Senior Pranks 2006

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Most high schools are now out for the summer, so I thought it would be an appropriate time to pause and remember some of the senior pranks that made headlines this year. As usual, they're a mix of the clever, stupid, rude, and cruel.

Car on roof - image Plainview-Old Bethpage JFK High School: School officials found a Honda Accord "painted neon pink and covered with green question marks" on the roof of the high school. "Nassau police and school officials said yesterday that dozens of students used crudely made ramps to drag the Honda Accord... onto the roof."

Power out - Neuqua Valley High School: Two students were arrested for attempting what they called the "senior prank of all senior pranks." Their plan was to disable a generator and take "other steps to ensure the power would go out and classes would be canceled for younger students still in school." They were caught in the act by a custodian and arrested at their homes.

School for sale - Cape Fear Academy: "During the night before their last day of school Friday, about 20 members of the senior class strung a $215, 3-foot-by-9-foot vinyl sign with large, red letters spelling out "Entire School For Sale" and the school's telephone number between two posts in front of the school yard on South College Road. Another 20 or so smaller "For Sale" signs were peppered around the grounds."

Squealing pig - Severna Park High School: Students "released a squealing 31-pound piglet named Hamilton into the halls on the sinister date of 6/6/06 ... Purloined from a county park for an end-of-year stunt, the 3-month-old pig -- nickname: Hammy -- appeared Tuesday morning in the math wing of the Annapolis area school between the first and second class periods. Administrators cornered the frightened animal near an exit, where he submitted to capture as students recorded the moment on their cellphone cameras. 'There was this crowd of people who were, like, 'Omigod, there's a pig,' ' said Sarah Wade, a junior."

Marijuana muffins - Lake Highlands High School: A friend of a student delivered marijuana-spiked muffins to the teachers lounge. "He brought bran muffins to suburban Lake Highlands High School on May 16, saying they were part of an Eagle Scout project. When school employees ate the muffins, they began complaining of nausea, lightheadedness and headaches, and were briefly hospitalized. "They were just thinking it would be fun to get these teachers all silly and giggly," said Rita Greenfield, an 86-year-old receptionist at the school who spent two days in the hospital after eating the muffins.

Cruelty to animals - Ponderosa High School: "The local news broadcasters used words like 'horrified,' 'abusive behavior' and 'unbelievable act of cruelty' to describe the so-called senior prank at an area high school that involved someone dropping 45 baby chicks from a second-floor balcony, resulting in the deaths of seven of the chicks.... Four years ago in the county, a student at Highlands Ranch High School threw a rabbit across the gymnasium at a pep rally, breaking its legs and paralyzing it. The rabbit was later destroyed." (Good grief! PETA needs to open a chapter in that county.)

Doors glued shut - Independence High School (San Jose): "Right in the middle of finals week, an entire high school campus was virtually shut down Tuesday morning, after somebody glued classroom doors shut... The pranksters used super glue, as well as toothpicks in the locks. The numbers "06" were also painted on school buildings... As exams were delayed and students and teachers milled about this morning, maintenance crews used blow-torches to melt the glue that was squirted onto classroom locks."

Personalized underwear - East Aurora High (suburban Chicago): Several seniors were banned from attending graduation "as punishment for participating in an end-of-the-year prank last week that involved spray painting school property, stealing a statue of the Tomcat mascot and hanging underwear adorned with printout photos of administrators' faces in front of the building.... The damages have cost the district $1,700,"

Baby oil on floor - Omaha Burke High School: Students spread baby oil on the school's floors, resulting in injury for one teacher. "The principal of Omaha Burke High School underwent knee surgery Tuesday for an injury she suffered when she slipped on baby oil spread by vandals on the school's floors... Officers had caught five 18-year-olds inside the school, where 20 locker doors had a glue-type substance put in their locks and where the floors and stairs were coated with baby oil.

Flat tires - Jefferson High School (New Jersey): "a high school prankster deflated the front tires of 24 school buses parked at a Weldon Road compound Tuesday, but district officials weren't laughing as they were forced to cancel classes for more than 3,600 students... In addition to the tire damage, the vandals left behind another clue: The numbers "06" spray-painted on one of the buses."

Alcohol allowed - Daniel Hand High School: "Parents of high school seniors received a letter from Daniel Hand High School, with official letter head, concerning the upcoming prom. Included,a policy about drinking that it was allowed!... Principal Barbara Britton acted immediately to get the word out that this letter was not authentic posting a message on the school's website saying: "Let me assure you that underage drinking and the serving of alcoholic beverages is not permissible at the senior prom or any sponsored school event."


Posted on Mon Jun 19, 2006


My senior prank was when i let loose 10 pigs and 3 cows into the school and they ran all over the school and shit was everywhere
Posted by Bored  in  Ugly  on  Sun Oct 04, 2009  at  05:20 PM
I'm so sick of every person telling the '3rd pig' story, everybody knows it.

We dug a huge '08' into our oval and filled it with water and threw some ducks into it.
Posted by retards  on  Wed Oct 14, 2009  at  10:44 PM
excaim I crapped in the top of all the toilets and then every time someone flushed it the crap would come right back wink
Posted by William  in  Bird High School  on  Fri Mar 05, 2010  at  10:32 AM
I went up to every girl and asked them if they wanted to.........
Posted by Lee Jackson  in  L.C Bird  on  Fri Mar 05, 2010  at  10:34 AM
So my senior class thought they were cool and they thought a good senior class prank would be to camp ouside the school on a sunday night. I did not participate because that is fucking stupid
Posted by dylan westimayer  in  Horicon Wisconsin  on  Mon May 03, 2010  at  07:41 AM
In 2005 our senior class had 3 dump trucks full of sand delivered to the school parking lot around 3:30am. After spreading the sand around the whole lot they set up beach chairs, a volleyball court, and blow-up pools (this was done in late May) and proceeded to have a beach party all day. Somehow our principal thought it was perfectly fine, and it even came up as a top story on the local news! =)
Posted by Fia  in  Louisville, KY  on  Sat May 08, 2010  at  04:17 PM
On may 28 my senior class had a slip and slide party in our courtyard. People got down to swimming trunks and bathing suits sliding down a plastic tarp loaded up with baby oil, shampoo and water. It was soo funny!! smile
Posted by Olivia  in  King North Carolina  on  Fri May 28, 2010  at  08:29 AM
When I was in high school, my school was all about tradition. My class was always the "goodie-goodie" class, and so the teachers and lower classmen werent very surprised when we didn't pull a senior prank during the last few days of school. Why? We were planning something much bigger.. at graduation. We got the graduation band involved and ordered our OWN caps and gowns. So when the band began to play the traditional graduation song, we began to walk down the gymnasium rows.. in RAINBOW COLORED GOWNS. After a few seconds of playing the band broke out in "Another One Bites the Dust". Our teachers and princple were besdies themself! Our graduation was by far the best.. most unexpected prank my school will ever see!
Posted by Madeline Howel  on  Mon Aug 09, 2010  at  09:42 AM
Great list ! Really gives me some wicked ideas.
Posted by Concrete Sealer Brisbane  in  Australia  on  Thu Jan 06, 2011  at  07:02 PM
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