:57 AM
Paul, I don't think subtlty was going for, considering theTruth's "hoax" commercials and campaigns at the past are designed to be blatent and vaguely disturbing. It has to be obvious enough that kids get it's not real and at the same time they understand the message of it, since theTruth is more about keeping kids from smoking than about getting adults to stop.
Posted by A Girl Named Goo  in  Maine  on  Mon Feb 02, 2004  at  02:37 PM
. . and here I thought that CBS didn't run advocacy ads!
Posted by neil tupper  on  Mon Feb 02, 2004  at  09:55 PM
Ha! That's great.. I want a ShardsO'Glass tshirt..
Posted by Jessica  on  Sun Feb 20, 2005  at  01:45 AM
ok to be honest i wanna try one of those shards o glass freeze pops:) im not talking about a cig the actual freeze pop it cought my interest hahaha im not joking either i know a few ppl tht wanna try the freeze pops
Posted by Hannah  on  Thu Jun 24, 2010  at  01:51 PM
Hannah, your an idiot
Posted by Brady  in  PA  on  Sat Jun 26, 2010  at  11:38 AM
snake I started laughing so hard! I almost thought it was real, until I realized how hilarious that would be to put nicotine and glass in a freeze pop. I visited it on my iPhone and it didn't take me to, it took me to the website. Hilarious snake
Posted by Bruce  on  Sun Jul 04, 2010  at  01:41 PM
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